Cha Seung Won and Ahn Jae Hyun Add to the Eye Candy in You’re All Surrounded

Hhhhhmmmm, Cha Seung Won in a perfectly tailored classic tux. Delicious and nutritious for my eyes. The first official character stills are out for Cha Seung Won’s character in the upcoming cop drama You’re All Surrounded. While I will never say no to Cha Seung Won all cleaned up in a tux, because very few Korean actors have his perfectly proportioned male model’s lithe frame to rock that formal wear, the first thought that popped into mind when I saw these tux-plus-gun stills was “OMG, was there was time jump backwards and I’ve some how gone back to the days of the nightmare that was Athena: Goddess of War?” Those of you watching K-dramas back then will remember that mega followup to IRIS and in the drama Cha Seung Won played a gun wielding antagonist to Jung Woo Sung‘s gun wielding protagonist. The drama ended up being so godawful I’ve scrubbed it from my brain but for some random images of hot guys with guns I’ve discreetly retained. But from the first preview of this drama it’s clear the story is comedic and his police captain is going to have his hands full wrangling a team of rookies with conflicting personalities and policing tactics. Another one of the youngsters under his watchful eye is the rookie cop played by Ahn Jae Hyun. It’s strange thinking that he’s the same age as Lee Seung Gi since Ahn Jae Hyun looks so young plus he’s such a newbie in the K-acting world having first been a model. His turn as Jeon Ji Hyun‘s dongsaeng was one of the highlights of You From Another Star so it’s no surprise SBS picked him right back up for You’re All Surrounded. I definitely took note of his talent and potential and YFAS and can’t wait to see him improve in the ensemble cast of YAS.


Cha Seung Won and Ahn Jae Hyun Add to the Eye Candy in You’re All Surrounded — 21 Comments

  1. Gosh! CSW can slay other pretty boys and men too!! So looking forward to this. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    For once I don’t want any romance but the bromance!!

    • AMEN TO THAT. Plus he’s wearing socks. A man who dresses that dapper in dramas and real life knows the cardinal rule – socks with formal shoes.

  2. Wow – two articles about YAAS and not even a single mention of the female lead, except by me in the comments! Not EVERYONE is watching this for the guys, doncha know?

    • It is how they release the stills – it’s all teasing. Maybe they are saving the best for last? As hot as CSW and LSG are, Go Ara is the IT girl right now. People, even woman, want to see her badly, too.

      • No, not really. They already released a few stills of and video interview of her with little fanfare. They are using LSG and CSW to promote the drama since they are the most well known.

      • I agree with Melissa, the prom is all about LSG and CSW because the vast, overwhelming majority of the audience is into them. That’s perfectly understandable, and not likely to change. I really like LSG, and think CSW is a fine looking man when he doesn’t have what seems to be a nasty fungal infection growing under his nose, but I’d still love to see more of the gorgeous Go Ara. Especially since she showed in AM1994 that her acting’s improved too.

  3. The man knows how to work it to the max. Not only he is handsome and sexy but I think he is a very good actor too (especially in comedy).

  4. Wow, CSW looks so sexy and hot. How can a man in mid-40 be that sexy?
    Ahn Jae Hyun looks like flower boy cop, if there’s such a thing.
    @Stuart I know, I also want to see Go Ara, but guys will be center attention in this drama.

    • Only by 8 months according to Drama Wiki, and only in a country like Korea, whose hierarchy is obsessed with age would such an irrelevant gap mean anything.

      • You’re right with their obsession for hierarchical status. But isn’t it basically defined by age, gender (martial status) and professional achievement? As far as I know, at new years eve everybody of the same birth year gets a year older together, regardless of their actual birthday that year. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. So, I guess the point is not their little age gap, but professional achievement. In this regard AJH seems to have a promising future, but yet he’s ages apart from KSH

      • Please, forget what I said. I missed the point. You all were talking about how they look young, right? Sorry, my bad…

      • You still make a good point eJc. In the professional acting business it’s more focused on the hoobae-sunbae relationship. How many years someone has spent in the business. Unless they’re decades apart in age, in terms of showing respect, it’s always supposed to be to the sunbaes. Offscreen, how they refer to each other may be different depending on how close their relationship is.

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