SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Dating Former My Shining Girl Co-star So Yi Hyun

I was wondering if the K-entertainment dating spree had ended what with a good two months without any major dating announcements. I personally don’t care about all that dating other then it felt like this amazingly roll where one couple begat another so I didn’t want it to end. There has been a lot of cross-over couples as well recently in an actor dating an idol such as Lee Seung GiYoona and Jung Kyung HoSooyoung (and maybe So Ji Sub and After School‘s Jooyeon though that has been denied). Today’s dating news switches the genders up as SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun has admitted to dating actress So Yi Hyun. SS501 hasn’t been active in years and all of its members have been pursuing other careers and Kim Hyung Jun has been acting steadily even if he’s not quite a headliner yet. Once the news broke, their agencies candidly confirmed that he and So Yi Hyun have actually been dating for two years since they co-starred in the weekend drama My Shining Girl (Sunshine Girl or Glowing She). To say this is a couple that came out of nowhere is an understatement, and those who have watched My Shining Girl will need to share some insights as to whether it was pretty obvious they had massive chemistry onscreen and/or totally sold the falling in love part. This is a noona-dongsaeng romance as So Yi Hyun is three years older than Kim Hyung Jun, but it’s not something that is very obvious or a bid deal. They both seem like pretty down-to-earth entertainers and this news of their two year long underground romance continues to add to my belief that there is way more industry dating than is admitted. I’m also rather charmed by this couple because I find they very similar features, which in Chinese parlance is referred to as husband-wife face. Let’s hope this means they might end up going all the way. Thanks for continuing the roll, So Yi Hyun-Kim Hyung Jun! Best of luck to the pretty pair.


SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Dating Former My Shining Girl Co-star So Yi Hyun — 13 Comments

  1. They so look cute together. Good luck yo them. ^^
    I did see glowing she when it aired. Wasn’t all that but they do have chemistry together. The kiss… yea it was hot. 😉

  2. I don’t really remember their chemistry in Glowing She, just the remarkable and very female-empowering end. It’s not a favourite of mine, but how I wish more female leads ended their Dramas the way she did! They do look good together, and I hope they’re happy.

  3. Her side denied it though didn’t they? Then his confirmed. Now they both are denying it saying they are just friends. This is why you should play your responses before you release your statements I guess.

  4. They look so good together. She would look cute with any guy, like with her costar, kim jae wook. Lol, husband wife face analogy, this equates to Kristen-lego flirty behavior off screen.

  5. I watched Glowing She and I’m a SS501 fan..Their on-screen chemistry wasn’t that good but they were pretty close behind the scenes although it was more like a noona-dongsaeng relationship.. So this news was unexpected for me although I totally want HyungJun to date for real.. But now both of their agencies are denying it so I don’t know if this is true or not~~

  6. Their chemistry wasn’t that good on Glowing She compared to her chemistry with Kim Jae Wook in Who Are You. Maybe because her role was a lot older than KHJ’s character. But I love their chemistry on that OST-MTV “Everyday” a Hawaii wedding ending for Glowing She. Too bad it wasn’t used for the drama.

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