Kim Woo Bin Holds First Sold Out Fan Meeting in Taiwan

The C-media is taken to calling the next generation of Hallyu kings being Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo HyunLee Jong Seok, and Kim Woo Bin. Lest you want to quibble with your favorite oppa being left off the list, these four are indeed the current hottest it-boys of the moment so I’ll let them enjoy the limelight and see if it lasts. I think Kim Woo Bin’s upside in the greatest, and by that I mean capacity for acting growth and career diversity. He’s not tied down by his looks which are actually the aspect of him that might take the longest to win casual fans over. He looks very manly with strong features and definitely not the preferred chiseled pretty flower boys that most of his acting colleagues fall into. Kim Woo Bin’s star rose alongside Lee Min Ho for Heirs but he also had a blockbuster K-movie Friends 2 last year. Due to his exploded popularity, Kim Woo Bin is striking while the iron is hot and starting to do overseas fan meetings. Last week he hit up Taiwan for his first fan meeting in that country and was quite taken back with the hundreds of fans who showed up at the airport to greet him. He held a press conference for the Taiwan press and poked fun at his own unique looks, comparing himself to a dinosaur and wishing for a day of having Lee Min Ho’s face just to see what that feels like. Due to his short stay jam packed schedule, the media brought all the famous Taiwanese snacks to the press conference just so he can say that he got to sample it and I heard the boba tea went over quite well. The next day Kim Woo Bin held his fan meeting for thousands of fans, playing games, answering questions, and even singing for them. Coincidentally, another Korean actor was in Taiwan a few days before Kim Woo Bin for his own fan meeting, namely Lee Hyun Woo, who just so happens to be Kim Woo Bin’s co-star in the upcoming caper K-movie The Professionals. Can’t wait to see that!


Kim Woo Bin Holds First Sold Out Fan Meeting in Taiwan — 19 Comments

  1. I find his face very interesting to look at. It is very unique and has character. The other it boys’ faces are pretty but they are just plain imo.

    • someone once said he looked like a possible Korean version of Benedict Cumberbatch, and I agree – they have the same very strange, almost alien-like good looks.

    • He was so awesome in White Christmas! He needs roles like that highlight his unique features and intense charisma.

      I like Lee Jong Seok and can see he has charm, but I don’t get all the fangirling over him. To me, he has one of those faces where the plastic obscures the pretty.

      • yeah, LJS is incredibly charming, but I don’t find him attractive at all – though I do think he’s a very good young actor who has the potential to be quite good-looking when he grows into his frame.

    • If the White Christmas boys played their cards right, we could be looking at the next generation of Hallyu leading men, right there. I’m happy that Woobin and Sung Joon have made their way into leading man territory, and some of the others are also promising.

  2. I thought he was smokin’ in School 2013 (still haven’t watched Heirs) but am not a fan of this hair colour on him. Reminds me of the blonde monstrosity Lee Jong Suk previously had on his head.

    Also, I will never understand Kstars “no socks” look

  3. Someone needs to fix that parting/texture of his hair, but otherwise, Woobie My Wuv looks fine as hell.

    Also, I am astonished that he is among the top Hallyu stars of the younger generation, considering he’s only been playing supporting roles all this while, barring Friend 2. Goes to show what talent+charisma can do……now someone give him a proper love interest in his next drama, Vampire Idol is the only thing that gave him one so far and we all want to see him with a girl (or Lee Jong-seok) onscreen.

  4. Hi koala, this is irrelevant to this post but I didn’t know where else to put it so here goes. I noticed you put up a post (after this one) about BBJQ? Something about the number 22? Just wondering where it went.

  5. Lovee Kim Woo Bin!!!! but I don’t know why Lee Min Ho is on that list. He’s been extremely popular all over asia since BOF and has been since – so his popularity has been LASTING. He’s only gotten MORE popular if that was even possible.

  6. Loved Kim Woo Bin when he appeared in “Running Man” episodes with Rain… KWB was more reserved, a bit shy, but that’s what’s so charming about him. Broke your heart a bit when watching him, his true personality came out. He was adorable. Hope he always stayed like this. His girlfriend would be very lucky…

  7. That’s a first… pearl milk tea in a wine glass? So extravagant. While the rest of us normal people get it in a plastic cup… hahahaha….

  8. I don’t get how people could say Kim Woo Bin isn’t handsome. To me, he’s supremely better-looking than the usual flower boys of the k-drama world. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve adored and admired those same flower boys but the hype wore off for me (especially for Lee Min Ho) but I guess, to each, his/her own right? Still though, I feel bad for Woo Bin because I certainly find him very attractive.

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