Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Act Out a Melo-romance for Bean Pole CF

Long time CF collaborators and former Dream High co-stars Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy continue with their coupling up for sportswear brand Bean Pole and the latest CF stills and video leave me rather befuddled. I love them together and have enjoyed all their previous Bean Pole collaborations which have been fun and flirty and great location porn as the brand sent these two to far flung picturesque places like New Zealand, Thailand, and the Swiss Alps. Maybe they ran out of money by overspending in the past because this set for filmed against in an indoor set with glaringly dull fake rock outcroppings as the backdrop. Huh? Maybe with Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy being so insanely popular with their most recent dramas (him with You From the Stars, her with Gu Family Book), Bean Pole figured why bother with nice backdrops and just sell the heck out of these two. The video CF, on the other hand, is all sorts of hilarious but in unintentional ways. Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy are rocking windbreakers while acting out some lover’s melodramatic break up and getting back together scene. To say it’s overkill and an understatement, but they still look great together and the CF is filmed in the usual wind blown slo-mo ways which makes it less ridiculous and more self-aware of it’s own overwrought presentation. Both of them also seem strangely stiff in their deliveries but it’s not clear if its intentional or bad acting. Either way, I had a good chuckle and enjoyed this plenty.

Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy for Bean Pole 2014:

[youtube id=”gil1bN7Inw0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]



Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Act Out a Melo-romance for Bean Pole CF — 15 Comments

  1. A parody of this ad was also created by the MC’s of Weekly idols, Defcon and Hyung Dong (don’t know if I spell it right).

  2. Well, she’s a horrible actress so this didn’t surprise me at all. I did wonder about Kim Soo Hyun, but perhaps it is catching.

  3. I hope this is intentionally cheesy cause if not i`m side eyeing Kim Soo Hyun so much right now. I mean it`s not like Suzy knows to act anyways but him …..was expecting more.

  4. Suzy keeps getting prettier. I really liked this video and I think she’s getting better at acting, baby steps. She was enjoyable awful in Dream High but the little I saw of Gu Family Book showed some improvement. I’m blind to any faults Oppa may have Lol. That said, I enjoyed this CF very much, made me want to go buy a windbreaker even though I have No use for it.

  5. The acting didn’t seem too bad to me. In fact the acting looked ok. Why do you think their acting is bad in this ad? Or am I so used to the acting I see no difference?

  6. Acting was fine…I just didn’t understand the “plot.” Lol seriously a 2 minute ad? Okay…these types of commercials always confuse me lol. Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun on the other hand are always freaking adorbs.

  7. I didn’t sense an issue with the acting either. Perhaps overthinking it in light of your dissatisfaction with his portrayal of do min joon?

  8. Oh please, this is a cf that a lot of people loved. What’s with writing about something that came out almost two months ago? Shouldn’t u have written something about it then?

  9. I don’t see what’s wrong with their acting. It’s not a drama… it’s a CF. The scenes were cut up and pasted together. How can people even judge whatever many seconds of that as bad acting? Anyways, they were both gorgeous in it.

  10. just thankful that
    these two superstars are still able to continue their collaboration no matter how busy they are.they look good together anyways.MORE POWER to both KSH and BAE SUZY.

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