You’re All Surrounded Holds Press Conference and Releases Fantastic 7-min Long Preview

I distinctly remember wishing that the cast attending drama press conferences would wear the simple uniform of well-tailored conservative suits and classy ladylike dresses. That was during a period when each successive drama press conference delivered increasingly amount of WTF eyesore fashion assassination. It’s a little sobering to see the last three drama press conferences this week for Dr. Stranger, A New Leaf, and now You’re All Surrounded actually making my wish come true but due to such sad circumstances as a national mourning period for the recent ferry tragedy. I suppose it wouldn’t look as somber like they were all attending a wake if a smile was cracked here and there. You’re All Surrounded is getting a head start by holding the press conference with a week left to its premiere next Wednesday. It also dropped a hilarious and entertaining long 7-minute preview which all but guarantees I’m watching this drama no matter what.

The cast of Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, Oh Yoon Ah, Song Ji Roo and Park Jung Min made their obligatory presence at the press conference to discuss their hopes for the drama’s success as well as the great experience thus far of working together. I totally believe the chemistry is rocking on that set because the long preview had bits of delight for everyone – bromance, bickering romance, chases and spills, and a general high energy that makes for a potential fun ride. Seung Gi seems like such a little boy next to hyung Cha Seung Won in the press conference, but from the preview his character gives off a serious hard-ass vibe that I’m loving since it contrasts with how all his previous characters have started off as a man-child that needs growing up. I’m not feeling Go Ara’s character as much yet since she seems the typical plucky in-your-face heroine who tries hard. Overall I love the rookie foursome together the most watching themย bumble their way to becoming cops.

7-minute preview for You’re All Surrounded:


You’re All Surrounded Holds Press Conference and Releases Fantastic 7-min Long Preview — 20 Comments

  1. Good to see that Go Ara is still keeping some of her AM1994 weight. She looks fit and not malnourished like some other Korean actresses. However that outfit is not flattering at all.

  2. Yep, this looks awesome. Gave me a nice feel for all the characters. I was hoping there was more depth than just a bunch of rookie idiot cops. CSW and LSG’s past is going to be make for an awesome reveal. There’s a lot of irony in CSW’s character going on about how much the rookies suck, not knowing he’s dealing with the victim of his ultimate failing.

    Seunggi’s character definitely has a darkness and edge to him. I’m curious about what his agenda is. Finding his mom’s killer is one thing, but seems he might have some sort of vendetta against the person who didn’t protect them.

    I thought Go Ara’s character was obnoxious as a child lol, though baby Dae Gu was sweet.

  3. That was an amazing preview. It had all the ingredients. Action, funny, romance, and bromance ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait!

    Btw puppy look so good shirtless haha…he’s been working out eh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Me too like the trailer! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Koala for the trailer…It looks fun thought it has a bit of slapstick. It also appears there may be some revenge in the story down the road. I’ll watch first 2 ep at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. that preview blew my mind away. have it on repeat mode!!

    the story is so much better than what was advertized. dea gu joined the same unit with cha seung won is in to find his mom’s killer is brilliant to say the least. the premise of the story has me already hooked.

    the whole cast is relevant and are solid. this is going to be so much fun.

    i love how seung gi overtakes cha seung won only to crash in to a pink motorbike .

    the baby eun da gu is so lovable and eu soo san is also kick ass.

    i also don’t feel much about go ara’s charactor yet , and i’ll wait for the whole first two episode to judge. i think i will love her to peicess.

    the other two rookie cops are funny and the foursome already making my ribs ache with laughter .

    and agree with koala , this is a first where seung gi is not the man child who grows up with the story ( maybe apart from gfb) . and he seems street smart which is neither how real seung gi is or any of his charactor has been.

    and cant stop loving the off screen seung seung bromance.

    lsg and csw love and respect each other so much it’s priceless

  6. I..can’t…wait!!!
    And I see there a chance for seeing Seung Gi in a brilliant role like he was in K2H. Yes! Bring the best out of him, show, please!

  7. This looks good! The early teasers made it look like a total hotchpotch, but the longer preview actually shows off the chemistry between the characters and makes the story look like it hangs together well. (and I think I actually like Go Ara here more than I did in 1994, too – she’s charming but not bland which is the usual love interest actress stereotype)

  8. So Seung-gi is younger than Go Ara in the drama it seems. He called her noona when they were younger. YAS had me with Lee Seung-gi but the 7 min preview looks fantastic. I like the change of pace within the preview where it’s funny but also brewing with interesting conflict. I can see why Seung-gi feels this is a different character. He seems to be really sweet and innocent as a child and grew up to harbour hate against those who wronged his mother. Go Ara, on the other hand, looks like she’ll be the fist rather than brains in this relationship. Which is a change from all of LSG’s previous dramas. Cannot wait!

  9. I have a thing for shows that likes to deliver on all grounds: romance, action, comedy, etc. Because those were the type of shows to make it onto my all-favorite k-dramas.

    This show seems to have that, so i’m watching. As if i wasn’t already game when the cast was announced.

  10. At the beginning, I didn’t want to watch it but after this trailer I’m very excited to watch it and it seems a really good drama it includes every gener I love .l just liked it.

    • Me either, but I vowed to give her a chance, LOL I hated LSG’s last love interest and it totally ruined the drama for me so I MUST KEEP AN OPEN MIND…..

      • Her character just seems kind of boring, but Ara is definitely not Suzy level or anything. You might not warm up to her character, but she won’t ruin anything lol. I still hope Soo Sun is more interesting than she appears now. But their banter and even fighting already shows decent amounts of chemistry to me.

  11. Ara can act so i think her char will be ok. unlike suzy who still look so stiff when acting. just wonder how she even win a award for her acting.

  12. Seung Gi oppa looks terrific specialy shirtless, I used to define him as cute now he’s cute and HOT!!!
    YAAS looks like the drama of the year!! praying for the ratings to be the hightest. OPPA YAAS fighting.
    I’ve never seen Ara before but I’m definitly loving her, first, she’s beautiful with those gorgeous eyes. Second, her caracter seems so much funny (like taking her shoes for X reason and beating Seung Gi’s caracter with a plastic bag) . Third, she seems strong. And strong women are the best

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