Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Bride of the Century

This is not good. I keep repeating the newest song off the Bride of the Century OST Choa‘s “Words I Couldn’t Say Yet” while staring pictures of Lee Hong Ki as Kang Joo. I thought my addiction to BotC was at manageable levels but might actually be one of those silent killers that will render me completely devoid of ability to do anything constructive until Friday arrives and I get another fix. Thankfully the written preview for episode 9 is out, and coupled with the video preview at the end of episode 8, I’ve got a lot to mull over from now until Friday. I agree with some folks who have brought up Doo Rim even saying she misses Kang Joo when she’s still pretending to be Yi Kyung, thereby rendering her honest feelings devoid of a truthful basis. But I don’t think her uncontrollable utterance in the hospital was trying to salvage the engagement for Yi Kyung, in that moment she was Doo Rim, she missed Kang Joo, he was sitting beside her at the hospital, and she was telling him how she felt as herself and not as Yi Kyung. I think when Kang Joo finds out he won’t be upset for too long, since the net result of the substitution is that he met Doo Rim and fell in love. Otherwise he’s stuck between bitch Yi Kyung and bitch Roo Mi, talk about an unpalatable double whammy right there. The written preview did throw me for a doozy because it’s not what I expected. Let’s just say things between the OTP seem to shift into overdrive, much like the turbo zoom proposal from Yi Hyun in the last episode. I don’t mind if Kang Joo and Doo Rim skip over a lot of dating and decide to make a go for it, it’s rather hard to just be a normal happy couple when there is a family curse to break, a family ghost popping up now, and plenty of evil mom and grandmother scheming to fill three separate K-dramas worth of plot. Friday cannot come fast enough.

Written preview for episode 9:

Doo Rim tries to bring back Kang Joo’s heart and asks – if the future doesn’t have what is longed for, can there be confidence in not regretting the decision now? Kang Joo sees Doo Rim’s courage and true love in the face of danger and death and he starts to waver. In the end Kang Joo makes a decision, he puts the necklace on Doo Rim and asks her to marry him. They promise to have a secret wedding with just the two of them. But that night the family ghost appears before Doo Rim and she’s stunned to see that it’s the girl who committed suicide at the beach who Doo Rim saved. The girl who gave Doo Rim the bracelet and then disappeared is the family ghost! Doo Rim cannot contain her shock but the family ghosts asks Doo Rim “Even if you will lose your life, you still want to marry that man?”

Preview for episode 9:

[youtube id=”nG4u-WdVo_g” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Bride of the Century — 53 Comments

    • Ooh, I would like the girl to be honest and confess first. That supports my image of a strong and courageous protagonist.

      • Unfortunately, the girl never gets to confess first in Dramaland–invariably, she’s found out at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. But wow, how I would cheer if BotC somehow manages to subvert that expectation! (yet I really don’t think that will happen)

  1. She confuses as DR or YK??? Wah…getting a secret wedding…is it possible? Or he means to just registered their marriage….oh dear…I have so many questions…..Friday come quickly ๐Ÿ™

    • Secret wedding?…registering their marriage?…DR as what…YK? Not possible unless DR first confesses that she’s not YK.

    • I think they’ll just plan to have a secret wedding service/make their vows. Registering the marriage will definitely not happen right away. (it wouldn’t matter anyway, to the ghost; she just cares about the wedded wife, not the registered wife)

  2. With Ghost Lady asking Doo Rim does she care about dying, will this be the moment that Kang Ju finally learns the truth? Hmm his father’s first wife didn’t care if she died since she was marrying the man she loved, will Doo Rim’s answer be the same?
    This drama is going to be the death of me

    • Most likely KJ won’t be there when the ghost visits. ๐Ÿ˜€ ‘Cause that would be too easy, no?
      I think Doo Rim will freak out at first, rightfully so, because she didn’t believe in the curse, but now she’ll see that the family does in fact have a resident ghost and that the curse might be real after all. Of course, in true lovelorn, self-sacrificing heroine fashion, she will ultimately choose to risk it all for love anyway.
      I do wonder though… who will stop the wedding? I mean, the drama won’t REALLY let DR and KJ get married already, right?

  3. i dont mind at all if kang joo and doo rim to have a secret wedding just the two of them, as long as kang joo already knew about doorim’s true identity ( but i dont see it’s coming ). as much as i root for DR&KJ but it make me uncomfortable to see doo rim is still pretending to be YK eventhough she’s using her own heart whenever she’s with KJ..

    • or maybe doo rim’s identity will be revealed, that’s why they promised to have a secret wedding.arghhhhhh..i cant wait for friday..btw thank you for video and written preview for ep 9

    • I completely agree with you! I understand that Doo Rim has, by now, fallen so hard that she can only act as herself when she’s with KJ, without thinking of her YK persona. But it’s so wrong that he still calls her by another girl’s name! She really has to tell him the truth right now, before things advance further. Definitely before she marries him!

  4. This puts me on tenterhooks. Friday can’t come soon enough!
    I do think that the ghost is testing Doo Rim. She wants to know if she truly loves KJ. Recall that she appeared again to KJ when he confessed at the altar that he has already given his heart. Methinks she just wants to make sure that KJ and DR really love each other before she paves the way for them to be together.

    • I think ghost will help their love too (Dramabliss), that’s why DR was given the bracelet, I bet it protects their love. Otherwise whats the point of having the ghost!! I am on tenderhooks waiting for the next installment of the drama.

  5. Koala
    After The Heirs i thought my addiction with Kdrama is over lol…the endless waiting for your recaps so i can have a quick fix of the drama since i can’t understand korean. When i learned about Lee Hong Ki having a drama i was eagerly waiting for it. But now i think i’m regretting it lol i can’t wait for the new ep to come out luckily i checked out your site and very thankful that you’re doing the recaps. Now i can truly say that i’m addicted to BOTC it takes 2 days for the eng subs to come out but it’s worth the wait….Thank you so much for the recaps…….


    I am not addicted. It is normal to watch the same scenes overandoverandover so it appears that they are kissing all the time.

    I wish they were kissing all the time.

    • It is very normal, heck thats exactly what i’ve been doing XD i just hope that after they rounded up those three kisses in the first 4 eps they won’t be mean and tease us with having to wait for another (passionate please!) kiss til the end of the series.
      Hhhhhhhhhhh…he should’ve kissed her goodbye both at the rooftop and the hospital, but then again if he did … the agonizing wait for friday would be too much to handle.

  7. Hi koala
    may i ask why you knew the story line for chapter 9? cos the preview doesn’t shown all this details? i reali enjoy reading your web. Thumb up

  8. Oy… what kind of written preview is that? The ghost came? What’s girl supposed to do.

    You guessed it. I am another new convert after you started recapping darn it. I absolutely hate it that the only 2 dramas I am watching are both on Fridays. It plays hell on my weekdays all week.

  9. Even is KJ and DR registers their marriage, as long as DR is pretending to YK it’s not going to be a valid marriage. I just hope that DR will tell KJ her real identity and see how the play out from there. Also Koala, I’m just like you, I can’t seem to get over the OST sang by Choa, it’s really really good. It’s in repeat with the OST sang by Jaejin. Why can’t I get enough of this drama?

  10. Yeah… way too excited for next week. BUT not sure how this story can progress so quickly when we are only halfway through? It’s a refreshing pace but I hope it doesn’t mean it completely devolves at the end.

    And I’m not sure if anyone has posted this before (sorry if so) but this video by YT editor ‘Lali A.’ was SO AMAZING that I had to start the drama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkggrX2Xpj8. Like her, love her. She’s wonderful! I have been so busy, and had enough on my drama plate that I decided to skip this one. SO GRATEFUL to Lali otherwise I would have missed a gem. Marathoned the first four episodes after seeing this.

    Thank you Ms. Koala for enhancing my addiction with your recaps/posts!

  11. Man, the wait till the end of the week for a new IAGW ep is already so agonizing and then you throw BoTC in there as well and how I or anyone else can manage to be productive and get anything done is beyond me..

    Thanks for the written preview!

  12. haha “Overdrive” indeed. I didn’t think her character would be blinded by love to the point of forgetting she was acting as someone else. I expected her to reveal her real identity before of thinking of any future relationship with him as Doorim. Anyway, i do not mind at alll!!!!! Can’t wait for moooore scene with the two of them!!

    • I am sure she is scared that KJ won’t approve of her real identity?! And, well, also the fact that she feels obligated given the ‘generosity’ given to her by YK’s mum. Anyways, given the pace of the drama, it shouldn’t be too much longer that the identity is revealed. That said, YK and family would become redundant if DR acts as herself?

  13. What, it’s too quick. My little heart can’t keep up with the pacing of of this drama. I need time to soak in all the cute and angst. Hope this preview is for eps 9 AND 10 because that’s too much development for a 16 ep drama.

  14. The top pic looks like in the hospital. Well I’m wondering how Doo Rim pulled off the drip insertion in time for the back hug. And not even a plaster on the hand. Heehee. Diversions while impatiently waiting..

  15. I just cant stop watching this drama is too good!! Sometimes the weirdest combination can mix in a perfect way. Yang jin sung I love you as na doo rim but hate you as jang yi kyung!

  16. Secret wedding!? Omg my crack has gotten crackier. I’m so excited for this week’s episodes. I can’t believe they are planning this already. They are moving forward lightning fast and I love it. Yes, please have a wedding together next ep and then a baby by ep 10 lol.

  17. The secret wedding is a dumb idea right? If it is to hide away from the curse – and you are dealing with a ghost – and the ghost would know even if you hid….right?!

  18. I started watching this drama nit expecting to get addicted but I am. It’s annoying that I have to wait until Friday for a new episode and Monday for a subbed one. Argh!
    Secret Wedding??? Hmmm…. As long as Doo Rim reveals her true identity to Kang Ju before it happens and then they’ll go and find a way to break that curse together.

  19. Oh, I usually just silently read the recaps here on your blog but I just can’t contain myself from saying exactly the same sentiments as my addiction to BoTC. LHK is such a charmer and a man here which is very different from how he is in real life- funny and child-like although I really like him and his band FT Island (plus Hoonie there…lol) and their songs, his voice and his role as Jeremy also which was very close to how he is. I became addicted since episode 1 and watching it in RAW from then til now that I haven’t even watched the episode 7-8 with ENgsub yet, thanks to my kdramaddiction which made me become familiar with little bits and pieces of Korean words and by just looking at their actions and then the recaps of course. I can’t wait for FRIDAY-love love their chemistry together and here’s hoping that DR and KJ will go through all the odds and for sure DR will say YES to marrying KJ even knowing that she could possibly die which I doubt- I think the Ghost is playing matchmaker right from the very start with KJ and DR for she knew that they will compliment each other in trying to unmask the warmth that KJ really has deep within through DR’s honest and true love. DR has to be completely come out clean with who she really is so there is no room for misunderstandings later on before agreeing to marry him in secret.:-)

  20. Well we are skipping the problem that kangjoo cannot differ her fiance from someone that looks like her because we want him to love doorim in any case. But in the latest episodes the problem that he cannot differ the girl he is in love with from the girl he is supposed to marry is bugging me.

    I think there will be a time that he has to differentiate the real one and that will be his true challenge maybe. He should first recognize the bracelet actually because when he was little the ghost was also wearing the bracelet.if the written preview is like this i am really excited to watch it, weekend please come quickly…

    • Let me just comment on this situation because first of all he never really met the real Yi Kyung. It was all set up by the parents and when he finally started spending more time with YK getting to know her better, she was already DR playing YK part. So technically he never really met YK and only had limited interaction with YK. All the rest of the interaction was with DR, that is why he can’t tell them apart. I mean dating someone only means that are together some of the time and they haven’t been together that long for him to differentiate between the 2 of them. He would have to have them both together to really tell the 2 of them apart.

      • Yes. But actually naming of girls doesnt matter thats just it. He knows DOORIM as YiKyung but in the end even he didnt ever know yikyung but also he knows someone and that is the one he is loving so now he knows at least which one he loves, he should start to suspect even a tiny bit of attitude change when he is with real yikyung. well since the situation is complicated deep down maybe i cannot explain my thoughts well ๐Ÿ™‚ cuz i think you also have a point but that doesnt excuse him but actually gives me the reason for my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

        But really i love this drama, what truly amuses me about this drama that the baddies have a different situation going on and they dont have a clue ๐Ÿ˜› yet our couple enjoying their time for us to watch :)))

  21. In the first episode of the series, when the “sacrifice” bride is running through the woods with the ghost chasing her…right before she jumps/ is pushed off the cliff the camera catches her face….I think that looks like it’s Na Doo Rim. In another episode, I think it’s 5, YK is at KJ’s house for dinner. She is looking at the photos and remembering the conversation she had with her Mother after she visited the Shaman. It had s omething to do with looking into the past…..wonder if its another KDrama device….the time travel or reincarnation to solve the mystery and to end the curse. Perhaps Na Doo Rim being the “Bride of the Century” is the only one that can….

    • *KPAGE* I totally agree with your observation, I noticed that the very first bride was DR lookalike, I think ghost did not mean to scare the first bride to death, now she is helping our OTP to be together and prove the curse is not real. I can’t wait for Friday’s raw episode on Dailymotion via Koreandrama.com
      Koala, thank goodness for your recaps,previews, stills etc….helping me abate some of my craving for the new episodes of this sweet drama.

  22. This is such a teaser. I really hate it when i get addicted to a drama. Coz i will have to wait and wait. But one thing for sure is this drama will be become my next collection. I love love love everything about it even though this drama is so cliche. But magically it works! Maybe because i love the otp. I just hope that i can see both of them elope to some place and doing all romantic stuff together coz i really miss their cute moment.

  23. Thank you so much for posting this for everybody’s consumption as Sunday morning (when your Saturday recap pops up here) seems to be a lightyear away.

    I do think that the ghost is tired of what she’s doing for years and would like to really rest and be free from the curse herself that is why she’s helping Doo Rim. So what will break the curse? That is the question! That is why I am feverishly waiting for the next episodeโ€ฆand of course would like to see our OTP going deeply in loveโ€ฆ

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