Second Preview for Dr. Stranger Shows Doomed First Love Torn Apart

All I have to say about the upcoming SBS drama Dr. Stranger is that it feels rather haphazard and whiplashy in terms of the sudden transitions between moods. The second video preview is out and this one features only Lee Jong Seok and Jin Se Yeon. In the drama, Jin Se Yeon plays two characters – the first is Lee Jong Seok’s first love and fiancee (?) Song Jae Hee who is a North Korean raised in China and is an anesthesiologist while the second South Korean Han Seung Hee who is the doppleganger for his first love and is on a secret mission to get close to Lee Jong Seok’s character Dr. Park Hoon. When I watched the second teaser, I felt like the first half was all dreamy first love idyllic times with falling petals and secret embraces and dialogue about two hearts beating as one. Then comes to the abrupt transition to a darkened rainy apartment complex and some desperate kissing in the rain. That doesn’t end well as Park Hoon watches his lady love get dragged off to god knows where but is definitely not a trip to Disneyland.

While I don’t have a problem with K-dramas fixation on dopplegangers and/or long lost twins to explain why two characters look identical (Bride of the Century did it just fine recently), I do think most of the time it ends up being an epic fail. If the first girl dies and he falls for the second one, it becomes forever a question of whether he loved her because she looked just like the dead first girl. If both girls are around and he has feelings for both, then it’s icky because either way he chooses he gets to stare at the same face forever. I wonder if Jin Se Yeon’s character will turn out to be the same girl and we’re getting some weird brain washed spy sequence where his first love is mind zapped and given a different identity to go approach Park Hoon. That might actually interest me more than this set up, though overall this drama is looking less and less “medical” to me. Check out the quite melodramatic preview below as well as a bone I tossed for those waiting for more glimpses of Park Hae Jin in this drama.

Second preview for Dr. Stranger:

[youtube id=”XmjPOR6s46s” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Since this preview doesn’t have any Park Hae Jin in it, below are the two new pictures he posted to his Weibo account this week from the set. You’re welcome.


Second Preview for Dr. Stranger Shows Doomed First Love Torn Apart — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you for the Park Hae Jin pictures! So nice.
    I don’t really know if this drama is worth watching cos the only thing that interests me is PHJ and I don’t want to watch this if his character turns evil…

  2. Ockoala did you know the production of this drama actually the same as Bride of the Century which is Aura Media. I am a bit worry wih the doppleganger stuffs of this drama coz I love BotC so much.

      • yeah. I also don’t know much. but we can check out on DramaWiki. they sure from the same production. furthermore we can check out on @/daehwakoh instagram where he uploaded much of BotC BTS and he’s promoting Doctor Stranger too. but for sure, no any doppelganger drama can BotC yet for me. at least for this year. 😉

    • Well, they already have the rights to the overdramatic music (full orchestra with choir screeching in Latin in the background) so why not use it again?

  3. It definitely looks less medical but I don’t think anyone is complaining about that. I’m very happy actually.
    Need more Park Hae Jin!

  4. I’m going to be watching this drama solely for Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora. Sadly, much as I like Lee Jong Seok, if most of his scenes are with Jin Se Yeon, I’ll be fast forwarding them. (sorry, Jong Seokie.)

    • My sentiments exactly. She’s inoffensive but… blah? Blah. I am awaiting the day Lee Jong Suk gets reunited with Kim Woo Bin 🙂

      • Thumbs up for the JSY comment, I can’t stand her acting….
        LJS looks sooooo weird, too much plastic surgery!

  5. weeeh! thanks for the park hae jin, koala sis!

    uhmm, why does it seems to me like every time i look at PHJ, i get this Won Bin vibes. he looks so adorably handsome!

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