Moon Geun Young Resurfaces at Han Gong Ju Movie Premiere After Five Months Dating Silence

I wonder if anytime I mention a favorite actor or actress of mine that has been on the down low for a bit of time then he or she would suddenly reappear like magic. I was chatting with drama dongsaengs last week when talk turned to Moon Geun Young and how she’s been completely and totally MIA since she got back on her high profile month long European vacation with her smexy new boyfriend Kim Bum. A quick refresher on the couple – Moon Geun Young got cast as the lead in the sageuk Goddess of Fire and had zero chemistry with male lead Lee Sang Yoon and bucketfuls of chemistry with second male lead Kim Bum. The drama stunk to high Heaven and the best thing to come out of it was the confirmation that Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum didn’t just spark onscreen in their characters, they did in fact spark offscreen as well and became one of the hottest new K-ent couples after the drama wrapped. They jetted off to Europe and was snapped by other tourists who recognized them before returning to Korean hand-in-hand walking the media gauntlet at the arrivals terminal of the airport.

I still remember Bummie smiling like a cat got cream while poor Geun Young looked alternatively dazed and confused crossed with petrified to have so many reporters swarming their arrival. She then went underground for the last five months with nary a peep out of her, and Bummie also laid low after he did the That Winter, The Wind Blows Japan fanmeeting with Jo In Sung. I cracked a joke that they were clearly still in the honeymoon phase because they recently were spotted at the movie theater holding hands while watching a movie. Moon Geun Young finally surfaced last week at the movie premiere for the movie Han Gong Ju looking fantastic, chic and easygoing with her usual sweet confidence. I’m thinking she’ll be announcing a project soon since she’s taken the first steps back to the limelight. Anything will be a step up from GoF and I’ll be waiting anxiously to find out what movie or drama she picks next.


Moon Geun Young Resurfaces at Han Gong Ju Movie Premiere After Five Months Dating Silence — 33 Comments

  1. Looking forward to her new project. Although I have to admit I was wishing for a Lee Min Ho-Moon Geun Young otp in a drama, but it will be even hilarious now thinking he’ll be romancing onscreen his BFF’s girl in real life.

  2. I’m missing her like crazy so i’m glad to see her back in action. Heard she was offered by TvN to starred in a popular webtoon adaption called Misaeng (supposedly for Oct. airing). I’m praying it’s a good project.

  3. I’m not gonna debate if Moonie is gorgeous or not. But please, don’t mention PSH. At least have the decency of not involve her. You make her fans look bad.
    Let me give you an advice, if you don’t like some public figure, do not waste your time! Ignore the post! Run Away!! Aahhhh! She’s so ugly I don’t even dare to see her!!
    I think Moon Geun Young is gorgeous btw.

  4. I’m so glad to she came back from her honeymoon :p. She’s looking gorgeous with her simple make-up.
    I think she’s seriously thinking to take part in that TvN drama โ€˜Misaeng’. She even had a photoshoot last week for Marie Claire, who knows maybe she even appears in a reality show. I hope she takes the part. The plot sounds so interesting and I’d love to see her again on my screen.

    • I wish she’ll take up Misaeng too. But the broadcasting date is in October. Hope she’ll do some other drama in-between….:)

      • That would be amazing! It’s almost a year since she last accepted GoF. But as long as she comes back this year I’m happy. I’m hoping she accepts the role. She’s never been on a project with TvN cable, and I really like their projects.

  5. Wow, never heard that she started datin Kim Bum, lucky her to be happily in love. Anyway, not to pressure, really, but when will be the next update for LYF? Thank you.

  6. This girl is so incredibly talented but has a terrible eye for projects. All her dramas turn out terrible. Hopefully kim bum can help her pick some decent projects.

  7. Stfu…… MGY is pretty and a million times talented than PSH can ever be . Don’t even get me started on PSH poor talents or looks. Disgusting.

  8. MGY…Long time no see you. I missed you so much. I hope you’ll have good project this year. I love her style here and she so beautiful. You are my favorite Korean Actress and I will wait your next project. Fighting, MGY

  9. I’m a Park Shin-hye fan, and your comment is ugly, lacks class and was totally unnecessary. And jsyk, I think both of them are gorgeous girls, not all PSH fans feel the need to drag other actresses’ looks.

  10. Koala, pls talk about Yoon Eun Hye so that she will appear to the surface. She’s been hiding for quite sometimes. hehe
    Anyway MGY is looking lovely here. But she is looking skinnier than the airport picture with Kim Bum.

    • I agree Jill I’m waiting for Yoon Eun Hye’s news and projects.I really miss her so much!!I hope koala will write article about YEH’s escapades and new project! Have great day/evening to everyone!!!

    • Just because she is 2 years older than him , you do not like her ?? In what world do you live ??? It’s finished times of “yeye” , the world and people’s mentality has changed So have an open mind and everyone here know that Kim Bum did everything to dating MGY !!!
      For haters who come here MGY’s should really interest you so that you waste your time to review “CREEPY SMILE”

  11. I think you are the pathetic one because of three reasons:

    1.) You commented and replied just so you can get a rise out of the PSH’s fans. Very mature.

    2.) In connection to number one, you seem to have a lot of time. Why don’t you help someone or do something more productive than prod at others?

    3.) Your statements made it seem like it is wrong to admire “stars” because it makes one “lame”. Who are you to say that these stars did not have an impact on their fans’ lives? Do you know their stories? Their life experiences? Are you that omnipresent and all-knowing?

    Look, I’m not butthurt or anything. However, the meanness of your comments stroke my ire. If you have nothing good/critical/enriching to write that adds to the discussion, keep your hands off the keyboard.

  12. How is that chic ! She looks like she got out of a freaking dumpster !! I hate this lazy style on her ! But j lovr her and bummie of course

  13. I wasn’t going to comment but what in the world happened here with the posters?

    That’s not like the normal Koala followers.

  14. Nice to see her out and about again ^^
    Even though I’m not very familiar with her work, I find myself rooting for her.

    P.S.: Koala, did you write this article on your ipad/cell phone? There are some grammatical mistakes and missing punctuation marks which confused me….

  15. She’s a talented actress and I hope she starts soon in a better drama this time around. But I do have problems to call her beautiful. Luckily, tastes differ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Btw,I don’t understand the fuss around her & bummi dating. Let them live in peace

  16. Thank you for your post Koala! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so happy to see MGF attending events again that must mean she plans to take on a new project soon *fingers crossed*

    She looks so beautiful in these pictures.

    I look forward to more news of Moonie and her BF Bummie of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I’m so happy to see her back and looking healthy too. ^_^

    Can’t wait for her Marie Claire feature and hopefully a new drama soon! ^^

  18. Glad to see her resurface and news that they are still together. Yes, zero chemistry with LSY and it is bad when the stand out is the second lead female. And this is coming from someone with serious love for MGY!! Can’t wait for her next project!!

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