Written Preview for Episode 17 of In A Good Way

I don’t know how In a Good Way trots out a still like the one above for the upcoming episode 17 and except me to keep calm until it airs. Kirsten Jen is clearly loving all that attention from three hot guys above, though Lego Lee really out of character since I can’t imagine Liu Chuan ever leering at Jia En like that. Heh. Lego revealed that the hotel room scene was filmed in a very small actual hotel room and when Kirsten was filming her shower scene, he purposely plopped on the bed for a prime viewing spot. Those two just can’t dial down the flirting, can they? Despite the two leads being in bathrobes and in a hotel room together, my rational side tells me that (1) it’s wayyyyy too early for innocent Jia En and responsible Liu Chuan to go from second base to home run on their first overnight trip together and (2) if there is a fantasy sequence involving roommates Ri Qi shirtless and Ah Qing in bunny ears, then chances are all we’re getting in the unexpected hotel room sojourn is laughs and maybe some spooning. I can live with that, but that spooning better be long and extra snuggly!

Iif episode 17 actually lets my OTP kiss despite my tossing that expectation out the door after episode 16 teased me with it and didn’t deliver, then I’ll forgive all of this drama’s many feints so far. I’m super stoked about episode 17 since it appears chock full of good stuff – a location shoot in picturesque Jiufen (the location that Hayao Miyazaki famously used as the backdrop for his famed Spirited Away), all the cast being present for great side stories as such Xiao Wei and Ri Qi getting some alone time, Ah Qing and Tracy with their usual love bickering, and Jacky and Ah Di being their reliable comedic relief. I’m a little sad these days that Ren Wei and Bai Xue have really settled into pure friendship, which doesn’t bode well at all for them getting together down the time. Narratively I appreciate that the drama isn’t forcing all the characters to pair up just to have as many happy couples as possible to spoon feed to the audience, especially since Ren Wei and Bai Xue really don’t seem to have any shared interests or click that much in personality. This also highlights what a great match Jia En and Liu Chuan is from all practical purposes, and then toss in the romantic attraction for each other, it’s no wonder this onscreen coupling has riveted the drama audience and the love hasn’t died down.

Written preview for episode 17:

The dog days of Summer is the season for dating. The boys and the girls go out to play together, all wanting an easy-going romantic time, but that doesn’t seem to be easy? Ren Wei’s shrimp fishing technique gives him a full load victory, but a strange page ends up hooking away the girl’s heart. Xiao Wei probes Ri Qi for what he thinks about a “girlfriend”, but the answer she gets leaves her even more perplexed.

Liu Chuan takes Jia En to pan for gold, the creek water mixing with their sweat, soaking the girl’s clothes and making the boy’s desires transparent and tingling. Not catching the last train seems to indicate a night of passion ahead? Tonight, the skinship intimacy will rev up its progress…..


Written Preview for Episode 17 of In A Good Way — 11 Comments

  1. I think we’re gonna be disappointed. Kristen said in an interview that all they did was chit chat under the blankets. I wouldn’t mind some old fashion spooning but like what Ms Koala says, the spooning better be long and extra snuggly!

    Ahhhh…. four more hours…. I can’t wait! Hope some kind soul will provide a link for me to live stream tonight again!

    • Haha yes!!! If the ep didn’t air this morning, then that sentence alone would’ve totally made my morning lolol..such description XD

  2. Live streaming not reliable; it always hangs halfway. I have to wait till 1am local time to catch the first uploaded clips of the show. For skinship of the rawrrrrr variety, I would stay up even though I only had 2hrs of sleep the night before. Can’t wait!!

  3. ill be fine with backhug spooning…hand holding..caressing each others faces..kiss on the cheeks/forehead while in the bed if a full blown kiss cannot be executed on
    the bed lol

  4. I didn’t get much sleep last night, hence everything’s jumbled. Onscreen and offscreen related words like leering Lego….boy’s desires…..prime viewing spot….. spooning….. flirting…..bathrobes….are all what I’m thinking right now. :0

  5. I wonder how transparent is LC’s desire?! Haha… I think I’m more excited with the BTS for this episode. That pic above is naughty! Some would want to take Kirsten’s place 😉

  6. Can’t. Wait. for. episode. Lego Lee in a bathrobe?!!?!?! I don’t even care if nothing else happens; it’s already a success for me. Yes, I am shallow, but I have ceased to care:)

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