Moon Geun Young in Marie Claire and Courted to Play Yoo Ah In’s Wife in Sageuk Movie Sah Do

I love Moon Geun Young even when she’s plowing through acting dreck like Goddess of Fire. She has this earnestness in acting that makes her performances easy to watch even if it doesn’t always click all the way. Her sincerity also makes her a great actress to follow because I get the sense she acts because she likes it as a career and respects the profession. It’s a day job and she does it so well, what’s not the love? After her five month hiatus from the spotlight post the big news that she was dating her GoF co-star Kim Bum, she’s gradually eased back first by appearing at the Han Gong Ju movie premiere to support a same-agency hoobae and now she graces the pages of Marie Claire Korea in a photo spread that highlights her mature chic side. In transitioning to an adult actress its been hit-and-miss depending on her character hair and costuming, sometimes she looks like a kid and other times she’s all woman. My favorite look on her remains her Cinderella Unni style with a dash of dark edginess. This Marie Claire spread is moody and languid and totally lovely. News broke today that Moon Geun Young has been offered the female lead in the upcoming sageuk movie Sah Do opposite male leads Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho. She’ll be the wife of Joseon Prince Sado played by Yoo Ah In while Song Kang Ho is bound to be frightening as Prince Sado’s father King Young Jo. Moon Geun Young’s agency confirmed she received the script and is looking at it favorably, and even if she accepts it likely won’t influence whether she might also accept the lead in tvN‘s upcoming October drama Misaeng which is also courting her. Yay for a potential two project output this year from her!

Moon Geun Young Marie Claire Photoshoot BTS:


Moon Geun Young in Marie Claire and Courted to Play Yoo Ah In’s Wife in Sageuk Movie Sah Do — 26 Comments

  1. Yessss I so want her to take this project, I need to see her in a good sageuk to wipe out the memory of the little of GoF that is left in my brain.

    Also, that photoshoot is GORGEOUS, this is her best look ever imo. Who knew the Nation’s Little Sister could smolder so sexily?

  2. Wait, I thought Yoo Ah In had to go in the Army this summer. I don’t see how he can get another movie in before then.

  3. OMG! She’s looking so gorgeous, mature and chic!! I hope she accepts both offers. And I hope Yoo Ah In accepts the role of Pronce Sado. I read a bit about him, and from what I read he was mentally ill acussed for being a rapist and a murderer. Also he didn’t had a good relationship with his wife so I assume no love-lines. His story is pretty dark, but is really interesting. I have great hopes in this, since the Director is the one who made “The King and the Clown”.
    Misaeng also sounds interesting. MGY rocks with mature roles. So there are two potential amazing roles.

      • Oh yes! Prince Sado loved his son Jeongjo very much. It was his pride. Even the King (Sado’s father) liked him.
        I really don’t know if he was nice with Lady Hyegyeong, his wife but he cheated her a lot and what I understood is that it never was like a romantic relationship. There are so many different versions. And from the memoirs Lady Hyegyeong wrote, she even blamed herself for the illness her husband suffered and complimented him a lot. But I can’t tell you for sure. It’s just what I’ve investigated from the Internet.
        Research about him. It’s very interesting his story and quite disturbing. He did lots of crazy stuff and you can’t help but feel pity for him and his wife, who had to endure everything.

  4. She always looks so stunning in her photoshoots! Not sure why it doesn’t transfer to her dramas…she tends to look like a little kid in her dramas, she can have such an edgy look, I wish she had a role where she can be all woman and not so innocent/kid looking. Anyways, she is an amazing actress! Want to see her back on the screen!

    • You must’ve hi-jacked my mind – because that’s word-by-word what I feel. She’s definitely picking up the wrong roles and I haven’t seen her in anything compelling for a long long time. She’ll probably do great in a thriller but until she picks up a good project, I think I’ll just get her updates through great photoshoots like this one.

  5. Nice to see that also in the BTS she is sporting a healthy look…at least in her way. She still looks kind of child but sometimes she the woman shines through. I like that very much.

  6. Yay! More sageuks for Moonie..I’m glad she’s doing a movie next and not a drama…she’s have a dull streak in dramaland right now

  7. Moonie is so lovely here. I miss her so much. Both project sounds great, I hope she takes up on the offers, especially the sageuk movie.

    By the way, anybody knows what happened to Kim Bum?

  8. If I really liked her when she was young… Now I always feel she’s croos-eyed. And the characters she playes were not so interesting. I don’t really like Alice, GoF, Cinderella…

    • Look here, Kurama, If you do not like MGY, please don’t waste our time reading your comments. Either keep it to your self or swallow it. Most of all, don’t waste the space here.

      Welcome back Moonie, we are all waiting for your return.

    • i wonder, if you don’t really like Moon Geun Young at all, just as you stated, but how come you keep on watching her shows? And you are here reading the latest news about her, obviously updating yourself and then commenting negatively about her? Sorry, but can’t seem to get your point for doing this…

  9. Thanks for this awesome news Captain Koala! Ever since I finished watching “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” years ago, I held a secret wish that Yoo Ah-In will work with Moon Geun-Young in a drama or any project. Somehow I feel that Yoo Ah-In’s acting style would complement Moon Geun-Young’s. Now my wish is about to come true! 🙂 Here’s to hoping this movie with all 3 actors will push through and be successful!

  10. @lei mendoza Because I used to like her in her movies Innocent Steps or Love Me Not but I didn’t like her last characters in her dramas. I have nothing against her, she was funny in Running man for example. She’s in the best actress category for long now and everybody acts like she’s a goddess and for me, it’s been a long time she didn’t pick a good project. And I don’t undersand people we cannot accept opinion of the others

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