Yoon Eun Hye Designed Bags for Samantha Thavasa Sell Out in Korea

Yoon Eun Hye is a talented entertainer in more ways that her award-winning acting career or her high profile start as the maknae member of idol group Baby V.O.X. She is known for being very creative and her dabbling in fashion design has now officially extended to the handbag arena with the launch earlier this week of a sub-line of purses for the brand Samantha Thavasa. She’s been the face of the brand in Korea for the last two years and it’s nice to see her collaboration with the brand elevate to a design involvement level. The sub-line is called Grace Premium and last month Yoon Eun Hye even attended the opening of the brand store in the Lotte Mall and posed with her line of purses. She’s done an ad campaign that showcases the goods and I must say she continues to steal the pictures and might even make purses look lackluster compared to her earthy striking beauty.

Whether it’s due to the consumers finding her designs attractive or her fans itching to own a piece of Yoon Eun Hye’s design, Samantha Thavasa announced this month that all of the Grace Premium limited edition products have sold out. That’s quite a feat considering it’s not cheap. I guess she does have another career ahead of her if acting doesn’t work out, LOL. I hope she acts forever since I love watching her, but the more she stays away from whatever criteria she’s been using to select dramas the better. She’s had two duds in a row for me in Missing You and Marry Him if You Dare, and even if I loved Lie to Me for reasons unrelated to its quality, it’s still considered a ding in her acting column. Maybe a movie next?


Yoon Eun Hye Designed Bags for Samantha Thavasa Sell Out in Korea — 37 Comments

  1. YEH makes an amazing model, she’s incredibly expressive in photoshoots. (and I really like the bags too except for the croc-looking ones, what’s the price range on these in won?)

  2. Is she… wearing the same style of see-through dress as Lee Da Hae’s in the Hotel King presscon?


    Ack! Is very-see-through lace dress going to be popular soon?

    YEH always looks good though 😀

  3. They’re really pretty bags! I don’t know much about the brand Samantha Thavasa (pretty sure not big in the states) but those crossbody/shoulder bags are gorgeous–I love the simple designs.

  4. happy about the sold-out news. But for the nth time please do not call Missing You a dud and put it on the same level as Marry Him If You Dare. Let us just share it is not to your liking. Your aversion toward it doesn’t make it a failure.

    • Marry Him was a really amazing drama in a lot of ways. It’s really just the ending that was weak. The concept was unique, and there was genuine emotion and beauty in the story. I loved the protective older brother, the ambitious reporter, the future Mirae. There was a lot of beautiful things about the drama, plus I think a lot of people can relate with the subject. How many people wish they could go back to the past and tell their younger selves to not do something, knowing the heartache and grief it would bring later on? This is something that we can all relate with, yet it has never been done like this in a drama before.

  5. Glad to hear that YEH is doing gppd in the design department although I really would love to see her in a drama or movie again.

    This is totally unrelated but I thought I was so over shipping YEH-yoo seung ho then I came across some unseen BTS of missing you on youtube. Fangirling mode back on!

  6. I am sure she is a talented designer but looking at those bags I see any difference with the thousand of other bag designs out there. I guess you really can’t reinvent the wheel.

  7. incredible and this all out, she’s definitely the queen, my only wish is to see her soon in a drama or a movie but it already, really miss her a lot.

  8. @ ockoala
    I might not be as good as our chingu @ hjkomo but is it me or YEH ‘s nose looks different???

  9. tbh, it’s kind of amazing she keeps per popularity while having such crappy dramas for years on end. I guess I should give her props for trying instead of just living off CFs.

    • Goong and Coffee Prince had huge hallyu effect. My Fair Lady also did very good in Latin America. Lie to Me was a big hit in other countries. Her dramas do really well overseas.

      Just like other stars, she can live off hit dramas for a very long time. Like Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo with their drama Winter Sonata. Jun Ji Hyun lived off her mega hit movie My Sassy Girl for a long time as well. Not all her movie ventures did well espescially Blood The Last Vampire.

      YEH’s recent dramas have not been good but people in korea knows that it’s not because of bad acting, they know that it’s because of production problems, writers changing the script during the drama and internal conflicts within production staffs. Those are things beyond her control.

      Having a succesful project is not just about acting it also requires luck and imo her luck just ran out. When it rains it pours that’s life but I think luck will find its way to her again someday.

    • If I am not mistaken, the CF’s are where all the actors make their money, NOT the dramas. If you do the math for how much time they have to put in, and that means grueling all night shoots for weeks and months, compared to however long it takes to do a commercial?

      Wasn’t there a character on a drama who specifically wanted to to a melo in order to get more CFs? It is alluding me now…It’s going to drive me crazy!

      • its true that actors make a lot more money from CFs than drama. however, they are not going to be popular from doing just CFs, so i guess they need to do both. But the A list actors in Korea make a lot of money per episode. Yoon Eun Hye is a little bit different, she doesnt do much CFs but once she does it, her CFs are usually big names and pay her a lot. a few years ago when she was under an agency, she did a lot of CFs each year. she always had at least 10 CFs per year. However, in 2009, she had her own company named The House company where she could choose to do her own work. She never needed to be dependent on anyone. From then on, she only did a few CFs per year. Like i said, she hasnt done much, but once she did, it needs to be big

        not trying to brag about her, but i heard she got paid at least 5 times more than any other A-listers for her cosmetic ad that she is endorsing now…No wonder why she only endorses 2 ads this year

      • I found a 2011 article explaining a bit about CF level. Pretty interesting.

        What do Lee Young-Ae, Song Hye-Kyo, Jun Ji-Hyun, Yoon Eun-Hye, Choi Ji-Woo and Kim Hee-Ae have in common? They are the ‘Special A Level’ actresses who makes your heart flutter with mere mentioning of their name. Another common bond they share is that you can continue to meet them through CF (Commercial Film)s even if it gets difficult to see them in a drama or a movie..

        Although Song Hye-Kyo hasn’t been active with a new project since the drama The World They Live In (2008) and the movie Fetish (2008), she has appeared in 9 televised CFs since 2009..

        As for Yoon Eun-Hye, while she hasn’t had a project since My Fair Lady (2009), she was televised in 7 CFs just in 2010. Jun Ji-Hyun also had 3 televised CFs even when her last film was movie, Blood (2009).

        Choi Ji-Woo hasn’t had a project since the movie Actresses (2009) and Star’s Lover (2009), but she appeared in 5 CFs since 2009..

        The contract/pay for appearing in a CF depends on the advertiser’s preference, consumer’s awareness and interest (of the star), and is divided into ‘Special A Level’, ‘A Level’, ‘B Level’, ‘C Level’ and etc.

        It’s important to understand that the number of advertisement contracts or CFs do not accurately portray a star’s status in Korea, and not all ‘A list’ or ‘Top Stars’ are at an equal level status.

        It doesn’t mean that a big star has lost their popularity if they don’t get much internet news coverage during the quiet period, as the biggest few stars aren’t usually mentioned or searched continuously on net.

        CFs and/or advertisement contracts also differ a lot in guarantee pay, and the specification of the contracts are very different for different level stars/corresponding CFs.

        [Source: Dong-A Daily]

  10. She is undoubtedly the queen of selling out products. Her sales is even more impressive than my other queen.

    The outdoor brand that recently has seen the most effects from star marketing is probably Discovery. With the so-called “Yoon Eun Hye padding,” Discovery became the top beneficiary of star marketing. Following last year’s “Marry Him if You Dare,” Discovery continually sponsored shows like “1 Night, 2 Days” and “Prime Minister and I,” and continued to see a residual ‘Yoon Eun Hye padding effect.’ Discovery sold 5000 of both male and female milford down jackets each, for a total of 10,000 units sold, and an increase in sales of 6,500,000,000 won ($6.1 million). The down jackets sold out completely in two days, and had to be reordered 3 times. Riding on the fame of the milford down jacket, Discovery is working on a new product with less bulk for the 2014 S/S season. http://www.soompi.com/2014/02/15/everyone-wants-to-wear-what-jun-ji-hyun-and-kim-soo-hyun-wear-product-placement-in-dramas

  11. I beg to disagree that YEH’s acting career will not work out, she was just not getting the right project, it’s hard to please the viewers, but I am really hoping she will comeback in small or big screen, pretty soon. I miss her and if she retires from acting, I think Korean drama will never be the same without YEH. her fans abroad will be very sad. She’s not only an entertainer, she is a businesswoman and she is using her spree time to create something that her fans like that is why whatever she creates, they buy it. She has a midas touch, lol, it’s true.

  12. I like the last one best, although I have to say the lure of the expensive designer bag completely baffles me.

    I am sure they are well made from expense raw materials, but so what?

    If I am going to drop a month’s salary on something, I had better not want another one of whatever it is for years. Isn’t the problem that as soon as you own the bag, it is no longer what you want? There will always be a newer, “better” one?

  13. Ah thanks for posting this! I love her and those purses are gorgeous. Serious purse lust going on over here.

  14. At last another article for Yoon Eun Hye I just really miss her so much. I hope YEH will have another drama this year!!! Thank you koala!!!

  15. I totally agree with you. My last show which I completed watching is Lie to me. For the last 2 shows of hers,I dropped half way. I like when she acts in rom com. I think she is suitable for this as she looks rather bubbly 🙂

  16. If you read a Dictionary and look at Yoon Eun Hye’s meaning, you will read beside her name = The Sold Out Queen

  17. I don’t think people buy the bags because it is better than the rest but because they want to be ‘closer’ to YEH. She is a powerful brand.

  18. Yoon Eun Hye is an actress, model, singer, painter,designer and business woman. She is a talent and beautiful woman. It is lucky for any man to marry her.

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