Im Joo Hwan Rocks the Wavy Hair and Fashionable Suits for Men’s Health Korea

I’m always thrilled to run across an interesting or pretty photo shoot that happens to involve an actor or actress I like. One without the other just doesn’t have much impact on me. Im Joo Hwan is an actor near and dear to my heart but I don’t about him as often as I like since it’s been years since he’s done a project that I love. That would be the incredible Tamra the Island, of course, and since then he’s spent two years in the army and the rest acting but never getting that big break I know he deserves. He was the lead in last year’s daily drama Ugly Alert with Kang Sora and before he left for the army he did the musical drama What’s Up. He’s still my perfect precious Park Kyu from Tamra the Island even if I know he’s long since moved on from that fantastic role. He’s in the pages of the March issue of Men’s Health Korea and it’s such a great photo shoot I just had to share. The photo shoot is titled “The Persona of Six Suits” and involves Im Joo Hwan and five other K-actors, but since he’s my fave of the bunch hence this post contains just his pics. His suit style for this shoot is sleek and dangerous, going for fashionably edgy but with a manly smolder. I actually love how he looks despite the wavy gelled hair that might look cheesy on another guy, plus many of the suits are way to busy for me. At least none of them are made from a carpet material or yards of velvet which seems to be popular lately. The satin and patterned looks work here because it’s cut expertly and Im Joo Hwan has the super tall super skinny male model frame to pull it off. I’m looking forward to his next project which is a very high profile K-movie called The Professionals (The Technicians) starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Suk, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Young Chul, and Shin Goo. It comes from the production company behind last year’s blockbuster hit movie Friends 2, not to mention Kim Woo Bin is so hot and a great project picker I think this one is a surefire hit. The movie is about a gang of technical expert thieves who are hired to hit up a port, and Im Joo Hwan’s role is actually as the antagonist and is described as cold and ruthless. Me likes. The movie starts filming next month with a tentative year end release date.


Im Joo Hwan Rocks the Wavy Hair and Fashionable Suits for Men’s Health Korea — 3 Comments

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