Long-rumored C-couple Han Geng and Jiang Kai Tong Get a Slight Confirmation Boost

Since the dating explosion in K-entertainment seems to have died down recently, at least C-ent continues to steadily churn out its fair share of dating innuendos and/or confirmations. For the last two years, the C-media have speculated that former Super Junior and now full-time C-actor Han Geng has been dating fresh-faced rising C-actress Jiang Kai Tong. Neither have confirmed nor denied it, instead choosing to go the way of ignore ignore ignore until the furor dies down. It has mostly died down aside from Lunar New Year 2013 when the two of them were spotted at the airport headed to his hometown for the holidays, sparking rumors that Han Geng was bringing the girlfriend to meet the family so maybe it was really serious and wedding bells were forthcoming. Both of them are young enough I don’t see any rush to settle down, especially since their careers are on the fast track. Last year Han Geng did the blockbuster C-movie So Young with Mark Chao and was Zhao Wei‘s directorial effort based on a best-selling novel. Jiang Kai Tong is a television actress but has been working steadily though she did get a big career bump three years ago after she did Fall in Love with Hans Zhang, the C-version of the classic K-drama Autumn in My Heart.

I also watched her in Another Brilliant Life with Park Hae Jin, and I can safely say she reminds me a lot of Jang Nara in both screen presence and acting style. Anyhoo, Jiang Kai Tong was at a press conference this week with her co-stars of an upcoming C-period drama and she was asked about her rumored relationship with Han Geng and whether marriage plans was being considered. Her answer wasn’t to pooh pooh the rumors of her dating Han Geng, but instead she said “It’s still too early to talk marriage!” That was taken by the gathered media as pretty much a tacit confirmation of her dating Han Geng. But the next day at a subsequent media event, Jiang Kai Tong backtracked a bit and said her answer was simply that it was too early for her to consider marriage but her answer never referred to Han Geng. When a reporter asked point blank whether she was dating time, she paused for a long time and didn’t answer until the MC stepped in and changed the subject. I was wondering if Jiang Kai Tong was going to pull a Zheng Shuang, who famously admitted at a press conference of her long rumored relationship with Hans Zhang after they did Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower Together, apparently without conferring with him beforehand. I would have loved a firm confirmation just to put another couple out in the open but this is pretty telling enough that those two are dating.


Long-rumored C-couple Han Geng and Jiang Kai Tong Get a Slight Confirmation Boost — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, I’m watching her in Another Brilliant Life right now! She does seem to give off a bit of a Jang Nara feel, come to think of it. Best wishes to both Han Geng and Jiang Kaitong—if they really are dating, that is.

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