Aaron Yan and Tia Li Make First Couple Appearance for SETTV Drama Fall in Love with Me

Am I being too snarky if I say that Aaron Yan pairing up with Tia Li for the upcoming SETTV Sunday night idol drama Fall in Love with Me feels like Barbie meeting Ken? It can’t be denied that both are ridiculously pretty in a manga character way, and a wee bit plasticky onscreen when emoting is called for and the delivery turns out to be flatter than a pancake. With that said, I’ll give this coupling the benefit of the doubt and pray SETTV has an interesting and entertaining story prepared so that they can coast through without requiring to carry the weight of the drama on their shoulders. Deja Vu ends in two weeks and Fall in Love with You premieres on April 6th so that’s right around the corner. The two leads met the press for a quick media event today at SETTV headquarters, and unless Taiwan secretly celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day, or Aaron Yan is Irish and I just didn’t know about it, Aaron showed up in a green plaid suit that even the most ardent Christmas fan or gung ho Irish descendant wouldn’t even wear. Maybe he coordinated with Tia beforehand because the whole look was salvaged by her wearing the cutest little white dress with black booties which balanced out way too much going on with Aaron’s outfit. The drama isn’t about twins despite the fall in love with two of me in the Chinese title – Aaron plays a world renowned marketing whiz who is burned out by the industry and decides to take a sabbatical because he is losing his perceptive touch. He meets Tia’s character who is a director as a small marketing firm and feels that she reignites his interest in creativity again so he decides to create a dorky alter ego who works part time at her company in the evening.

Preview for Fall in Love with Me:

[youtube id=”VPswMP9FKPk” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Aaron Yan and Tia Li Make First Couple Appearance for SETTV Drama Fall in Love with Me — 18 Comments

  1. Hahaha Aaron does look like Ken. I think the plot sounds cute!!! It should probably sustain for the first few episodes but unlikely one whole drama! Haha

    • But I read somewhere that Puff is going to be in another SETTV drama called Love Meets Cupid with Jasper Liu. She will be back . . . just not with Aaron. Although I am holding out hope.

  2. Oh my lord, that plaid… reminds me of my Catholic girl’s high school uniform, but I actually loved my plaid skirt… I just think his is just too much of it… He should have thought more along the lines that a little is more and it would have been better.

  3. Ms. Koala did you see the press conference of “global we got married”!?
    Ooooo Dear Lord!!! Did that guy raided the jokers closer? Lol

  4. I guess we cannot do anything about it now. But was hoping that Puff could do that job. Other choices could have been Ivy Chen or Guigui

  5. what a unmatch couple aaron n tia..
    i just dnt like tia acting n i jst watch the movie ‘fall in love with me’ only for aaron.. i hope they wnt be worked together in future..
    aaron n puff forever…

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