Lotte Duty Free Releases Five CFs Featuring Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye in Jeju

The first batch of the Lotte Duty Free CFs for 2014 have arrived and it’s none other than the hotly anticipated reunion onscreen romance between former You’re Beautiful costars Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seok. I confess to being one of the naysayers who wrote off their casting in YB when it was first announced, only to be thoroughly charmed right off the bat thanks to a crazy fun set up and fantastic chemistry between them. I feel like it’s the exact reverse of Park Shin Hye’s widely bandied about pairing with Lee Min Ho in Heirs where everyone was hoping against hope it would work out but the end result was flat milquetoast. Jang Geuk Seok and Park Shin Hye spent days in Jeju back in February filming these short snippet CFs for Lotte Duty Free, a combination of promoting the brand as well as doubling as Korean Tourism Agency videos. It’s safe to say that one out of five K-dramas have a Jeju shoot and it’s not surprising since the island is the very definition of picturesque ideal vacation destination. Watching these CFs actually make me want to visit Jeju even more than I was satisfied with the Park Shin Hye-Jang Geun Seok collaboration. The CFs don’t really tell a story and are meant to be more visually pretty than emotionally stirring. Check out all the CFs below, all arriving with convenient English subs courtesy of Lotte Duty Free. The CFs were actually released with multiple language subs including Japanese and Chinese, clearly the company knows it’s target audience.


Lotte Duty Free CFs “The Full Story”:

[youtube id=”_Q-Ovo_dpRk” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Lotte Duty Free CFs featuring Park Shin Hye-Jang Geun Seok in Jeju:

[youtube id=”cdpWrX7WzCg” w=”625″ h=”445″]


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[youtube id=”XVF4HqVQiXg” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Lotte Duty Free Releases Five CFs Featuring Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye in Jeju — 30 Comments

  1. this commercials reminds me of Park Shin Hye drama over the years
    1. Heartstring – first time PSJ and JYH came in contact
    2. Cyrano Agency – feels like a date set up by cyrano agency
    3. Tree of Heaven – somewhat feels like PSH and LW walking in the snow
    4. Heirs – Laundry Scene of LMH and PSH
    5. This one feels like a JGS drama, marry me mary

    • Actually no 4 reminded me of the beach scene in goong with dried fish instead of laundry. haha anyone knows what I am talking about? (:

  2. I wish to visit JEJU island, like the commercial too, they’re really bound to become a couple in the future. So romantic!

  3. Gah soooo cute! The full 4 min video is out and the last part was just adorkable. I think I like it better than the laundry one but I’m not even sure since it’s all so good.

    They’ve really come far, these two. They were nobodies when they did YB, and I’m so glad to see them work again (on sort of a large scale) after they’ve reached the heights of popularity. I do hope they do a drama together. Their chemistry is still one of the best I’ve seen.

    • They weren’t exactly nobodies, JGS was one of the most hotly buzzed-about young actors at the time and PSH already had a few drama lead roles under her belt. They actually were pretty popular then, lol.

      To give you an idea, they were both being considered for the lead roles in Boys Over Flowers, but JGS turned it down because he wanted to play the role of Ji Hoo instead.

      • Yup, I’m pretty sure everyone knows about BoF, but that doesn’t prove he was popular. Since we all know that’s the drama that shot LMH to crazy fame. YB is JGS’s first lead role in a major network, and PSH’s as well. But you’re right that they weren’t nobodies – wrong choice of words there. But they weren’t what I’d call ‘popular’.

      • It’s kinda amusing how JGS wanted to play the character which had depth than being the leading man of the drama knowing the fact that bof was bound to be successful , it was brave of him to pass it and went on to take the second lead role in Beethoven virus where he shined so brightly. Although I liked the decisions he made at such a young age where he showed passion in learning acting from the veteran actors than to be in a hot mess I.e BOF , one of those all-time Kdrama I hated the most LOL.
        Hopefully he could pick up a better drama next time , can’t believe It’s the same JGS who made such wise decisions.

    • Jang Geun Suk was a child actor. And prior to YB he won twice with his co-stars the Best Couple Awards with Ha Ji Won in Hwang Jin Yi & with Sung Yu Ri in Hong Gil Dong though he was the second male lead in those dramas. Year 2008 Jang Geun Suk aside from winning the Best New Actor Award in Baeksang Arts Award for the movie Happy Life, the same year he also bagged the Most Popular Actor Award for Hong Gil Dong & the Best New Actor Award for Beethoven Virus. So I think pog is right about JGS popularity then. He used to be an MC host with Kim Heechul in SBS Inkigayo year 2007 & in this the same year was 3rd in rank for Mnet’s Must Have Males. Actually way back 2006 because of his role in Hwang Jin Yi opposite Ha Ji Won he became popular with many female fans then, and it was around this time that he was dubbed as Nation’s Treasure.

  4. Ms Ockoala,
    You are so careful and smart with your choice of words
    Anyway JKS is always got good chemistry with his co star that’s why you have KeunShin (kS2H) couple, GeunGeun couple and Yoonsuk couple .

  5. They are beautiful people at a beautiful location for a beautiful company Lotte… Always loved Park ShinHye, a true natural beauty… Aja Aja JiaYou JGS, PSH and Lotte…

  6. Is PSH “The Bride of the century” in Korea? meaning that everyone pairs her with her co-stars.
    I have to say that I dislike “The Heirs”-my love for LMH made me watched it till episode 9 I think-but in SBS awards I saw major attraction between LMH/PSH.
    Do they put anything to their eyes to shine like that night or they were sparkling from mutual attraction?

    • The CF is cute and pretty, it makes me want to watch YAB again.
      I gave up on Heirs after episode 7 and could not go back even though I like both LMH PSH individually- but recently saw some of the BTS and the story is completely different. I wonder what is happening there.

      • yeah i luv psh for all her dramas except heirs.its so crappy but it gave them fame to the extent that lmh now advertises korean chicken and therefore exempted from military.thanks to heirs fans who i think are mostly teenagers for making them successful

  7. Thanks for posting this! They look really nice in the CFs. I wish they would do another drama together. I really like JSG’s hair here! 🙂

  8. thank you for uploading. i like the second, fifth and sixth. I don’t know much about Jeju but it seems like a very nice place to visit. there is some selfie by jks and it looks amazing.

    the first drama i watched starring jks was hong gil dong and he is so handsome in that one. if i have time i searched for his name and the latest i read was his graduation at hanyang. i also listened to some of his radio program where he is in his natural self. gosh, this guy is smart and perhaps a wide reader because he discusses a lot of topics with his fans. and he is very fluent in Japanese. he seems to pick-up things easily.

  9. i always ask myself y do u lyk jgs so much when soo many detest him?the answer is there are always people better than him,worst than him,but nobody like him.

  10. when jks makes mistake and people curse him i comfort him even though i cant see him.i say jks u ar permitted to make mistakes coz mistakes bring u closer to perfection and moreover ur life didnt come with a manual many people here agree?

    • that would be me
      I know hundreds of thousand ( or million ?) eels (his fans) out there share the same sentiment with you.

      This guy is totally made me think deeper of his past and present actions and decisions made. I think I know now the reason why after reading many interviews of him.

      in addition, Once Jang Geun Suk said ” I am not a puppet who does what others tell me to, and walk a path
      that others have prepared for me. I want to create a world that belongs to me.”

  11. not jgs fsn but looking at his body, gaining much more weight that I’ve ever seen before, just like it! chubby jgs <3 😀

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