Lovely Video Previews for Final Episode 26 of In A Good Way

It’s finale week for the long-running hit TW-drama In a Good Way aka My Era of Freedom. The final video previews for episode 26 are out and to no one’s surprise centers around the theme of freedom. Both Liu Chuan and Jia En finally reach a conclusion about what freedom means to them and how each understands it. I like the fact that they have remained true to themselves even during the dating period, not trying to turn into someone different in order to please each other. I think their differences actually makes them stronger as a couple more than their similarities. These two thrive and grow from challenging each other moreso than being a couple that remain on the same wavelength and reach the same conclusions. IAGW was special because it didn’t rely on cheap thrills and stayed low key and sincere through its entire run, leaving me appreciative and happy to end on a high note.

The previews shows a major breakthrough for Liu Chuan’s contentious relationship with his father – since he passed the bar already, he decides to become his dad’s defense counsel in the corruption trial and therefore takes a pivotal step forward in reconciling his own family burden with his ability to be a representative of the law. Even if Liu Chuan’s dad gets convicted, I think he’ll finally be at peace that he did the right thing without tossing his own dad under the bus so that he can seek the freedom he so desperately wants. Jia En reconsiders going abroad and the preview hints that she’ll stay to be with Liu Chuan but I hope that’s just a feint. I will be very disappointed in her if she stays, he has his own life to lead as does she. If they are to go the distance, they need to remember their own dreams and pursue it along with the trust and faith that their relationship will stand the test of time and distance. I can’t wait for Friday to arrive and show me whether this drama will go out with a bang or a whimper.

Episode 26 preview:

Jia En: You truly understand the meaning of freedom. I think I understand what freedom is now.

Liu Chuan: If I want to become truly free, then I cannot run away. From now on, I will be my father’s primary defense counsel.

Jia En: I want to experience this with you, I want to be by your side.

Ren Wei: Lin Jia En!

Ah Qing’s dad: Your father is not your enemy.

Ren Wei: There is one thing I must to tell you.

Jia En: I’ve decided, I’m not going to be an exchange student.

Liu Chuan version:

“Dearest Liu Chuan, have you found your freedom?”

Jia En version:

“Come to think of it, that time was truly my era of freedom.”


Lovely Video Previews for Final Episode 26 of In A Good Way — 5 Comments

  1. I am so excited for the ep to roll around but at the same time I am not ready to let this stellar of a drama go it. It has been amazing right from the beginning. I love its low-key vibe and how it stuck by what it set out to do rather than change course along the way. It has been consistent and the writing is just amazing. I haven’t seen such a beautiful drama in such a long time! I am going to miss the gang so much!

  2. Can’t wait to see how the drama would end. Cool LC is back! So glad we’ll be able to see him take on the defense as a lawyer (similar to early ep where he stood up for JE during tea confession). Previous eps put him in a slump but now he’s back in awesome form.

    From the start the writers have managed to surprise me with how they presented the story and I know they’ll do it till the end – really not your typical idol drama. They made me love not only the OTP but the whole gang as well (well a little less of LC dad) 🙂 I’ll surely miss them.

    Looking forward for your last recap of IAGW ms koala!

  3. glad to be watching this until the end with you. the number of your IAGW followers seemed to have been significantly cut down, but all i know is that this drama is still my good mood inducer two months after i started watching. thanks again for recommending this drama and, like mizuki, i’m also looking forward to your final recap.

    • yes that is true. They’ve begun writing the script, but the filming itself won’t start till sometime in August

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