New Adorable OST Song Released for Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century appears to have finished filming, a good two weeks in advance of it’s last episode. That’s a feat more dramas need to emulate since it avoids the actors looking half dead by the final stretch and the drama coming across as haphazard and choppy. I don’t know if this drama just managed to be efficient with its time or started filming way early, whatever the reason I’m thrilled that I don’t need to watch poor Yang Jin Sung run herself ragged trying to play multiple characters upon multiple characters. The production has been coy with the previews this weeks, haven’t seen any official stills from the upcoming episodes 11 or 12, and honestly I don’t see the need to be stingy with the viewers. This drama doesn’t really live or die by any gotcha plot twists and frankly the story can introduce a third Doo Rim and Yi Kyung doppleganger or some equally preposterous story line and I’d shrug my shoulders. BotC has trained me to enjoy the wild ride rather than nitpick the bumps in the road because it sure as heck is exhilarating. I’ve loved all the songs from the OST, especially the Choa ballad “Words I have Yet to Say” which was also performed by Lee Hong Ki so that we have a his-and-hers version of the same stirring song. The production isn’t stingy on the music this week and released a brand new OST song today called “Do You Know” by Jun Geun Hwa. It’s a sweet song that I don’t recall hearing in the previous episodes yet so expect it to make an appearance in the upcoming episodes. Check out the new OST below and use it to while away some time until episode 11 airs in a few hours.

Jun Geun Hwa “Do You Know”:

[youtube id=”rBreQrr79-o” w=”625″ h=”445″]



New Adorable OST Song Released for Bride of the Century — 16 Comments

  1. Oh my, I can not wait a whole day till I get to watch the Raw BotC. Seriously why couldn’t they give out stills etc, this is the only drama I am loving at the mo. I tried all the latest K-Drama releases and have given them a miss apart from 3 Days.

  2. i guess FNC is responsible for the ost of the songs as so far the ones singing for the drama are all FNC’s artists and affiliates

  3. Thank you for the lovely song. It sounds a little sad to me. Like reminiscing about the times together, their love. No idea about the words, anyone can share the gist?

  4. Dear Koala,

    Thanks for introducing to me BotC. Love the series, love the OST, love your playground!

    Have you seen this ? A fan uploaded on youtube a mix version of Choa and Lee Hong Ki’s ballad. I’m so loving this~ hope fnc ent will release a duet piece or maybe they can perform the duet @fnc event/concert …

    thanks to: homosaphilis youtube ac

  5. Thanks for the Bride of the Century goodies! They keep my excitement up while waiting for the next episode. Thank goodness I can watch the raw this afternoon!

  6. Surprising I was able to finish this drama… And surprisingly love it… thanks for making this drama… i like the lead actress and the lead actor… i also love the song… thanks very much

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