Kang Ji Hwan Leads the Main Cast of KBS Drama Big Man to Film Promotional Teasers

KBS Mon-Tues have been mostly a ratings sinkhole. In the entire last year, the only two dramas to do decently in that time slot were Good Doctor and Queen of the Office. The list of failures with big stars and big budgets lay like fallen casualty: Shark, Marry Him If You Dare, Ad Genius Lee Tae Bak, and Prime Minister and I. The currently airing melodrama Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds) with Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye is setting its own record for just how low of a ratings it can garner even vis-a-vis the other low-rated dramas out there, with yesterday’s episode dropping to 2.6% in ratings. That ouch is likely to continue for the rest of its run, which doesn’t bode well for another revenge drama about to follow it in Big Man. Starring Kang Ji Hwan. Lee Da Hee, Daniel Choi, and Jung So Min, other than wishing the two leading ladies would be switched up in their roles, everything else is a thumbs up from me for this production. Directing is the talented PD behind Flowers for My Life, Hello God, and My Fair Lady, while writing is the veteran screenwriter who did the movies Our School’s E.T., Romantic Debtors, and Officer of the Year, as well as dramas More Charming By the Day and Nonstop 2. The cast gathered for the script reading recently (pictures below) and the four leads just filmed the promotional teaser for the drama (pictured above). I’m loving Kang Ji hwan’s golden-hued hair as well as Lee Da Hee going for a long haired look since I’ve gotten tired of her short-bob for all her recent dramas. Daniel Choi is playing the antagonist and looks great as well, and I can see him pulling off both the scheming as well as giving us a sliver of sympathy for him. Big Man premieres in mid-April and let’s hope Full Sun hangs in there and maybe wins a few ratings points just so Big Man doesn’t start in a giant disadvantage going up against the tail end of Empress Ki and Gods Gift: 14 Days.


Kang Ji Hwan Leads the Main Cast of KBS Drama Big Man to Film Promotional Teasers — 12 Comments

  1. Ouch. The ratings for Full Sun is quite sad. But you can’t deny the large viewerships of Empress Ki. God’s Gift is also great on its own. Very compelling and thrilling. The ratings for God’s Gift continue to increase (not a huge leap but a small difference).

  2. I really thought it couldn’t get any worse than the 2.9% of Bel Ami but wowzers that’s the lowest of low. It’s hard to be motivated to do well in a drama that is so under appreciated. I do hope the cast and crew are still in good spirits despite it. Also, time goes by so fast! It feels like yesterday when this drama was announced!

  3. Let them give us a nice kiss in full sun and the ratings might just change since the actress is married in real life…Hahaha…I’m just being ironic….I’m not crazy about either of the actors…especially the girl…She gives off real cold vibe…as if her married status surrounds her and affecting her character…just my 2 cents…

    Back to the topic….My man KJH.!!!!!!!…where is April already????

  4. Full Sun is sooo good, I’m really sad that it hasn’t been doing well. I am thoroughly enjoying so many Mon-Tues dramas. Do they ever garner ratings from streaming sites? I bet they have a much bigger audience than they realize! This Florida girl loves her K-dramas!

    • I feel like I am one of the odd one out watching Full Sun. The soompi thread for it has few loyal followers that it makes me sad.
      But still, I am glued to the drama every Mon-Tues, and it will make me a fan of Yoon Kye Sang for life, and I have adored Han Ji Hye. But a 2.3 rating has got to hurt. Just hope it doesn’t affect how the story will play out from now on. Even with a disappointing ratings in Korea, I am super glad that folks at Viki still picked it up to be subbed.

      As for the Big Man, I love Daniel Choi and Jung So Min to bits, so I might tune in for them.

    • Hey you guys aren’t alone in watching Full Sun. I’m loving the tears and the schemes and the ever growing Feelings!

  5. I would really prefer Jung So Min to be the female lead. Don’t care much for Lee Da Hee. Maybe they will let So Min ending up with the Big Man.

  6. Maybe LDH decides to drop the drama,and they have to find an other actress.
    Am I asking too much?
    KJH will be blond for the drama? I am not sure if that suits him.

  7. Ohh….please change the hair color for Kang Ji Hwan…I even watched that poor hair style in Incarnation Of Money….but this…I’m not sure if I can watch it….and I’m not happy with the leading lady….she is okay in second leads but can’t say about being the main heroine…yes, switch the leading ladies…

  8. I have no problem with the casting of Lee Da Hee as the leading lady, she’s a good actress and was excellent in I Hear Your Voice so it’s nice to see her step out of second lead territory at last. I do wish Jung So Min was playing lead, though (in some other drama), she’s so talented. Love the flowered dress and boots on her, she looks cute.

  9. Hmm…I haven’t watched KJH for like a long time! I actually don’t mind the relatively blonde hair on him. I think he looks great in it. How come I feel that I’m a minority in this! Can’t wait to watch it!

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