New Video Preview for Episode 18 of In A Good Way

Not all drama romances and love stories are equal. Some are more unforgettable than others due to the sheer angst factor, but such epic tales never induce anyone to say “hey, I really wish I experienced a love like that!” The college romance in In A Good Way evokes exactly that sentiment, the heady realistic scent of first love that feels so probable and is definitely possible, it’s the stuff that the lucky few in real life might have encountered and the rest long for and reminisce about. The new video preview is out for episode 18 and it’s less angst-inducing than the preview appended to episode 17. That one gave me mild heartburn because anytime Liu Chuan and Jia En have even the hint of a disagreement it renders me handwringing with anxiety. Part of it comes from their young ages, a time when first loves most likely break up and remain as a wonderful memory only. I worry that they can’t get past the first major hurdle, whatever it is, and the drama will capitalize on a well-developed love story to turn it into something totally meaningful but heartbreaking. Their love is epic, right? Jia En’s dropped student ID does come back to haunt her with a vengeance as seen in the new preview, but then again it could be defused with the help of Ren Wei and perhaps a lot of sincere explaining on the part of Jia En. I did blush a little when I saw Liu Chuan cheek kiss Jia En because I’m actually of the theory that this drama is going for the full monty of skinship so the big moment appears ever closer. IAGW appears to want Jia En and Liu Chuan to hit each and every single type of skinship before the big kahuna. We’ve so far seen hugs, hand holding, forehead kissing, her cheek kissing him, head nuzzling, shoulder snuggling, and now him cheek kissing her. There might even be necking before we get a kiss proper. IAGW is such a tease but I for one am happy to be strung along. It’s not every day, or year, that a drama this cute comes along.

Preview for episode 18:

[youtube id=”tvYVBBIUz40″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Liu Chuan: I feel like no matter how people may change, there is a part of you that doesn’t change.

Hotel staff: Do you have a Miss Lin Jia En there?

Jia En: 2030? (Love You Miss You)

Dad: Lin Jia En, did you go to Ruifang Hotel and spend the night?


New Video Preview for Episode 18 of In A Good Way — 17 Comments

  1. Swooning forever with these two <3<3<3

    I think I might be the only one who's actually looking forward to their argument just because the makeup scene after it will be SO WORTH IT. At least, I feel that confidence from the amazing writing we've been given so far from IAGW. 🙂

  2. Ah, the feels, the feels! Everything in this drama just works for me and I’m sure no matter what happens down the line, our OTP will weather the storm together, simply because they are that awesome. Thanks, Ms, Koala for sharing the newest preview.

  3. Thanks for this vid preview Ms. Koala! The pic above are my fav scenes in EP17 (plus the ‘outside the train station’ snuggling). I’m also ok with a little bit of angst (just a little ok?!) so it can help them develop their relationship. Although, I always think about the original synopsis of this show. I’m still keeping up my hope that this drama will continue on it’s great path and not get derailed.

    I also like your theory about seeing all types of skinship for our OTP 😀 Am I ready for that?! I barely survived with just the hugs, snuggling, nuzzling & quick pecks! lol. Now, I couldn’t even stop squealing when I saw LC kissing JE on the cheek (and I couldn’t take my eyes off Lego’s jaw! hehe). I’m just amazed how this drama could make me feel this way. I’ve seen a lot more intense action bet other OTP but there’s really something with IAGW that makes the simple gestures speak more volume.

  4. that kiss on the cheek from LC is such a tease! just imagining the official kiss will be epic! im thankful for IAGW for showing
    so many couple moments that we barely see nowadays..usually once a couple get together, there would be less dating, more on trying to get the couple break up…im
    hoping and praying that the writers will give us a happy ending..the thought of LC-JE not ending up together is heart breaking..been emotionally invested on this drama since episode 1…their lovestory may not be a romeo-juliet but it’s the type of lovestory that happens in real’s the story that feels so real that’s why people can’t get enough of our OTP.

  5. So I had every intention of wating until this show finished and you had given it the all around thumbs up before watching it. I have just been burned too many times lately. But I was sick over the weekend and hard up for viewing options so I caved. I marathoned the show and I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I would like it because you and I have freakishly similar tastes in shows but I had no idea how much I would love this show. I graduated from UCLA in 1997. This is MY era and I married my Liu Chuan so this show hits every sweet spot with me. I really hope that it maintains with the wonderful writing until the end. My prediciton – they get married, have 2 beautiful daughters and live happily ever after. Worked for me!

  6. Man, Settv really knows how to make us drool in anticipation for the next episode don’t they.
    Thanks Ms. Koala!

  7. Hahaha, how is she going to get out of that one?

    By the way, that kiss was so sweet. I think so too… they are going to show all the first love and tentative skinships scenes one by one. It’s so sweet, it’s like reading a teenage romance book. So much better than all the US based shows where the teens have sex. See? Isn’t all this waiting so worth it? I think it’s so innocent and reminds me of bygone days. I now sound so old man.

    • I have to agree. I think too many US shows have forgotten the thrill of anticipation and just go for instant gratification.

      • It’s why I really loved Dawson’s Creek. I think it was good in the developing of feelings!

  8. How can a cheek kiss from Liu Chuan make me more excited than seeing 70% of other actors roll around on the bed with their leading ladies? Oh yeah. I’ve been Chuanned.

    • I love how she kind of leaned into the cheek kiss, too. These two explode chemistry. It was the hottest cheek kiss I’ve ever witnessed, lol.

    • love the term! “chuanned”. now i know what to call it when i suddenly bang on anything beside me and giggling uncontrollably while watching that hug in episode 12 (sorry, i was late getting into this awesome show).

  9. This show makes me feel giddy with the OTP’s journey together. I have a question though.

    How does 2030 translate to “love you miss you”? I understand Chinese but just can’t link 2030 as a code for “love you miss you”. Please enlighten this ignorant fan 🙂

    • It’s basically how 2030 sounds in mandarin. phonetically, 2030 is “er ling san ling, and Miss You Love You is “ai ni xiang ni”. Both sound very similar, so hence the code.

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