Written and Video Preview for Episode 22 of In A Good Way

I can sense interest in waning for In a Good Way, which is a shame since this drama remains as good as it’s ever been, and also because I know how rare of a beast it is. Just looking at the latest SETTV Sunday night drama Fall in Love with You is a startling reminder slap in the face to treasure IAGW. That drama is like a moron frankensteined combination of parts of other idol dramas and then handed to two actors who can’t act and have no chemistry. Contrast that to an ensemble cast of IAGW that has shined in both romantic, friendship, and familial chemistry, plus a genuinely interesting and meaningful story, how can I just let IAWG disappear into the night towards the end of its run? This drama really is headed towards its ending as all the main cast members have posted FB updates about receiving the script for the last episode, plus Jay Shih also posted an update that filming has already wrapped on the college campus where they film all the Cheng Dong University outdoor scenes.

Jay lamented how six months seemed to have flown by, and I feel the same looking back at where the days went. At least with IAWG I feel a sense of dramatic satisfaction, that my drama watching days were spent with this amazing TW-drama that finally captured some of the spirit, flavor, and unique storytelling essence of some of the great TW-dramas of years past. It has been a pleasure to watch and I’m not getting off this ride so close to the end and I hope everyone stays with me through the final stretch. Episode 22 promises a trip down memory lane for Liu Chuan as he follows the clues left in the address book that he found as part of his grandfather’s “treasure” for him. All signs point to its connection with the Taiping steamer sinking of 1949, which leaves the more important question of what Liu Chuan’s grandfather wants Liu Chuan to do about it? Anything is fine as long as it doesn’t entail a separation between my OTP. Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee revealed that their onscreen interactions were decreased in recent episodes due to his back injury problem but it’ll come back in a big way in the coming episodes to make up for it. Oh hells yeah!

Written preview for episode 22:

Love needs to be proactive, to find happiness every person staring taking action. Even the god of love starts beckoning – come, come, come, you come here! Tracy’s lucky bracelet has loosened but she feels her wish is so far so far away. But right now “true love” is close to her and is waiting for her to open her heart to receive it…..

The diary cow with no artistic ability buries his head in drawing and even eats someone else’s favorite snack! Will the diary cow’s sincere heart touch OMEGA girl? The memory road has opened up and Liu Chuan heads toward his past. He finally sees what his grandfather left him and the pain of history is driving Liu Chuan and Jia En forward, heading towards an unknown future. Is it freedom? Or is it………

New preview for episode 22:

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 22 of In A Good Way — 20 Comments

  1. I’m still here with ya, Ms. Koala! I love, love, love this show to pieces and with the promise of more LC-JE screen time, all I can say is oh hells yeah!!! I’m getting a bit tired of the shilly shallying between the second leads and it’s rather refreshing to have such an understanding and loving pair of OTP for our main leads. Can’t wait till Friday!

  2. My interest in this drama could never quelled! I just don’t do previews and spoilers so at times I feel awkward commenting without actually “reading” the entire post. (Seems rude somehow.) But I can agree that this drama will make my “Good to the Last Drop” List and Sunday nights “Fall in Love With Me” actually surpasses my initial thoughts of its horribleness.
    Can’t believe we’re ending this journey soon… Boy am I going to miss these kids!

  3. 6 moa?
    It has been a wonderful journey. I feel like they are all my best friends. I hope we get to see them again in something intelligent.

    The bar may have been set too high with IaGW.

  4. Still here too, Koala. Definitely not waning at all, I’m just more of the silent reader, silent viewer type, still loving IAGW, it’s just too good to make me lose interest. I’m gonna miss this precious goodie.

  5. I’m still here too! Fridays are my favorite, not only because it signifies the end of work week for me, but also it’s time for another episode of IAGW! I’m so obsessed with this show that I’ve been checking websites for updates every single day. It’s a keeper and gem for sure!!

  6. Hi Ms Koala, I’m still on this amazing journey with you, though I don’t comment. I’m not sure what to do on Fridays when it ends.

    The whole cast’s friendship is just so nice to watch I’ll miss that the most.

  7. Still here and still loving all of your IAGW recaps! So glad to see it hasn’t gone downwards (like most dramas do at around episode 20).

    P.S. – Is anyone else getting tired of the constant use of the Star of David in such a culturally appropriative way? It’s become trendy in many Asian countries lately, it seems.

  8. I am still here, too. My love for this show is still there. I think it has matured though the way that real love does. I still get the adrenaline rush, but I also get the comfort. I am going to miss them all like they are my own college friends. I hope someone in dramaland looks at how this show was so successful and reealize that they can create real stories with regular people without crazy hooks (and no screechy second leads), and we will still watch. I will also miss reading the recaps and previews and the comments.

    Look at us all. We are already feeling nostalgic!

  9. Fridays will be sad now ‘cuz no more In a Good Way soon, no more Bride of the Century, and no more Emergency Couple… :((

  10. Still with you. Still loving every minute of this show. Looking forward to marathoning the whole thing again after it is over. Thank you for sticking with it.

  11. Definitely still here! I am a silent reader here but love the recaps and preview and your thoughtful dissection of each episode. Such a satisfying, intelligent writing and down to earth bunch of people growing up “normally” with minimal dramatic antics enough to make it entertaining. I am still waiting for Jomo’s promise in writing about Jia En! So finally, I have to go out of my hiding and declare my devotion to IAGW! Thanks for your hard work.

  12. Not me either. I wouldn’t lose interest on this show even if it falls off the railing (which I think is impossible with last 2 episodes left), I’ve invested too much emotions already! I’ll need to see this through the end! Besides having an interesting story, perfect OTP, awesome second female lead, great supporting characters, wonderful OST and entertaining bts…what more can anyone ask for??? Oh I can think of one….another kissing scene for our OTP but this time on a more passionate level pls?! Lol

    Thanks Koala for introducing this gem to me and continuing to provide recaps. This is definitely one show for keeps. I’ll definitely re-read your recaps once the show ends just to reminisce the enjoyable feelings this show has evoked in me everytime I watch it. 🙂

  13. Where are the fan MVs of this show? If I knew how to do one, I would do it (and spend so much time that i would probably get fired because there are SO many good bits). I don’t even know how to do screenshots, so . . . Any of you talented IAGW fans out there? We are going to need little chunks to console ourselves when it’s all over. And if anyone has found fanvids, please share. Thanks in advance.

  14. how many episodes are left now ive been putting off watching this but isn’t there only like 1 or 2 left now maybe I should finally watch this ….

    I am watching fall in love with me and I have to say I agree about the acting from the female lead she is such a bad actress its hard to even watch (I don’t think she has improved at all from office girls where she had 1 facial expression be it mad sad or evil, I really love aaron but I don’t know if I can continue that show.

  15. Thanks, Captain Koala, for bringing this rare blue diamond to our attention. We can tell that the cast will most likely be lifelong friends as a result of this drama, of course we are hoping like mad at least 2 couples will emerge 🙂
    Emerging just to say we are your avid fans and seeing out the last of our IAGW episodes…..some female casts already commented that they are getting ready to cry their eyes out after the last episode :-/

  16. I still watch it for Rongyi but not really feeling the side coupl stories. I want more Rongyi instead. It does feel draggy sometimes with the treasure hunt stuff.

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