SBS Drama You’re All Surrounded Releases Colorful and Comedic First Teaser

I got an unexpected and early treat today with the just released first teaser for You’re All Surrounded. It’s the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama following Three Days with Yoochun which wraps up in two weeks. I feel like the late Winter prime time dramas have by and large been such disappointments, nothing so dismal to merit ranting and raving, but nothing lived up to its expectations. That may be a reason why I’ve been rather pleased with the teasers for the upcoming Spring dramas, sitting in a place of lowered expectations suddenly everything appears rosy-tinted. The teaser for You’re All Surrounded is by far my favorite of all the Spring teasers released thus far. Starring Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Oh Yoon Ah, this one looks comedic and fast-paced with an underlying brightness about it. I love the comic-book freeze-frame effect as well as how everyone is thrumming with intensity onscreen.

Cha Seung Won plays the Gangnam police station captain who is dedicated and serious about his job, he’s good at it and he doesn’t take kindly to slackers and incompetents. Too bad he’s saddled with an incoming class of rookie cops that is bound to drive him nuts. Lee Seung Gi playing a slacker who never wanted to be a cop and is good for only making sharp quips and being rather blase about everything while Go Ara is a bright and hardworking girl who has finally achieved her lifelong goal to be a cop. Oh Yoon Ah is a detective as well and heads the missing persons department, she is also Cha Seung Won’s ex-wife and they end up working together in a missing persons case. Fast-rising young actor Ah Jae Hyun, who gained a lot of attention playing Jeon Ji Hyun’s younger brother in You From Another Star, will be playing Lee Seung Gi’s cop buddy and quite hotblooded about his job contrary to Seung Gi’s character.

First teaser for You’re All Surrounded:

[youtube id=”iODNBLrauaU” w=”625″ h=”445″]



SBS Drama You’re All Surrounded Releases Colorful and Comedic First Teaser — 15 Comments

  1. I liked the trailer not only because of its use of comic book, but because of the music, Metallica. I can wait to see this drama, because right now I am watching old dramas until better ones come out 🙁

  2. does any one else think that this sounds like the k-drama version of Brooklyn nine-nine??? Anyways I hooe it’s as good as it sounds…

  3. The incompetent rookies are already cracking me up. I’m glad this seems to be more lighthearted than I originally thought.

  4. finally something to look forward to.

    this looks so fun and super hit written all over it

    puppy tryng to act to cold and cool namja?

    let’s see how that goes

  5. Bring on the romcom!!
    I miss romcoms because all dramas now are either melo or thriller,
    the last romcom that i watch is YFAS

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