Handsome and Talented Lee Joon Hyuk Quietly Finished Military Service this Past March

With Ji Hyun Woo just released from the army, it triggered a remembrance that another Korean actor I liked went off to the army right before Ji Hyun Woo so where the heck is he now? Lee Joon Hyuk enlisted in June of 2012 and should have been out by now but I didn’t hear a peep from the media. A quick digging confirmed that Lee Joon Hyun has in fact been released from the army in mid-March of 2014 (about a month and a half ago) without any fanfare whatsoever. That probably is the result of him not having a sizzling hot project or performance under his belt right before he enlisted, the way Ji Hyun Woo toddled off to the army after the hit Queen In Hyun’s Man and also getting a high-profile new girlfriend. I’ve liked Lee Joon Hyuk since I first laid eyes on him in City Hall as Cha Seung Won‘s political aide, he was adorable and reminded me of a baby Song Seung Heon.

He was also in A Star’s Lover but I totally don’t remember that. His big leading man break was supposed to come in I Am Legend but who knew second male lead Kim Seung Soo playing a rat bastard ex-husband would steal the show and the chemistry with leading lady Kim Jung Eun. Lee Joon Hyuk remains best known for City Hunter and before he enlisted he played the second male lead antagonist in The Equator Man with Uhm Tae Woong and both men got good reviews and the drama did alright in the ratings. I think he’ll be perfect to ease back into acting by picking edgier cable dramas like Jung Kyung Ho did with Cruel City (Heartless City). Now that he’s back I’ll keep an eye out for his return to entertainment and to remind us all of what a hottie he was even before he enlisted, enjoy the pretty Lee Joon Hyuk spread below.


Handsome and Talented Lee Joon Hyuk Quietly Finished Military Service this Past March — 24 Comments

  1. Was he also in The World that They Live In, playing Song Hye Kyo’s ex? I noticed him then and thought he was a hottie, even when Lee Min Ho was the lead.

  2. Eye candy is back I’d love to see him back on screen 🙂

    Meanwhile any news on the high profile relationship of Jin Hyun Woo So are they still on or has the light bulb blown on that one lol

  3. I’ve seen almost everything LJH has done. One of my favorite things is him performing Gudaega (You) on stage in I Am Legend. Think he was also in First Wives Club, but that’s where I fell in love with Lee Sang Woo.

  4. I was digging him in City Hunter as prosecutor! Yeah there’s another actor beside Lee Min Ho in that show :p

  5. My intro to him was in City Hall. He is SO good looking and I ended up just staring at his face in every scene he was in. I didn’t know he was in the military! Welcome back handsome!

    PLEASE PAIR HIM WITH CUTE ACTRESS, no sister-brother, no auntie relationship.

  7. I think he did a C or T-drama with Janine Chang about a twin with illness. something fairytale. Not bad the storyline

  8. Thanks for this news. I’ve been reading comments by Netizen’s asking where he was as he seemed to have disappeared through the grid. It’s nice to know he’s left the army and is doing OK.

  9. I think it’s also because his name was mentioned in the celebrity army scandal so it was probably better for him to lay low

  10. I really like his performance in “The Equator Man”. Hope he gets a project soon. Would love to see him again.

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