Dr. Stranger Holds Somber Press Conference and Releases Interesting 12-min Long Preview

Okay, I’m totally ready for my allergy to Lee Jong Seok to get cured. Not sure it will, but if it happens after I watch Dr. Stranger then so be it. I still think he looks weird but I’m quite liking his character in this drama and a good character plus performance can always win me over. The production of Dr. Stranger went ahead with a very toned down press conference this week and it might have been better just to scrap it. The leads all showed up in black, or dark blue like Jin Se Yeon, and the facial expressions ranged from dour to sedated. Park Hae Jin also wore pants meant for a school boy so apparently the recent uptick in male pant lengths going down was just a blip in K-fashion scene. The ladies were all lovely even in black, especially Kang Sora with her hair pulled back and a little black dress that was fashionably chic.

SBS released a long 12-minute preview at the press conference and I’m going to confess to quite enjoying it. I didn’t fast forward anything and found myself wanting to see more after it ended. Lee Jong Seok’s character appears to go through various incarnations from North Korean rebellious schoolboy to dutiful doctor with a beloved he’s trying to protect to a refugee in South Korea trying to scrape by in random jobs. I felt the chemistry between him and Jin Se Yeon playing his first love and I sure hope she’s not dead and turns out to be the South Korean doppleganger since I like their cute love story so much. Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora didn’t get as much screen time in the long trailer but I also like the bits of chemistry I saw between them as well as their more serious characters. This one looks promising for me but the ratings game is a question mark as Triangle also premieres next week plus Big Man is hitting its second week and might have an uptick.

12-minute long preview for Dr. Stranger:



Dr. Stranger Holds Somber Press Conference and Releases Interesting 12-min Long Preview — 28 Comments

  1. are they attending funeral? and those two men are holding hands!!!!…fufufu…..its unintentionally very funny hahaha.

  2. I think the somber mood is due to the ferry accident a few weeks back. Note the yellow ribbon. It has evolved as a sign of national grief.

  3. …is that Zhang Liang (chinese model/dad from the Chinese Dad, Where Are You Going)?? Are my eyes deceiving me 😛

      • That is super cool… All the fathers were awesome on the show but he definitely topped the list for me 🙂

  4. Seeing the two leads together, they look like living dolls. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I might check it out but I hope there is not too much hospital politics.

  5. Not saying they aren’t mourning, but everyone looks so awkward and stiff. Though it can’t be easy to go out in public during this time. The country is moving forward, but you want to be respectful as well. The trailer does look pretty interesting. I see this leading on M/T.

  6. Thank you for this trailer. Now I know where El Temur(of “Empress Ki”) went, the actor is. 🙂 The trailer appears it has an interesting story enough I might check this drama. Plus I want to see Park Hae Jin in action again. Love his acting in East of Eden. Plus I want to see Jin Se Yeon’s character to stay alive at end of this drama. One last plus, it appears the talented child actress in “The Woman who Married Three Times” is in this too. Seul-Gi-ya! 🙂

  7. The supporting cast of this drama is like a City Hunter reunion lol. Anyways looks interesting, will be checking it out!

  8. why does JSY keep getting lead role? her acting suck. all she does is look pretty. bet she must sleep with PD or have someone help her get the lead role cuz it sure not her acting that get her lead role.

    • I do hope that you realize how trashy your comment is. If you don’t like an actor’s acting then skip the drama. Just how low can you go and for what?

      • I don’t agree with the ‘sleeping with the PD’ part, that was un-classy but it’s certainly not her talent that gets her roles, and some of us actually like the PD’s and other actor’s previous work so have to put up with her on the way.

    • That was really not a nice thing to say. I actually think her acting is as bad as most actors and from the preview it looks like she has gotten better ( a littel bit). She is young and have time to improve.

    • you must be someone who is being tossed and step on base on how dirty your comments is..it screams from your username…let me brief you during her MDTF they want someone new/fresh actress.BM it was joo won who choose her..FF she replace eunjung..IG she replace kim so eun..DS she replace park min young..the rest of your claimed is not important..but i want to know how your trashy mind think about her kissing scene.or i suggest watch the bts of her kissing scenes…she doesnt even know how to kiss..

  9. lol @ockoala, I think LJS looks weird too… but I gotta admit that he’s got acting chops.I was moved by his performance in The Face Reader (2013), and I also liked him in Hot-Blooded Youth (2014). Do check them out if you haven’t already. They cured my allergy to him 😉

  10. @myairlady. how isnt trashy? i just guess how she keep getting lead role. when her acting sux so bad.or do u think she get all these lead role cuz of her acting?

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