Chris Wu and Kimi Hsia Headline CTS Drama Rock n’ Road Premiering this Sunday

The Sunday Taiwan drama dead air slump has been going on for almost a year now, with the last drama in the timeslot that I loved and watched the whole way through being King Flower (Substitute Princess) almost a year ago. Since then it hasn’t just been SETTV, none of the offerings in any of the networks in that timeslot have been worth an hour of my time, much less a twenty hour commitment. This Sunday I’ll be lured back to check out a new drama airing on CTS and produced by the network and cable channel TBVS called Rock n’ Road (the Chinese title is A咖的路 which manes The Road to Becoming an A-lister). The reason I’m even remotely interested? Two words, one name: Chris Wu. Thank you and that is all cuz my baby is back! And this time he’s the male lead of this drama as opposed to doing what he does in his sleep, which is play second male leads that steal the show. Starring Chris, Kimi Hsia, Mike Lee, and Nita Lei, the drama is set in the music industry and Chris plays an A-list music producer who crosses paths with Kimi’s former child star who is seeking to reinvent herself as an adult rock star, except she can’t sing and has limited talent. It’s billed as a music and dreams story interspersed with comedy and romance with lots of famous Taiwanese music and acting stars making cameos in the drama as it tries to capture the long hard journey to become an A-lister. I love the rocker look Chris sports for this role which is such a turnaround from his Terry in King Flower, which then makes me sad his leading lady here isn’t Nikki Hsieh since she’s a punk rocker fashionista in real life plus they have so much chemistry onscreen. Kimi is a great comedic actress but I haven’t quite connected with her previous performances yet but I’ll keep an open mind for this coupling and my fingers crossed that the story is good in Rock n’ Road. Check out a boatload of Chris drama stills below, character previews, as well as the addicting opening and ending theme songs. The drama premieres this Sunday on CTS taking over the time slot vacated by Kiss Me Mom!

Opening theme song for Rock n’ Road Mayday’s “You’re the Only One”:

[youtube id=”vLTC6nzE8sE” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Ending theme for Rock n’ Road Jia Jia’s “Happiness is Coming Soon”:

[youtube id=”NPaxOliMPXg” w=”625″ h=”445″]

Previews for Rock n’ Road:

[youtube id=”cZ2gLcrnkNw” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”nzDPNmpFcuE” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”77U97lOy8_g” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”80qhLkcMUE8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”DYWVZf85VoI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Chris Wu and Kimi Hsia Headline CTS Drama Rock n’ Road Premiering this Sunday — 14 Comments

  1. What a happy pleasant surprise. I just finished my King Flower marathon recap from your website and back to your homepage while thinking what happen now with wonderful Terry.

    I never heard about Kimi Hsia, so don’t know about her acting. But I hope she’ll have a nice chemistry with Chris Wu whom I adore now.

    I think if there’s sub available, I’ll try to watch for the sake of Chris Wu eventhou the premise actually don’t tickle my fancy 🙂 thanks koala for the good news, hehehe

  2. Omggggg….. I didn’t know I’ve missed that beautiful man with that gourgeous long neck!! Plsss let it be good, even if not the hold think at least his his side of the story!
    Thanks miss koala

  3. ahhh chris wu!!!! He is back!!! yay! Yay! Yaaaayyyyy….

    And now I want Bolin Chen in the small screen like Chris Wu….
    please someone make my fave taiwanese actors be back in the small screen!

  4. No need to say more. You had me at Chris Wu. Kimi is pretty funny. I have been watching her on variety for at least ten yrs. she was in what is love with Chris playing the best friend of the female lead amongst other dramas.

    I think they will have decent chemistry. I like that hair style on him. I did like the rich boy look on him too. Ahh… I will take anything with him in it.

  5. Yay and yay! It looks really funnnnnnnnnn!

    Both themes are added to my ipod, thanks!!!

    With the hair and devilish smile, he looks like a long lost Beatle.
    The ending song definitely hints at Beatles with the horns.

  6. What ever happened to drama with Ella Chen? I was waiting for that one? Well as long as it is Chris Wu after all.

  7. Just watched 1st ep of Rock n Roll and it is GREAT!! Can’t wait to read what you think?

    I love Chris Wu since “What Is Love” (花是愛)If you like him you have to watch “What Is Love”, one of the best T-drama and Chris’s first lead role playing a shameless playboy (sooo funny). Just don’t be discouraged by the first ep. It will become a roller coaster ride mid-way from 2nd ep and fill with good laugh.

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