Increasingly Manly Yoo Seung Ho Makes an Appearance in K-army Recruiting Video

My missing my Yoo Seung Ho radar pings me on a regular basis, but when it pinged today I was surprised since I’ve got lots of cracktastic dramas on my plate plus a dense novel translation project I didn’t think I had time to miss him. Clearly my koala sense was telling me that my boy was making yet another public appearance during his military service. Lo and behold, the Korean military public relations arm released today a promo for it’s upcoming army recruitment and morale video and featured in it is none other than my baby boy! But judging from the heft he’s put on, and I don’t mean the pounds in terms of weight since he was light as a feature before, but purely muscle and body mass increase, I don’t think he’s a boy anymore. I joked about him picking the perfect time to do his army service, electing to join at the time most Korean men go which is around college-age, which also allowed him to disappear from the public eye during that awkward older teen to young man transition period. I figured he would come back manlier but I wasn’t sure how much so since he’s always been the perpetual baby face. I think it’s safe to say that with 8 months left in his service period, he’s well on his way to being all sorts of woah momma hubba hubba when he gets back. The army press video hasn’t been released yet but the glimpse of Yoo Seung Ho shows him pushing a veteran in a wheelchair and looking like Korea’s favorite patriotic grandson.


Increasingly Manly Yoo Seung Ho Makes an Appearance in K-army Recruiting Video — 20 Comments

  1. The only thing I caught my attention is that Korea has army recruiting videos. You cannot not join the army, so who are they trying to recruit?

    • For people to sign on? I’m from Singapore and we have the mandatory military service thing too but these guys are only in for 2 years so army recruiting videos are to recruit people to join the army as a career.

    • It’s to recruit for the army as opposed to the air force, marines, or navy. Korean men entering the service can pick among the different forces so the army wants to recruit as well.

    • Of course that is supposed to be “Wo momma…”

      I just want to add one of the reasons I love this man is he has such a kind smile. I don’t know if young people can look this kind, but YSH does. Like he understands, really, he understands and wants to help make the world a better place however he can.

      • The smile is what makes me see why they call him little So Ji-sub, they totally look like each other when they smile even though they have zero resemblance otherwise. It’s amazing.

      • Totally agree… YSH has a naturally smiley face… Very natural looking, kind and handsome…

    • I swear I wrote a lot but it cut off. Hmm…

      … a manly aura in these shots. Now he looks like a real noona killer and with the physique to boot as well. I bet the whole lot of you would welcome him back once his service ends. He did go at the right age. Rather than looking like most of the other celebrities coming back as ahjusshis.

  2. Yoo seung ho had a pretty baby face but because of this military thing, he turned to a handsome man but still has a baby face but manlier now. He has a very attractive eyes so when he smiles, the more you will stare at him without blinking an eye. He almost has a perfect face. He has an explainable charm and handsomeness. Because of Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You, that’s how I found him. So, I can’t wait to see him in a drama soon or in a movie.

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