Final Batch of Pretty Lead Stills as Dr. Stranger Gears Up for Premiere on Monday

I thought maybe my inexplicable excitement for Dr. Stranger was the result of my last crack drama ending in Bride of the Century and nothing on my plate currently that captures my full attention. But with so many K-dramas line-up on the starting gate for this week’s premiere central I’m still really looking forward to Dr. Stranger so my anticipation for it is legit due to interest in the story shown in the long preview. Of course the good parts could have all been shown in the long trailer already and the actually drama might end up a dud with the central plot points not making sense. For example, it’s going to have to be compelling for us to understand why Lee Jong Seok‘s character Park Hoon’s dad had to take his son to North Korea with him. Then it has to be believable why his first love played by Jin Se Yeon is forcibly taken away from him, and also a good explanation for how he ends up in South Korea.

From the previews it seems Park Hoon is not a doctor in South Korea right away and does odd jobs to scrape by, only after crossing paths with top surgeons in Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora does he get roped back into his trained profession and ends up working alongside them. It already kinda crazy to think a hospital would easily hire an undocumented guy to be a doctor and treat patients, LOL. I’m going to refrain from jumping the gun on whether the second character Jin Se Yeon plays turns out to be his first love but I sure hope so since I really adore how cute that couple looks. Park Hoon and first love Jae Hee meet as kids in North Korea and their romance blossoms all the way through to adulthood. How can I not root for them? Kang Sora is gorgeous in character but she’s got Park Hae Jin as a fiancee so I hope she makes out with her man candy rather than cast googly-eyes over at Park Hoon. There is enough expert surgeons around for both girls to each get one and sharing is caring. Dr. Stranger drops tomorrow so fingers-crossed this one is a keeper to follow.


Final Batch of Pretty Lead Stills as Dr. Stranger Gears Up for Premiere on Monday — 9 Comments

  1. There’s been a lull in dramas to watch for me – or maybe it’s just been a long wait all week between the end of dramas and getting ready for the new dramas to arrive.

    The only cdramas I’ve checked up on recently are Perfect Couple and BBJQ. Wasn’t a fan of BBJX anyway (please don’t kill me!), and after catching up on one of the latest ep of BBJQ,any interest I had whatsoever was dissolved. Perfect Couple, on the other hand, is a delight to watch, even if the villain is bland, but I like most people in it.

    Doctor stranger is first up on my list of kdramas as to watch, followed by YAAS.

      • Maplestage (which basically uses videos of perfect couple episodes from YouTube). As far as I can tell, there seems to be no English subbed ones yet. It’s quite frustrating, because with korean dramas, new eps are always subbed within the nearest 24 hours, but cdramas take a while longer (if at all). I had this problem with BBJX and Lan Ling Wang, both which I watched without subs. But I’m already Chinese, and although I’ve always lived in the UK so I only deal with basic conversation dialogues in mandarin, I get by watching cdramas by understanding around 60% of it. The other 40%, I either try and put it into context, or skip the scene altogether.金玉良緣+第38集+perfect+couple+ep+38/

  2. I’m still on the fence whether watch this drama or not.
    On an unrelated news, Miss Koala do you hear news abt changing ending in the rebroadcast of Empress Ki? If you hear that news, I wish to read your opinion abt that. Thanks

  3. My current drama-crack is WITCH’S ROMANCE or more accurately DONG-HA:))) Looking forward to You’re All Surrounded…

  4. A New Leaf is my current crack. Kim Myung Min in comedic scenes! Dr Stranger is a look out for. I’ve also dropped BBJQ at epi 5. 🙁

  5. Thanks Captain Koala. Love the pics of LJS in different hairstyles. Can’t help but think that you are teasing us to pick which is the best style. I pick bottom left corner. The one with him suited up.

  6. I’m not liking Park Hae Jin hair style on this drama…not sure if i can bear to watch him in that hair styling this whole drama .. so much gel on the last pic huhu gross.

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