Lego Lee Gets a Jump Start on Summer for Cool Magazine April Edition

There is the saying that a great opportunity occurs by happenstance and can’t be sought out. It means if one tries to force things it won’t happen, and oftentimes the best things come when one least expects it. In the acting world, actors have been known to apply the saying to perfect roles can only be lucked into. We’ve all encountered movies and dramas and characters that sound good on paper during the promotional period only to watch the end result and walk away disappointed. That’s what makes Lego Lee‘s character and performance in the currently airing but soon to end TW-drama In a Good Way that much more special. I can count on one hand well-written characters in TW-dramas and even less is that being paired with a great performance. For example, I think the character of Ren Guang Xi is very indelibly written but in the hands of a very limited actor like Vanness Wu at most he’s just serviceable. Contrast that with the character of Ji Cun Xi in Fated to Love You where the character is wafer thin but Ethan Ruan‘s amazing acting elevates him.

I think Lego as Liu Chuan (aka Liu Shan Feng) is absolutely perfect, he makes an already interesting and multifaceted character shine even more, and the fact that he’s simultaneously handsome or cute playing the role leaves me swooning and cooing all the time when I watch him in the drama. As the drama ends in the next few weeks, I’m actually hoping there will be a time jump so we can see what adult Liu Chuan is like and give Lego a chance to switch styles in the drama. This boy has always had the “it” factor and Liu Chuan simply places it on the best platform for the world to see. I reckon he’s going to take time off once IAGW wraps to take care of his health since he exacerbated an existing lower back injury last minute during filming. That means I need to savor all the Lego goodies since it’s not clear when his next drama or movie will come around and he’s back in the public limelight. Below is his photoshoot for Cool Magazine April edition which got a jump start on Summer for us all. I’ll go to the beach (and anywhere in the world) with this delectable boy.

Lego Lee for Cool Magazine April edition:

[youtube id=”l8UsKLWlddI” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Lego Lee Gets a Jump Start on Summer for Cool Magazine April Edition — 10 Comments

  1. When u mentioned Ethan, I suddenly had an epiphany. OMG! He’s perfect as QiYou if Once Promised is ever made into a drama!!!!!

  2. This guy is incredibly talented. His looks alone would make me stop and watch the screen but when he adds that piercing stare and deep voice, I’m a goner! His acting and character is really the biggest driving force of IAGW. Shame that he had a relapse with his back injury which really hindered some of his actions in this drama. I really hope he’ll get well soon and continue to spark the TWent industry. They really need more great young actors like him that has the complete package.

  3. I thought that lego is in japan now? At least from his instagram pictures it seems like he is in the land of the rising sun (:

    • Yes Lego is currently now enjoying a nice vacay in Japan!! I hope he gets lots of rest and to Vicky below, yes, the IAGW movie will start filming sometime in August according to Jacky in an interview earlier this week 🙂

      Love lego in this photoshoot!!

  4. Oooh! Thanks for more Lego.

    The thing is with him, the looks are enhanced by how cool he is.
    Isn’t he just the coolest, like, EVER?

  5. Yey, a post about Lego! I really admire his subtle acting in IaGW. And his boy next door looks of course. While I’m super sad that the show is about to end, I’m also excited to see what this boy would do next. I hope Koala would continue keeping us updated. 😉 Xie xie ni!

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