Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bring Back all the 4th Prince-Ruo Xi Feels for Bu Bu Jing Qing

Goodness does the production for Bu Bu Jing Qing really know how to milk the Bu Bu Jing Xin feels. I freaking love this new drama poster! As the long-awaited sorta-sequel gets ready to premiere next Tuesday April 22nd, the promotional materials are starting to snowball and I’m being judicious about what I pluck out lest I get steamrolled by unnecessary side characters and story lines I can care less about in the sequel. I’m front and center for one thing and one thing only – seeing my 4th Prince and his Ruo Xi get their freaking happy ending! Who cares if modern day 4th Prince is a guy named Yin Zheng and may or may not have memories of his past life. At least Ruo Xi does after she comes back to the present time and resumes being Zhang Xiao.

It’s going to be so weird not to call her Ruo Xi, which was an element Tong Hua did so well in the novel which was introduce Zhang Xiao but then have her live as Ruo Xi for 20 years in the Qing dynasty so in effect she had lived her life as Ruo Xi. BBJX the drama already deviated from the novel since in the novel Ruo Xi dies in the Qing dynasty and she doesn’t go back to her modern life, but by adding the segment to the end of the drama the production definitely lined the path for a sequel. I hope the character of Yin Zheng in BBJQ captures everything that makes 4th Prince such a great male lead, he’s actually one of my favorite Tong Hua male leads in all her novels and a big reason I majorly love Xiang Liu in Lost You Forever is because he has such restrained devoted emotions like 4th Prince.

So much has happened since the original BBJX 3 years ago, the biggest news of course being the real life dating relationship between Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. I don’t know if Nicky and Shi Shi fell for each other during BBJX but I would not be surprised if it started there since the love we saw between 4th Prince and Ruo Xi was extraordinarily expressed. Apparently there will be lots of making out in BBJQ. Squeee~


Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bring Back all the 4th Prince-Ruo Xi Feels for Bu Bu Jing Qing — 15 Comments

    • Good idea…really good idea. Just get the tissues and bottles of water ready. Let the family know the deluge of tears is coming.

      Oh, and later on, I get to meet 14 again…sigh…I wish he were in the sequel, too.

      • For my sweetie jomo,

        Your bb-boy at the HK Film Awards this week. A lot of red and not a lot of hair.

        I’m going to miss all the missing Princes – suave 8, snakey 9, soulmates 13, earnest 14.

      • Oh, my poor eyes are confused.
        Love the man, like really, but there is a 14 year old boy in my house that has the same outfit.

        I can’t even think about 13 and his woman. It hurts too much. there, now I’ve done it. 🙁

  1. Stop the BBJX feels!!

    I can’t get through the opening credits without a tear and emense depression.

    I can’t even rewatch it, even though its one on top 10 drama list. It resonated with me that much.

  2. I’m excited and afraid at the same time… so afraid that I will be disappointed with the sequel.. Pleaseeee let it be good!!

    P/S I love Xiang Liu and 4th Prince too.. but I think 4th Prince is the combination of XL + ZX.. 4th Prince has the ambition for power just like ZX.. except that he do not use RuoXi (if I recalled correctly)

  3. Ah! It’s finally here! I won’t even care whether the story will be suck or not, lol, as long as I get to see 4th & RX get their happy ending. Time for a re-watch it is.

  4. I love the poster too! It’s my favourite out of all those released for the drama! There’s Ruoxi, bringing memories of their past lives as she time travels back into the modern world, and opposite her is Yin Zheng, without any memories of their past lives as he gets reincarnated into the modern world. The contrast! I hope Ruoxi doesn’t lose her memories…

  5. Nyaaaaa, the feels! It’s too much. And that pic with them kissing about killed me. One kiss (an unwilling one at that) in BBJX, too many kisses in BBJQ? I’m very okay with that. Will you be recapping Ms. Koala? 🙂
    (I’m still missing 13th and 14th Princes. I mean, sure 10th and more importantly 4th but right now, I’d kill to see a cameo from even 8th)

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