Witch’s Romance with Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon Release Second Playful Teaser

I’m still scratching my head about Korea’s remake of My Queen, the popular TW-drama that was good but not great enough to really deserve the story getting retold in the upcoming tvN drama Witch’s Romance. I suppose if you told me that Koreans weren’t going to watch the original with subs and needed a K-version to check out the story, then I might think it a good enough reason for a remake. But ultimately My Queen comes off as a TW-drama borrowing successful K-drama formulas and hitting a line drive due to picking two good acting leads with great chemistry plus tossing in a fantastic second male lead that was strong enough on his own merits. There was a snappy execution and a boppy story line, nothing too memorable other than I enjoyed it when I watched it.

I also get this niggling sensation that there are so many similar noona-dongsaeng romances out there, for example the successful but romantically cold noona and the free spirited proactive dongsaeng in I Need Romance 3 feels like a carbon copy of what I see that. Nevertheless the promos for this drama have been totally charming and that wins points with me. Re-doing something isn’t a crime and if the result is entertaining and unique then it’s worth the effort. I’m leaning towards checking it out, and turning off my familiarity with My Queen so that I can check out WR on its own merits. The first teasers were cute but nothing to write home about but I quite like this first long preview which shows that leads Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon indeed have bucket loads of chemistry and great comedic timing to boot. The colorful promos have been eye-catching and a great kick start to the Spring drama season.

I’m a bit peeved with the title of Witch’s Romance which is rather bland and getting easy knocks on the image of a successful career woman with romantic scars who now eschews romance as a “witch”. The TW-drama original title was pretty creative 敗犬女王 (Bai Quan Nu Wang) which translates literally into Defeated Dog Queen. The term 敗犬 means defeated dog and is actually an old-school slang to refer to someone who is defeated, like two dogs in a fight and the defeated one slinks away with their tail between their legs. In this current generation 敗犬 added a meaning that originated in Japan to refer to a woman over thirty who wasn’t married, stemming from a novel that referred to a successful but unmarried career woman as a defeated dog for ultimately not having found a happy personal life in marriage. So the Taiwan drama title calls the leading lady the Queen of the Defeated Dogs which means she is both powerful in her success as an over thirty woman but ultimately a loser in love. That was the central issue being plumbed in the drama and I hope Witch’s Romance does a good job exploring the same complicated questions.

Second teaser for Witch’s Romance:

[youtube id=”ALSV4OsD6PA” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Witch’s Romance with Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon Release Second Playful Teaser — 16 Comments

    • LOL @ term “lifestyle lift.”

      And I agree, she looks amazing. Not sure what her secret is, but can she share it with me pls?

    • Yeah, she looks better here than in The Man Who Can’t Marry. I was all for skipping this because I didn’t want to see how bad her face had gotten, but kudos on the new work UJH!

      • I mean, her character on The Man Who Can’t Marry was a pretty no-nonsense woman who was very conservative in her fashion choices. She was beautiful, but in a much more understated way. I also think her eyeliner in that drama wasn’t doing her any favors. Here, she’s more va-va-voom, which is probably a big part of why she looks “better.”

        Also, yikes to your comment “I was all for skipping this because didn’t want to see how bad her face had gotten.” I hope not every viewer/person is as ageist! I’m 28, but I’d hate to think that once I hit 40 people will cringe at the thought of looking at my “bad” face. 😛

  1. Uhm Jung Hwa look too different from what I’ve seen her before in a movie that she acted with Lee Dong Gun before..she looks so much younger than before …

  2. I agree..her skin is too luminous unless the producer play with lighting effects. Unbelievable she looks gorgeous at 40. Even with plastic surgery she is better than others in taking care of skin.

  3. Something else nice and fluffy to watch on tired Fridays.
    She brings a gravity/shadow to her roles that helps balance the comedy. I don’t know how to explain it. Just that where some female actresses don’t seem real, she does.

    It cannot be MQ because there is no Ethan like THE Ethan – I fell in love with his first kiss. He is so sexy just typing his name makes me happy. Ethan.Ethan. Happy.Happy.

  4. I watched My Queen after reading about in your earlier posts about this remake and really enjoyed it. I am wondering about the impact on the storyline of the change in age. There’s a significant difference between 33 and 39, especially if they keep the time skip.

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