North Cape to Release True Love Themed CFs Featuring Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook

With the spate of K-drama endings and upcoming drama promotions, I dang almost forgot that Empress Ki is ending next week. This long running sageuk was one I followed from the first episode and proceeded to go on on a wacky and wild roller coaster as the plot dipped and soared through the craziest of narrative twists. Sometimes it worked but mostly it didn’t. Ha Ji Won‘s love triangle with Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Wook fell flatter than a steamrolled pancake, the exact opposite of how she usually lucks out on great love triangles with her drama male leads. Seung Nyang with Wang Yoo was snuffed out before it could catch fire and Seung Nyang with Ta Hwan was dysfunctional with a side of apathy. It was hard to care about the former since it barely existed while the latter was impossible to stomach since it was one-sided.

While I’ve long since given up seeing the drama tap into the great chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo, she also had great chemistry with Ji Chang Wook and for fans of that pairing there is a nice treat coming courtesy of sportswear brand North Cape. Ha Ji Won has repped the brand for many years but this year Ji Chang Wook was paired up with her in a very winning ad campaign. I like how both of them model the outdoor wear and make it seem more attractive then it really is. North Cape is releasing a series of CFs called “North Cape True Love” featuring these two lovely modelsΒ and the first one will drop on April 28th as Empress Ki airs its last episode. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, now even if Ta Hwan or Seung Nyang dies in the drama, fans of that couple can go watch these CFs and imagine those two zapped to the modern times and got their happy ending. Win and win.


North Cape to Release True Love Themed CFs Featuring Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook — 21 Comments

  1. Ugh, Empress Ki, such a waste of potential.

    I had been on the SN-TH ship for ages and was really happy when the narrative was progressing well and their relationship finally seemed to go somewhere. Then episode 40 came around and madness descended on the plot….

    SN and WY have been apart since episode 4 and although they had great chemistry, it’s like a distant memory.

    I am now on the TalNyang ship and hope they run away and live happily ever after, away from all the intrigue of the court.

  2. I don’t like the clothes but yes they look good in them. This drama is really good for JCW’s career and I hope he gets more leading roles because he is a fantastic actor with wide range.

  3. forget about the story, just the acting alone is enough to keep me watching the drama till the end. I will skip the writers’ future works.

    The best thing about Empress Ki is that it makes me understand the awesomeness of Ha Ji Won that most people have been saying. She is such a versatile actress with various convincing expressions, and most importantly, she has chemistry with almost everyone, male and female costars. I actually enjoy her scenes more with the supporting characters like Dangkise and Tal Tal.

    And i love this Northcape ad poster. πŸ™‚

  4. Because of EMPRESS KI, both have delivered a two thumbs up for acting, they’re so good that people love seeing them most often, count me too. So perfectly match! good looks, good body & most of all truly adorable!

  5. I personally did not really ship any of the love triangle pairings, simply, because WY was ruled out right from the start and SN relationship with TH is caring, but feels more like a mother carefully and lovingly guiding her child most of the times.
    I actually ‘shipped’ SN and Tal Tal pretty much from the start, because of their similar set of minds, them being equals in terms of cunning and ability to plot,… + The scenes they had together always seemed to burst with chemistry and spark. Even though, Ha Ji Won has been able to have chemistry with pretty much all the other characters.

  6. I’m so happy with this collaboration. Hope we see more of them. TH character is so childish and one track minded yet JCW make it bearable. It’s a proof of JCW acting ability.

    • Agree! I really wanted to ship them two, but the way TH is written doesn’t make that possible. Although I feel that Nyang sort of cares for him based on the last ep where she was praying for him.

  7. EK used to be my happy space to unwind, but after Nyang and TH hooked up together somewhere 20 eps ago, it became depressing to watch. Maybe I’ll binge watch it sometime later.

  8. i am very happy with the story it makes me excite in every episodes and the actress Ha Ji-Won (sunyang) shes really a great actress the facial expressions in the story really works πŸ™‚ then Ji chang-wook (emperor) his acting is awesome he really feel his character and it is not over reacting so its a 2 thumbs up! for them… tal tal also shows a great acting elegant and educated one!!!! bravo!!!!

    philippines πŸ™‚

  9. i want have drama like CF because EK make more fan disappoint because TW die of the end this love it not full and make more person cry and sad .. if make CF become drama i think it make fan of Ek happy to get and happy although EK the end but feeling can not good not sad

  10. I’ve never been so in love with any other drama but this one. I was so begging that Ha Ji-Won would’ve stayed with ji chang-wook. I watched the video by north cape reincarnation With sunyang and the Yuan…I’m was looking forward to that. I really hope they make a continuation.?

  11. I just finished the whole 51 episodes of Empress Ki and I have never cried as much as I cried for this series. The ending is so emotionally draining. Then I realized, almost all of the major characters died. (Even Kolta was killed -he seemed to really care for the emperor but tried to kill him because of greed for gold, whaaat?) This series reminded me of how far people can go because of greed, jealousy, and pride. It is saddening because in real life, this thing do happen (most specially in politics).

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