Angel Eyes with Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon Release Lovely Stills and Teasers

The upcoming SBS drama Angel Eyes is poised to take over in less than two weeks after Thrice Married Woman wraps up this weekend. I feel like that time slot for SBS has been a steady stream of painful to watch dramas that are admittedly quality written fare, from Birth Secret to Goddess of Marriage and now to Thrice Married Woman. It’s not incomprehensible makjang like I Summon You, Gold but that drama was considerably more entertaining. Angel Eyes looks and reads like a throwback K-drama, the foremost being a teenage love story portion that recalls the heyday of Winter Sonata. At least leads Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon are not playing their teenage counterparts the way Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo were asked to shave a decade off their real ages and don a school uniform. The younger counterparts are played by charismatic young actors Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul as we watch them bicker and fall in love as teenagers before an accident renders the leading lady blind and the couple are forced apart. Later she regains her sight after an operation and decides to become an EMT to save lives. He’s grown up to become an emergency room doctor and they reunite again in their thirties. I really love the PD behind the camera and the visuals in the first two teasers as well as the official stills look lovely. He directed Will It Snow For Christmas, Only You, and What Happened in Bali, all dramas I enjoyed and definitely remember as wonderfully filmed. I actually think Gu Hye Sun looks unexpectedly love in all the promos and Lee Sang Yoon is styled younger and more dashing than his recent turns towards fuddy duddy land. I’m worried the most about the screenwriter who was the hot mess talent behind Operation Proposal and Boys Before Flowers. Let’s hope her reunion with Gu Hye Sun here dials down the slapstick and dials up the mature nuance. Angel Eyes premieres the first week of April if anyone is interested. I’ll definitely sneak a peek and hope to be surprised.

Teasers for Angel Eyes:

[youtube id=”KeYRRaU2oyw” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”ZLnGfT1rizU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Angel Eyes with Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon Release Lovely Stills and Teasers — 35 Comments

  1. Sigh, I can cut and paste all of GHS expressions back to all her previous dramas. However she does much prettier and the visuals are much softer here. She needs to make her eyes emote though.

    I think I will wait for the last 2 episodes to watch it. Or rather watch the beginning.

  2. she does look pretty here, lets hope she never cuts her hair short again. She may be ok if her character is mature and more soft spoken. I am almost tempted to check this out now.

  3. Will watch first couple of episodes solely for the teenager storyline due to Kang Ha Neul & will continue watching if it surprises me!

  4. i couldn’t stand gu hye sun and the writer in BOF although there was lee min ho, kim hyun joong and kim bun i just couldn’t finish it but i’m really tempted to try this out, the teasers and gu hye sun looks super gorgeous ( i never thought i will be saying this ) hopefully the writer does a good job though

  5. I genuinely want to like GHS, but so far, her performances have driven me bonkers. It’s a miracle my computer survived BOF, so frustrated was I with her portrayal of Jandi. But there’s always hope, right? I do think she’s looking her best here– maybe she’s a late bloomer? Or perhaps her acting ability is directly proportional to the length of her hair?

    Has anyone else noticed that Kirsten Ren (Jia En in In A Good Way) sometimes looks like she could be Lee Sang Yoon’s dongsaeng (especially when she raises her eyebrows)?

    • Hi Nickie,

      No Offense. There is so much bashing for GHS in Boys Over Flower.

      Have you read the manga for Boys Over Flower?

      Please read the Manga and you will understand GHS portrayed the character very well.

      • I didn’t read the manga but I watched the Taiwanese version and the Japanese version and the female leads did a far better job than GHS so reading the manga has nothing to do with it. GHS did a terrible job there and every drama she did thereafter. The only drama she was good in was Pure 19. Hoping to be surprised in this drama. Crossing my fingers.

  6. I really wasn’t going to bother with this either. I happened upon the cast when watching Running Man and I must say that they had chemistry!

    Trivia: I incidentally found that Kim Ji Suk (of Personal Taste, INR2, and Cheongdamdong Alice fame) is in this too. Apparently he’s a bit of a closeted airhead, which I thought was really hilarious since it’s in no way obvious and became a running tagline on RM. Given that the promos involving him is rather non-existent, I’m not sure how big his role would be. I find him to be a decently versatile actor.

  7. Oppa Lee Sang Yoon is getting more handsome and handsome these days…will definitely sneak peak on this one! 🙂

  8. Haven’t like any of Gu Hye Sun’s most recent dramas but considering she was much better in her pre-BOF work, I hope she goes back to that acting style albeit with improvements and steps far away from the slapstick overacting that she has done since BOF. Lee Sang Yoon I simply adore but haven’t liked his recent drama choices. Definitely love the actors playing their younger versions so I will give this a try and hope for the best.

  9. She does look really pretty in these stills. I love the trench she has on. Not a fan of either actors or the story so this will be a pass for me.

  10. I never thought Gu Hye-sun not pretty, sure she is pretty, like she’s always been, then I watched she acts, and she scared the hell out of me.

    • WHAT EVER! She’s gifted and talented. Try doing what she does, modeling, acting, singing, writer, art, playing piano, director, and volunteers her free time to help the sick children. You should try watching a person (I won’t mention her name) who is so desperate for attention that she not only fake a relationship but went as far as framing someone into loving her. That’s scarier not to mention insane. My idol G. is someone I look up to cause I can’t do any of what she’s accomplished.

  11. Wats with ghs and that hair . Y is she always in bangs . Her bangs remind me of jandi . She shdnt hav cut her bangs . Its like looking at an older version of jandi . After all those years . She need to make a drastic hairatyle change not juat coloring it and growing it .

  12. I love Nam Ji Hyun in Will It Snow for Christmas. That girl just has it as an actress. So natural, and she’s getting prettier. While Kang Ha Neul in this teaser isn’t bad either. I’m actually excited because of these two young actors.

  13. oooh Kang Haneul and Nam Ji-hyun look like they have lovely chemistry already, I will try this out for them alone! (and Nam Ji-hyun does look a lot like Gu Hye-sun here, even if their acting is poles apart in quality)

  14. Nam Ji Hyun looks fantastic here. I love her acting, and I feel like she has the it factor. Will be watching the first episodes for her and Kang Ha Neul.

  15. Seems lovely and Nam Ji Hyun is as fantastic as ever, Kim Soo Hyun and her were one of the highlights in Will it snow for Christmas. Kang Ha Neul seems to improve a lot as he’s more expressive and seems at ease. I like Lee Sang Yoon in My Daughter is Seo Young but I never see him in anything else other than that drama so I’ll reserve my judgement for later. GHS is lovely, I like her styling on those stills. Wasn’t that interested in the premise before and I was in the phase of not really following any k-drama but I guess I might give this a shot.

  16. Definitely interested. Got a soft spot for Lee SangYoon since The Duo. And Gu Hye Sun looks so serene and lovely. I’m in the mood for a good melo now

  17. I still can’t believe that this is the writer from Boys Before Flowers given the heart-tugging, beautifully written first 2 episodes that has ever come out of a weekend drama.. And possibly the best childhood portion in recent memory — wonderfully acted, heart breaking, and all sorts of heartwarming. This is my new favorite drama, and who would have ever thought it’d be the show that i had an initial allergy to just reading the synopsis.

  18. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, will you consider recapping this deliciously heart-tugging and sweet K-drama? I was going to check it out for the first two episodes, and I was immediately hooked. It’s now up to Episode 6, and I have never cried SO hard for any K-drama ever! It’s not a melo, it can be sweet and light-hearted one moment, yet so tender and aching the next, which LSY does with great aplomb. GHS is not as annoying as I would’ve thought, and their chemistry is quite hot. Plus there is a very strong supporting cast. So, please, please? Thank you for your consideration!

  19. It’s pretty good by the way. I’m totally hooked can’t wait for the next episode to come out already 🙂

  20. GOO HYE SUN has accomplished so much in her life. She is doing it all, ACTING, MODELING, SINGING, WRITER, DIRECTOR, PLAYS INTRUMENTS, record deals, Art-n-crafts and she even volunteers in taking care of sick children. She doesn’t boast herself like most actresses. I’ll bet those of you that are looking down at her right now, CAN’T DO HALF OF WHAT SHE’S ABLE TO ACCOMPLISHED IN HER LIFE. To dislike someone you don’t even know personally, I’ll bet life is that way for y’all. Not very likeable. I may NOT know GOO HYE SUN personally myself, BUT she’s someone I LOOK UP TOO and WISHED I COULD DO EVEN A 1/4 OF WHAT SHE’S ACCOMPLISHED. YOU KNOW THE BEST PART, EVEN though there’s a few people who looks down at her, there’s thousand-X more who love her and believe in her. SARANGHAE GOO HYE SUN. cha, cha, cha……… FIGHTING!!!

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