Dr. Stranger Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Dr. Stranger was all over the place in dialing up the conspiracy greater than expected and conflicting feelings shooting every which way. It’s easier to just watch rather than try and guess ahead, especially when it comes to whether Jae Hee is still alive and how come everyone seems to be in on whatever is brewing around Park Hoon. At least my guess yesterday that Chang Yi’s mom was going to need heart surgery soon came true though it was refreshing to see Jae Joon wield the scalpel for change. His character remains so underdeveloped both as a doctor and a love rival to Hoon. Already Soo Hyun seems to have turned her interest over to Hoon and it doesn’t bode well for Jae Joon when all we have to go by is a hot kiss with his honey. It’s so easy to fall for Hoon, he’s not written as perfect but his one-track devotion to Jae Hee and candid sense of humor makes him a breath of fresh air in the world of DS where everyone is plotting left and right. That also makes Soo Hyun way more appealing a female lead at this juncture because she’s just a normal girl with family issues trying to do her job.

Right now it’s hard to like Seung Hee at all, and perfectly fine to not like her one bit since she’s coming across as cold and calculating and working with scary Comrade Cha. I miss Jae Hee and wish the drama didn’t have to swap out her existence for brittle dour Seung Hee. It hurts watching Hoon mope and suffer but at least he seems to bounce back quickly and also doesn’t accept whatever is handed to him at face value. Start suspecting everyone around you, Hoon! Don’t trust anyone! The story line with PM Jang’s heart surgery is speeding up and there also appears remnants of whatever mystery was behind Park Hoon’s dad’s lawsuit twenty years ago with the hospital and the people involved. I’m thankful for the little bits of random humor that pepper each episode courtesy of Dr. Moon to interject some lightness into scenes of scary powerful people plotting to control Hoon like a marionette. Of course I’m hoping Hoon finds Jae Hee, which would be easiest if she is indeed Seung Hee, but that also means he’s going to be so hurt by what’s going on with her working with Comrade Cha and setting him up. Why can’t my woobie doctor get some easy loving around here?

Episode 6 recap:

Hoon and Soo Hyun have tracked down the hospital where Dr. Han Seung Hee works and happen to run into her outside the building. Hoon immediately stares in shock and staggers towards her calling “Jae Hee-ah.”

Rewind to Comrade Cha holding a gun to Seung Hee’s head and her daring him to kill her since she’s going to die anyways if they fail their mission. Comrade Cha is also afraid of not completing the mission and contemplates pulling the trigger but doesn’t do it. Seung Hee asks for a chance to meet Park Hoon in person but Comrade Cha asks what will that accomplish? Seung Hee knows that she’s just Han Seung Hee and Comrade Cha yells “Yes, you’re the Han Seung Hee I created!” Seung Hee also knows Hoon will see her as Song Jae Hee so until she’s selected as part of PM Jang’s surgery team then she’ll become Song Jae Hee in front of Park Hoon. She tells Comrade Cha to kill her if he doesn’t trust her to do this.

Comrade Cha hides and watches Hoon’s meeting with Seung Hee and touches his missing finger. Flashback to Comrade Cha getting interrogated in North Korea as he’s accused of letting Park Hoon escape. He gets his finger cut off as he screams in pain and pledges allegiance to North Korea. Okay, that was way gross but a timely reminder that North Korea is one of the Big Bads in this piece and not to be underestimated.

Comrade Cha pulls out his gun and screws on the silencer and says a manse for North Korea before he walks outside and shoots Park Hoon point blank. This turns out to be his imagination and he doesn’t do anything and allows Seung Hee and Hoon to meet.

Hoon walks up to Seung Hee and calls her Jae Hee and asks if she cut her hair. He thinks it looks really good on her and asks why she acting this way right now? Seung Hee asks Soo Hyun who he is and tells Hoon that he’s mistaken. Soo Hyun wonders if perhaps Seung Hee knows Song Jae Hee but that name isn’t familiar to Seung Hee.

Hoon takes out the Jae Hee bracelet that he found on Soo Hyun’s mom and Seung Hee asks how he got that. She claims to have made it for Soo Hyun’s mom but Hoon insists its identical to the bracelet he made for Jae Hee when they first met. Seung Hee goes to grab it back and breaks it in half.

Soo Hyun explains to Seung Hee that Park Hoon is the doctor who operated on her mom. Seung Hee grabs the other half of the bracelet back and gives it to Soo Hyun since it’s something that Soo Hyun’s mom left behind. Hoon keeps asking Seung Hee why she’s acting this way. Seung Hee is called back inside the hospital while Hoon chases after her. Soo Hyun stops Hoon from going to bother Jae Hee but he keeps trying to go after her since he’s certain she’s Song Jae Hee. Soo Hyun says the woman claimed not to be Jae Hee but Hoon wants to ask why she’s claiming not to be Jae Hee because he’s certain that she’s Jae Hee!

Seung Hee meets with Comrade Cha and tells him that he made the right choice. Comrade Cha chose the mission and Seung Hee warns him never to forget the mission. Comrade Cha seethes at Seung Hee to not be so arrogant before stalking away.

Hoon catches up to Seung Hee and asks her to why she’s pretending not to be Jae Hee? Seung Hee tries to placate him to talk later since she’s tending to a patient right now. Hoon starts to cry and says he did so much to try and find her and then starts apologizing that he did wrong. Seung Hee tells him that a patient needs her right now and slaps him because a patient’s care is most important. Seung Hee asks Soo Hyun to take Hoon away before she leaves with the patient.

Hoon is devastated and Soo Hyun tentatively reaches out and pulls him away, reassuring him that they can call Seung Hee out to meet privately later.

Comrade Cha watches them leave and Seung Hee comes by to confirm that Park Hoon won’t believe Song Jae Hee died anymore. Comrade Cha was impressed how the show was so thrilling back there. Seung Hee is sure Park Hoon will go back to the hospital because that’s where Song Jae Hee will be. Comrade Cha says they need to find another way to get Hoon back to the hospital since he’s currently kicked out. Seung Hee suggests finding someone that Chairman Oh will listen to to convince him to change his mind.

PM Jang is in a meeting with legislators who are arguing about needing to get the President’s approval on this matter. One legislator suggests moving to another topic since PM Jang’s health isn’t well these days.

The legislator goes to talk with PM Jang after the meeting to complain about the President and the current investigation into PM Jang’s last election campaign finances. He grouses that the legislators who support PM Jang are being marginalized. PM Jang shushes him but the security guard next to him appears to take particular note of it.

PM Jang goes to the bathroom and Comrade Cha waltzes right up to him. PM Jang snarks that this is a secure government building and must not have good security if they are meeting like this. He further brings up that their plan doesn’t call for them to meet. Comrade Cha asks for PM Jang’s help and he knows it’s about Park Hoon. Comrade Cha wants PM Jang to meet with Chairman Oh and get Park Hoon back working at Myung Woo Hospital. PM Jang is hesitant to do so because if word gets out that he met with Chairman Oh then Myung Woo Hospital may be eliminated from consideration in his upcoming heart surgery. Comrade Cha reminds him that if Park Hoon doesn’t go back to Myung Woo Hospital then their entire plan tanks. PM Jang angrily tosses his tissue in the trash.

PM Jang is called out to his car and gets in with Secretary Kim. He knows that the President has an aide that is spying on him. Once his car pulls away, that security guard immediately calls the President to report.

The President gets a report from his secretary that PM Jang just left the government office and will go see him tomorrow morning after a citizen’s group breakfast. The President refuses to wait and wants PM Jang to come see him first thing in the morning.

Hoon and Soo Hyun are out drinking and she doesn’t think Seung Hee is Jae Hee because Hoon said Jae Hee likes to smile but Seung Hee isn’t like that at all. Soo Hyun pulls up Seung Hee’s SNS account and shows Hoon pictures of Seung Hee’s life and she is never smiling in any of her pictures. There is also a picture of Seung Hee posing with her parents and her dad isn’t the guy who begged Hoon to save his Jae Hee. Hoon sighs and hands back the phone.

Soo Hyun sees Seung Hee’s picture with her dad which was taken earlier this year and is envious of the closeness. She asks Hoon about his parents and Hoon says his dad is dead and he doesn’t know where his mom is. Hoon keeps drinking and asking for more soju. Jae Joon is driving and calling Soo Hyun but she doesn’t answer her phone.

Soo Hyun gulps down a glass of soju and tells Hoon to forget Jae Hee. He can’t keep living in the memory of someone who is dead. Hoon smiles and say’s he’ll hold onto Jae Hee until the day he dies. Soo Hyun asks if Hoon likes Jae Hee that much and he says of course with a content grin. Soo Hyun smiles and says she’s envious of Jae Hee to have someone like Park Hoon who loves her that much. Hoon mumbles that Soo Hyun has someone like that as well, that Dr. Han Jae Joon dude. Soo Hyun smiles and wonders if it’s possible for Jae Joon to love like that. Hoon doesn’t think it’s possible for Dr. Han to even like someone.

Soo Hyun wants to keep drinking to the Jae Hee who is in Heaven but Hoon refuses because Jae Hee is still alive! He gets up and starts tottering around and Soo Hyun manages to grab him and seat him back down. Hoon lowers his head sadly while Soo Hyun reaches out to lightly stroke his cheek.

Jae Joon arrives and stares at them together before calling Soo Hyun’s phone. Does he have a tracker on her otherwise how he did randomly find her? She answers and tries to keep her voice casual. He asks where she is right now? She lies that she’s at her mom’s right now and is alone. Jae Joon wonders why it sounds loud and she lies again that she’s watching TV. Jae Joon offers to go see her if she’s alone but she declines saying it’s nice right now like this.

Jae Joon asks her to take care and they end the call. He watches Soo Hyun lean her head wearily against the telephone pole and he turns to walk away looking upset.

Hoon looks up and suddenly sees Seung Hee sitting around from him. He calls her Jae Hee and smiles that drinking is for this sole purpose, to see someone he misses. The person he misses is her, Jae Hee. Hoon reaches out and takes her hand before passing out on the table. Soo Hyun comes back and apologizes to Seung Hee for Hoon’s behavior. Seung Hee says no need for any apology.

Seung Hee takes Hoon and Soo Hyun back to Soo Hyun’s mother place to crash for the night. Soo Hyun helps carry Hoon inside and the two of them tumble on the bedding together as Soo Hyun is trying to put him to bed. She scrambles out of his arms and quickly gets up.

Soo Hyun takes a call from her dad and informs him that she’s spending the night at her mom’s place. Her dad wants her to come back but she refuses. Seung Hee covers Hoon up with a blanket and stares at him for a moment looking inscrutable as usual. Soo Hyun thanks Seung Hee for letting them stay but Seung Hee points out this house is now Soo Hyun’s so it’s nothing. She wonders if Seung Hee is really close to Hoon what with the drinking together and the way Soo Hyun takes care of him. Soo Hyun says that’s not it and explains that Hoon’s beloved is dead and happens to look at like like Seung Hee. She offers to make Soo Hyun coffee and asks to hear more about it.

PM Jang is at a luncheon and discussion upcoming plans for separated North-South families to meet. He encourages everyone to eat more so they have energy to meet their relatives in the future.

After the meeting the spy that the President has on PM Jang suddenly finds him missing. He tries to find PM Jang but Secretary Kim stops him so he doesn’t see that PM Jang has snuck off to meet Chairman Oh secretly. Chairman Oh points out that he and PM Jang haven’t met in person in 20 years and if he needed anything he could have just called. PM Jang says this is urgent and asks Chairman Oh directly to give Park Hoon a chance. Chairman Oh’s face tenses.

Park Hoon wakes up on Soo Hyun’s mother’s home and sees pictures of Jae Hee on the wall. He runs around looking for Jae Hee and hears a noise in another room.

Park Hoon barges into the room where Soo Hyun is currently wrapped in a towel after just getting out of the shower. She screams and starts throwing things at him and takes him out with a bucket to the head.

Hoon wakes up to find Dr. Moon and Soo Hyun looming over him to make sure that he’s already. Soo Hyun blames the incident on Hoon barging into the bathroom on her. Dr. Moon asks if Hoon saw anything and is promptly yelled at.

Dr. Moon reveals he’s here to bring Hoon back at the orders of Chairman Oh. Hoon doesn’t care about going back to the hospital, he just wants to go back to find Seung Hee. Soo Hyun reveals Seung Hee has been transferred to the main hospital so Hoon is willing to go back with Dr. Moon. Soo Hyun declines to catch a ride and claims she wants to spend a bit of time here. Hoon smiles at her and thanks her for the help. Soo Hyun’s hand balls up as Hoon drives off with Dr. Moon.

Soo Hyun calls Jae Joon when her dad walks up and tells her that Dr. Han has surgery this morning. He reveals he’s willing to take Dr. Park back. They go inside and Chairman Oh reveals that he really did like Soo Hyun’s mom but he doesn’t know why she liked him back. But he gave her his real heart back then and if that was fate then so be it. Soo Hyun calls him “dad” and apologizes for her mistake before thanking him. She thanks him for loving her mom and father-daughter embrace awkwardly before Chairman Oh hands her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

PM Jang is delayed going to meet with the President due to a traffic jam and when he arrives the President doesn’t like the PM bothering him with matters that he could decide on his own. He then warns PM Jang not to be late for any future meetings and PM Jang bows and promises not to.

PM Jang is in his office and laughing maniacally about the President being upset that he was late for a mere 5 minutes! He can’t believe such a person could be the President of South Korea. He brings up Han Seung Hee to Secretary Kim and wants to know what her ability is.

Dr. Moon asks if Hoon saw a girl who looked just like his beloved but Hoon corrects him and says it’s the same girl. Dr. Moon heard the girl claimed not to be the same person but Hoon doesn’t care about that because he knows who he saw.

Hoon calls Chang Yi’s mom who sticks with her story and asks him not to feel bad that his beloved is dead. Chang Yi hears Hoon is coming back and doesn’t think her mom did anything wrong by revealing Jae Hee died. Mom wonders if maybe Chang Yi is happy that Hoon’s beloved is dead. She sends Chang Yi out to get some food and Comrade Cha slips inside after she leaves.

Comrade Cha meets with Seung Hee and explains that PM Jang wants to see her ability. Seung Hee explains she just got transferred today and Comrade Cha explains PM Jang is speeding up his plan. He has a suitable patient in mind, the old woman who told Park Hoon that bunch of useless information. He will arrange everything and wants Seung Hee to be ready to perform.

Hoon and Dr. Moon arrive back at the hospital and runs into Chang Yi freaking out that her mom is suddenly critical and needs surgery. Chang Yi’s mom is rushed into the OR with Jae Joon doing the surgery. But Dr. Eun can’t attend the surgery so they need to find another anesthesiologist. Dr. Han Seung Hee fills in for Dr Eun. Jae Joon checks with Dr. Eun and hears that Seung Hee is good and to go ahead and use her. Jae Joon operates on Chang Yi’s mom with Seung Hee’s assistance.

Jae Joon finishes the surgery which is a success and Chang Yi is very grateful. Hoon wonders why Chang Yi’s mom suddenly developed a heart condition that needed surgery. Chang Yi’s mom is wheeled out by Seung Hee and Jae Joon thanks her for doing well in the surgery. Seung Hee takes off her mask and Hoon’s eyes widen to see her there.

Hoon goes with Chang Yi to put her mom in recovery. He stares at Seung Hee and remembers Jae Hee but doesn’t make a scene. After she walks away, Chang Yi and Hoon stare at her and wonder if she’s Jae Hee or not. Hoon doesn’t know but will talk to Chang Yi’s mom after she regains consciousness.

Jae Joon asks Hoon for a private meeting and he starts off by calling his fate with Hoon an ill fate. He heard Hoon came to work at the hospital because of his girlfriend but then heard that Hoon’s girlfriend is already dead. Hoon doesn’t answer and wants to leave but Jae Joon stops him and warns that since Hoon is done with what he came here to do, then he shouldn’t come back to the hospital anymore. He adds for Hoon to specifically NOT meet with Dr. Oh. Hoon jokes that Soo Hyun is a quack doctor and Jae Joon grabs him by the collar and warns him to never call Dr. Oh a quack doctor again!

Hoon smiles and looks over to the door and asks what the quack doctor herself thinks? Jae Joon looks over and sees Soo Hyun watching this confrontation. He releases Hoon’s jacket and fake apologizes for overreacting. Hoon walks off and Soo Hyun asks Jae Joon what happened?

Jae Joon explains he lost his temper because Hoon called Soo Hyun a quack doctor and she’s part of his team and he can’t stand Hoon insulting her. Soo Hyun says there wasn’t any need to get physical for that and asks Jae Joon to try being nicer to Hoon. Jae Joon asks why and Soo Hyun says there are many reasons but the most important is that both guys are now in the same department. Jae Joon is surprised to hear Chairman Oh took Hoon back.

Jae Joon asks Soo Hyun to go out later but she declines with the reason that she’s busy. He stops her and fixes her hair with a smile, happy to see her energy back up. Soo Hyun leaves and Jae Joon’s face tenses.

Hoon is running around trying to see Chairman Oh who isn’t available. He runs into Dr. Choi and remembers him as the ahjusshi who offered to take Hoon to see his dad. Dr. Moon asks why Chairman Oh wants to see Park Hoon and hears that Chairman Oh is willing to take Park Hoon back. Dr. Choi says Hoon needs to keep working her if he wants to be as good as his dad. Hoon sneers and asks if he has any right to say this. Dr. Choi says he does, if only because this is a way to atone.

Dr. Choi shows Hoon a picture of the Hungarian doctor who helped Hoon escape that day. The doctor reveals that the Hungarian doctor is friends with both Hoon’s dad and himself. Now he wants Hoon to work at this hospital and also find Jae Hee. Hoon smashes his hand on the table and storms out. Dr. Moon follows and asks if Hoon’s girlfriend is now in South Korea and working at this hospital? Hoon sighs that he doesn’t know.

Seung Hee goes to Chang Yi’s mother’s bedside and injects something into her IV.

Secretary Kim meets with Comrade Cha and says the ability they were looking for wasn’t what was shown during the surgery. Comrade Cha says they will see what they want to see soon.

Hoon and Chang Yi rush to her mom’s bedside after hearing that she’s lost consciousness. A bunch of doctors swarm the bedside and no one knows why she’s lost consciousness instead of waking up. Dr. Eun thinks anesthesia is very hard to predict. By the time Chang Yi and Hoon arrive at her mom’s bedside she’s regained consciousness. Hoon wants to ask if she remembers what Jae Hee looks like but she sees Dr. Choi and recognizes him as the man who saved her and took her our of North Korea. Chang Yi’s mom looses consciousness again before she can explain more.

Chang Yi and Hoon go talk with Dr. Choi and confirm that he’s the man who paid the North Korea to release Chang Yi’s mom. Dr Choi explains that Mr. Lim worked for him and he wanted to get Chang Yi’s mom out first to give Hoon hope that he can find Jae Hee again.

Chang Yi’s mom is wheeled to her hospital room now that she’s stabilized by Seung Hee. Chang Yi’s mom stares at Seung Hee and says she looks so much alike. Seung Hee smiles and says she’s been getting that a lot since yesterday. After Seung Hee leaves, Hoon asks Chang Yi’s mom and she says the two girls look alike but it’s not Jae Hee. She saw Jae Hee die before her. Dr. Choi walks in and announces that it’s not true, Jae Hee is still alive.

Dr. Choi hands Park Hoon’s white coat back to him and says he has detailed information that Jae Hee is alive. Once he’s done with his matters at hand he’ll go to North Korea. Hoon wants to go with him and Dr. Choi says he’ll meet with Hoon before he goes to give him something.

Seung Hee is eavesdropping on this conversation and calls Comrade Cha to inform him that things are back on track. Park Hoon is now back at the hospital and they let PM Jang see what he wanted to see.

Comrade Cha drives to a field and parks right next to Secretary Kim to hand him a manila envelope. He reveals that the old woman is now in a coma.

Hoon stares at Seung Hee and Dr. Moon calls him outside to talk. He wants to know if Dr. Han is Hoon’s beloved but Hoon doesn’t know. Dr. Moon says if Seung Hee is Hoon’s girlfriend then she’s clearly a spy from North Korea. He doesn’t want her as an anesthesiologist on their team if she could be a spy. Dr. Moon wonders if there is any distinguishing features that Hoon can use to identify Jae Hee. Hoon reveals Jae Hee had a kidney transplant 2 years ago.

Dr. Moon and Hoon goes to the human resources director to get Seung Hee’s medical records from her personnel file. Hoon snatches it and pops it in the computer to view it with Dr. Moon trying to stop him. Hoon succeeds in viewing the file and it shows Seung Hee has two kidneys. Dr. Moon is ecstatic because this means Seung Hee is not Jae Hee and she can’t be a spy from North Korea.

Hoon peeks at Seung Hee chatting with Soo Hyun, just looking at her face makes him smile. He thinks back to riding through Budapest with Jae Hee trying to sprint towards freedom. He walks away with a sigh and then remembers telling Jae Hee back in medical school that everyone has different heartbeats just like no two people can look identical. He pulled Jae Hee close and says their hearts are beating as one.

Hoon rushes to find Seung Hee and sees her being introduced by Jae Joon as a new member of the surgery team. All the doctors greet Seung Hee and she smiles back happy to be part of the team. After everyone files out Hoon asks Seung Hee if he can have a moment of her time. Soo Hyun asks if he wants to apologize and Seung Hee says she doesn’t need an apology because she understands why he behaved that way.

Hoon repeats what he said to Jae Hee many years ago: “There are no two identical heartbeats just like no two people look exactly the same.” The slightest reaction on Seung Hee’s face when he says that clearly shows she’s heard it before.

Hoon asks if he can confirm something, it’ll just take a moment. He walks forward and pulls Seung Hee into his arms for an embrace. Seung Hee clenches her hand into a fist like the time Hoon hugged Jae Hee. Hoon listens to their hearts beating as one until he suddenly opens his eyes wide.

Thoughts of Mine:

I noticed that dear Hoon has had a variety of hair and clothing style changes in the various drama time jumps so why does he need to be saddled with the worst combo for the Seoul scenes? His fried thatch of hair makes me itch to shove him in a vat of conditioner followed by a trip to the barber while his torn jeans and natty jean jackets are such an inexplicable eyesore. I hope he spends the majority of time at the hospital going forward so that he’s in either the doctor’s coat or scrubs because he’s clearly not capable of dressing himself in his down down. Or he can take a cue from both Soo Hyun and Jae Joon, those two sometimes appear to be in their own model zone of gorgeousness and good fashion sense. Poor Seung Hee looks horrible with the poorly cut hair and the dull as beans outfits whereas I’d fall for Soo Hyun myself with just a twirl of her luscious locks and glamorous outfits.

It’s a relief this drama has such a great second female lead like Soo Hyun so as to take some of the edge of Hoon pining for Jae Hee. It would be very difficult to watch a story line where Hoon lives in his own memory love bubble and doesn’t have a life outside of looking for Jae Hee. Soo Hyun and Hoon’s interactions are the fun frosting over a dense cake of pain that is baking in the oven thanks to the collective machinations of PM Jang (with Secretary Kim doing his dirty work), Comrade Cha, and Seung Hee. I wonder what PM Jang is giving to North Korea in exchange for their help in whatever surgical nefarious plot they are cooking up? I hope Secretary Kim turns on them all soon, he seems a decent enough feller and really who can stand working for that asswipe PM Jang. Funnily enough it amuses me to no end to see the equally assy President boss him around and annoy him.

I’m still so underwhelmed by Jae Joon as a character and Park Hae Jin is stealing a page from Shin Sung Rok’s handbook in playing the character with a shade of deceptiveness but not enough anything else underneath. I like to think his whole castle allegory with Dr. Kim was to show us that he intended to play Soo Hyun to win the hospital but has unwittingly fallen for her. Except I don’t see enough of that and it’s because the drama hasn’t shown us enough of their interactions. The story needs to give Soo Hyun-Jae Joon more substantive scenes together beyond him tracking her down or being jealous that she’s getting closer to Park Hoon. Similarly Seung Hee needs to be more than just shady and lying through her teeth around Hoon. Even if Hoon confirms their heartbeats are the same she’s still going to insist she’s not Jae Hee for the time being. Whatever is motivating her to play her part it has to be big and very compelling a reason.

I can see in the little tiny giveaway gestures that she’s clearly Jae Hee, like when she looked sad at the pojangmacha when faced with a drunken Hoon who was so happy to see her, or the way her face twinged when he started the no same heartbeat speech. Her facade can remain in front of Hoon but the viewer needs to be privy to her situation otherwise it’s impossible to root for her even if she is Jae Hee. I’m really worried about Hoon considering he really is being massively manipulated by people around him that he can see and can’t see, which goes to show that even if one escaped North Korea it’s not really a true freedom from the oppressive regime. I also think the South Koreans like PM Jang and maybe even Chairman Oh are not much better, which makes me wonder if there is any true out for Hoon in the end even if he gets his Jae Hee back?

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Dr. Stranger Episode 6 Recap — 70 Comments

  1. thanks for the recap koala sis!

    as much as i want Hoon to end with Jae Hee, i am currently loving the interaction between him and Soo Hyun.

  2. i like hoon with jae hee/seung hee…my mind cant accept dr. Oh and hoon as a couple…i dont know why..
    Anyway thank you Koala-unni for the recap…

  3. I can’t believe that Seung Hee injected Chang Yi’s mum to make her unconscious (pure evil).

    Loving Soo Hyun with Hoon, I can really see them as OTP, because of their interaction with each other (she doesn’t feel that Jae Joo actually really loves her, I’m glad that she can sense this).

    Thanks Koala for this recap.

    • Minihaha

      I adore Soo Hyun and think she deserves someone much better than Jae Joo. At best he is a weak fool that cant show her his feelings and at worst he never had real feelings for her and is using her as a meal ticket to become the king of the hospital.

      I like her and Hoon together and i hope she gets his love if Jae Hee is really dead. A doppleganger and Hoon falling in love is not romantic at all.

      • Mohammad On

        I totally agree with you, please let Hoon and Soo Hyun be together, if Jae Hee is truly dead, because this Seung Hee is awful, no chemistry between them, apart from Hoon wishing that she was Jae Hee.

        Jae Hoo needs to change before I can ship him with anyone.

        I do feel that Seung Hee is slightly jealous of Soo Hyun, especially when she saw Hoon and Soo Hyun fall and clinging together on the duvet!!!

    • Looking on the bright side, Seung Hee is not pure evil. She could have killed Chang Yi’s mother, but instead chose to leave her alive. I’m thankful for small blessings.

  4. I get it why Hoon and Jae-hee are the OTP, but their story is so tragic is simply doesn’t appeal to me. It is too tragic, too draining, too unreal for me. I like simple loves. And I love Kang Sora, so I think I’m going down with that ship.

  5. Sigh… at this rate Jae Joon is written in the drama, the drama will a waste of PHJ’s talent. Writer-nim, please do more for JJ!

    While I’m not really rooting for Hoon and Soo Hyun, I can see how Soo Hyun will fall in love with Hoon and wouldn’t be surprise if the PH-SH ship starts sailing!

  6. already fell for hoon – soo hyun since their first scene. not liking the idea soo hyun only the 2nd female lead. either hoon will end up with jae hee or hoon ended up with no one. noooooooo……..

    well here hoping for kdrama miracle.i want hoon with soo hyun.

  7. I have a feeling that the Seung Hee is a bogus and that she is evil. Her glances give a hint of her being evil (something like the twin sisters in “the master’s sun” with one of them being good and another being evil), I guess this is the producer’s foreshadowing that Seung Hee will later on become a main antagonist.

  8. Kang Sora is drp gorgeous it hurts. Oh, Jin Se Yeon. Oh..

    For now, and may be for the rest of drama, Seung Hee is just that beautiful girl in group who acts sweet and kind but evil inside.

    Kang Sora is bitchy in some way, conceited, full of flaw, but she is real.

    Majority might be shipping Jae Hee and Hoon, but Jae Hee or Seung Hee as both a character or a person is not really that good at all. The only reason for her to stand a chance maybe because she’s the love of Hoon’s life. But come on, some people just deserve love less than the other, at least by one particular person.

    Personal opinion, I can’t stand Jin Seo Yeon acting. She supposes to be mysterious. The candy ahjussi is mysterious, but I like him. She supposes to be evil. The other North Korea guy is evil, I like him. She supposed to be cunning. Park Hoon’s Master is cunning, I like him.
    At this point, the other female doctor, Dr Moon, who has really small screen time, grabs more heart than she does.

    • THIS.

      Idk if it’s actually JSY acting or just bad script about Jae hee/seung hee character, but i really felt annoying everytime i saw seung hee in every scenes.
      She’s so flaaaaaaat.
      Like, flaaaaaaat and BORING AS HELL aarrrggh.. *scream*

      Seriously, why she have to be the main character here?
      I want PDnim to twist the story and just make her as 2nd lead character.

      I don’t want to end up leaving dr.stranger like i was leaving gaksital, just because i can’t stand the lead actress character.

  9. Hi thanks for good recap as always, koala.

    Anyway, i can’t like seung hee character at all, although i really want to.

    In my eyes she’s so flat, always talking in the same tone, too much fake smile, typical-cold-character, T____T arrgh she’s too boring to see..
    I can’t help myself to felt angry everytime i remember that she’s the main character here.
    (No offense to JSY tho, it’s just her character that i don’t like)

    I really hope in the next eps, there’ll be more interaction between Hoon and Dr.Oh, or more story about jae joon. And same like every doctor drama, i wish there’ll be more surgery and story about patients. It’ll be more interesting than story about jae hee.

    Hoon dr.Oh fighting !!

    • Yes, I think so too. Question is why go after Hoo, why put him in Myung hospital, why does Hoon need to be there, I know Commrade Cha wants revenge for his mutilated finger, but its quiet baffling this storyline!

  10. Just a comment to correct some errors:
    a). Was Dr Choi referring to himself returning back to North Korea or to SeungHee/JaeHee returning to North Korea after she is done in South Korea

    b). In terms of the two (2) kidneys, I believe they were referring to kidney transplant patient. In real medical practice, when you get a kidney transplant (receive, not giving) you will have two (2) kidneys on one (1) side of your body (depending which part the kidney is being transplanted to). What doctors will do, are they will place the transplanted kidney below the existing kidney or closer to the urinary tract. They dont remove your old kidney unless of infection, reflux or hypertension of kidney.

    c). Based on the scan, I can see there are two (2) kidneys on one (1) side, which means SeungHee is JaeHee, which is why Dr Park Hoon eventually hugged her to ascertain if the heartbeat is still the same.

    d). What is confusing are the subplots of which I am trying to work out:
    – PM seems to be on cohort with the North Koreans over the Premier? The Premier is which Premier? North or South? Comrade Cha seems to be playing two (2) face here. Secretary Kim has a relationship tie with Comrade Cha which is probably how they handed over Dr Park Hoon’s father in the first place? In not many words, PM would have relationship with Comrade Cha through his secretary. Why the secretary didn’t kill Comrade Cha at Hungary? Besides, the PM was meeting with South Koreans who have family members that are separated due to North-South Korea War which means the PM has a thickening plot in regards to North Korea as well?

    – The PM’s plot against the President? He wants to get healed to take over presidency?

    – Dr Choi’s involvement with Chang Yi’s mom and how that comes into play tells me and makes me believe that Dr Choi team is a separate team from PM. (He is trying to atone, remember?)

    – SeungHee’s secondary plot together with Comrade Cha which is most probably not revealed to the PM.

    – Why must SeungHee be part of the team that operates on PM? I believe that is to ensure protection for the PM in case Park Hoon decides to kill the PM knowing that he is one of the bad ass guys.

    • Most of the stuff about North Korea simply makes no sense. How are these people moving so easily between North and South? What is Jae Hee’s purpose anyway? How is it that this massive ring of North Korean spies raise no suspicions at all, even when patients get stolen?

  11. oh yeah, how I know about the kidney is because I am a medical specialist. I saw the scan and I could see it clearly. Right side from our view.

    • oh, wow…impressive. I bet the PDs would not have expected to have someone looking that closely in a second AND know what that picture means, because I don’t! Anyway, thank you!

    • Think Dr Choi is referring to himself returning to NK to help others escape and to get Jae Hee as he firmly believes she is still alive.

  12. I feel like people who claim Hoon and Soo Hyun are endgame seem to only see the story on Soo Hyun’s side, and have completely forgotten Hoon’s love for Jae Hee. I’m not one to think that first love should always win, but in this drama, it just doesn’t make ANY sense for Hoon to be able to move on to anyone else by the end of this drama. Not saying Hoon will end up with Jae Hee, but if he doesn’t, I don’t see him ending up with anyone else.
    Just because Soo Hyun perhaps realizes another view of life through Hoon… people seem to just disregard that Hoon isn’t going to forget Jae Hee that easily.

    And people that keep complaining that JSY’s acting is flat….. Honestly. Her character development IS flat right now. We’re not SUPPOSED to see anything from her character at all. Her expressions are minimal or can only be half interpreted all the time, because it’s MEANT to be like that. I feel like people are just more frustrated that they can’t tell whether she’s really Jae Hee or not and just blaming the actress for it =.=

    I also really want to know too, but I knew from the beginning that the answer to that question is going to be one long ride..

    Thank you for the recap Koala 🙂

  13. I think one problem with the Park Hoon-Seung Hee/ Jae hee is that we have not seen them together as much yet. That is partly to blame on the overlapping shooting schedule of Jin Se-Yeon with “Age of Youth”. We don’t know how many episodes were affected by that.

    I’m with Koala, Seung-hee and Jae-hee are the same person and for whatever reason, she is pretending. I hope the reason is logically written into the story and we get bits and pieces with each episode. I’m alos interested how long Seung-hee can keep the mask on in front of everyone and when she is going to break (if, she is Jae-hee of course). At one point, she has to, unless the whole first love story was pretended from the start which I don’t think. Her feelings are/ were genuine.

    I also read a nice comment in Soompi: Soo-hyun is not falling for Park Hoon but with the idea of his love for Jae-hee. He is willing to go into darker places and the extra mile to get her (Jae-hee), something Soo-hyun does not have.

  14. i was waiting for the recap for so long i love this drama so much so much i wish to god to make it an every day show that way we wouldn’t have to wait a week…. loved this episode so much i guess its because we can finally see jae hee in the frame and shes there in a big chunk of it as much as lee jong suk and the fact that on the premises for the upcoming episode promises to show more of park hoo and jae hee has made me overwhelmed with anticipation…. howeva cold and mean she is trying to be,,,i only want to keep believing in her becuase of park hoon i know she will have her reasons and she will come back to him she has to….. or else how is our park hoon gonna move on……… oh park hoon your love for jae hee has broke me down into pieces….. if park hoon wasnt to be how he is i wouldn’t have been in such a emotional turmoil but how much he loves her and how much he believes in her and with lee jong suks such compelling performance it is so hard to spare myself from doctor stranger’s addication…. and that song by lee ki chan playing at the end scene just breaks my heart ….. the voice suits lee jong suits so well it feels like he is the one singing it…..comeon drama give us more park hoon and jae hee make us fall in love with their love story prove all those non believer wrong……
    kang soras character is just too good to be true and she fits the role so perfectly but between her and park hoon i see a beginning of an amazing friendship….dr oh will probably fall for him but she will always refrain herself cause she knows that dr park will only have eyes for jae hee………

  15. I like this show, but the writer needs to understand that there comes a point where obfuscation simply for the sake of obfuscation is not fun for anybody. Mystery is all well and good but the viewer has to be thrown a bone now and again or they just get frustrated. And that is me right now. I need something – anything! At least tell me how the heck Park Hoon wound up in SKorea for one thing?! There are too many mysteries and not enough thinking things through going on here I fear and it will probably all crash in a heap before this show’s run ends. I love Park Hoon, Soo Hyun and Dr. Moon but everyone else can go fall into the Danube for all I care. That’s enough to keep me watching, but I’m becoming less happy about it!

    • I’m with you here….

      And even if Seung Hee/Jae Hee is the character who will end up with Park Hoon, I couldn’t care less… I don’t care much for Jin Se Yeon, she’s boring to me either way as an actress or character.

    • I love Park Hoon, Soo Hyun and Dr. Moon but everyone else can go fall into the Danube for all I care

      This is how I feel too. If this drama wants Hoon/Jae Hee to be endgame it better stop giving us all that up close and personal contact between Hoon and Soo Hyun. Their friendship is already my favourite part of the drama.

    • This show is pretty much the black hole of plot holes. I am not really invested in any of the characters anymore, except Kang Sora – the rest I really don’t care what happens – most of them make no sense anyway.

      At this point I am watching just to see what kind of convoluted plot devices the writer uses to explain this mess.

  16. All of the criticisms about JSY’s character(and her acting) and all the praises that go to KSR makes the drama a huge turn off for me. GUYS, it’s only in the 6th episode out of 20th episodes! Give it a break!

    • Aside from any acting issues, I still fail to see any purpose at all in Jae Hee’s character at all. Why is she even there?

  17. People are so mean. Stop bashing Jin Se Yeon (jae hee/seung hee). She is a very good actress and her role happens to be a dual role. Obviously her character as seung hee seems nefarious. I really love Kang Sora too and she’s really beautiful. But just because you prefer Kang Sora doesn’t mean it’s ok to bash Jin Se Yeon.

    • Just because someone has a dual role doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t be able to pull it off well. Yang Jin-Sung had a dual role in Bride of the Century – one evil and one good. And she often had to act both roles in the same episode (she also had two extra roles in addition to that, but more on that later).

      The problem is with Jin Se Yeon’s delivery. It truly is FLAT. She’s not able to evoke much emotion from the viewer except boredom and impatience. The facial expressions are there, quite all right, but the emotion behind them is missing. My theory is that she’s probably burnt out from all the back to back dramas she’s been acting in and is just going through the motions. I may be wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed her performances in Gakistal and Age of Innocence, so I don’t dislike her as an actress. But here, in this drama, she is FLAT and not quite cutting it. Maybe because the role calls for more subtlety and nuances than she’s capable of giving or maybe she’s just too tired. I can’t tell.

  18. I find it very funny that some Ji Se Yeon fans get so angry about praise going to Kang Sora. Sorry people think your bias sucks in comparison to KSR.

    At least it’s not as bad as Taecyeon/Kim Jae Wook in Who Are You comparisons, be grateful for that.

    • It’s one thing to praise KSR. I’m all for praising too, and I do commend KSR just as well for her fine performance, but you don’t see me praising KSR then comparing her to JSY as if to make a point. If KSR is truly good, then she’s good by her own merits. No need to start making it a competition between the two.

      There is a line between being supportive to just plain mean-spirited. Shame on anyone who tries to pit these two actress against each other. It’s supposed to be one drama, not some shipping competition.

      Be grateful? Be grateful that most of JSY fans are as level headed as they are. In fact be grateful that JSY’s fans are enduring and still watching the drama despite all the criticisms she receives from it. The drama’s success is not predicated on one actor’s performance alone.

      • agree with u @scientia,,well said,,its just annoying when u praise ur biased and bashing other actress,,its like u feel unsecure for ur biased and need to make harsh comment towards other actress,,pity to these people,,

      • You call yourselves level headed when you’re unable to take, not only criticism of her acting performance, but people simply saying Kang Sora is good? I’ve seen you pull this stunt on dramabeans and accuse someone of saying that we like Kang Sora not because we like her, but because we meanies are trying to run down JSY.

        All this was before there was even any major interaction between Hoon and Soo Hyun, so you can cease with this ‘JSY antis are hating on her because of shipping!’ nonsense. If someone is bad at acting, people have the right to say that too. Too bad if you can’t deal and feel the need to internet scream at other people for not agreeing with you.

    • @Stilletogirl

      You strike me as a smart girl, so I would wish (if it isn’t too much to ask of you) to re-read what I posted here and what I posted to dramabeans IN RESPONSE to another poster whom I’ve personally KNOWN as someone who constantly targets JSY specifically.

      I think it’s regrettable that you had that erroneous picture of in your mind. My post wasn’t a general statement (like the one that I have posted above) and was meant for a specific poster alone. You really don’t need to feel offended if you do indeed support, and support only you did, Kang Sora. I support her too.

      Now you can continue to criticize JSY as much as you want–I’m not going to ‘internet scream’ (I find that notion perplexing as I’ve never done so)just to respond to it. Funny thing is though, opinion works on both ways. You cannot really stop anyone from ‘internet screaming’ when they feel like it, just as much as no one can stop people badmouthing or praising actors. We all should live with it.

      • oops sorry, meant to respond to you here but the comment went downthread.

    • @Scientia – I went back and yes, that girl (I think it’s girl) has harsh words for JSY’s acting. It’s her opinion and she had the right to state it. At least she confined it to opinions on acting/work and wasn’t blasting JSY’s looks or personal life for speculations on how she got the role, as I’ve seen k-netizens do. You are the one who chose to make it personal by going after her, you think that will make her or anyone like your bias more? And responding to someone’s opinion with a personal attack on them as a commenter is not a good look. Ever. No matter how much you dislike that opinion.

      And there’s another point she brought up, people are FAR harsher on dramabeans about other actors besides JSY. And yet I have never seen, say, Park Shin Hye’s fans attack other commenters in this fashion for disliking her acting, her kiss scenes etc and bringing it up in all posts that mention her. If those guys can behave and not attack others to defend their bias, y’all should take a leaf out of their book and if it gets too bad, just scroll. Trust me, I’m an Heirs fan, I’ve seen my biases being hated on, if you don’t like what’s being said you’re not going to change someone’s mind by attacking them to ‘defend’.

      • Let me just lay these out:
        1) I’m not trying to convince anyone who finds fault at JSY to like her. I definitely am not trying to convert antis into fans, that’s an absurd notion, nor am I campaigning to gain support for JSY.
        2) I never personally ‘attacked’ her, no, I simply pointed out FACTS–which to me is an acceptable and fair point, given that she’s operating under OPINIONS. I never ridiculed her nor even attacked anything remotely personally related about her (I don’t even know this person for chrissakes). I just observed her repeatedly targeting JSY for multiple and various threads, and then STATED that observation.
        3) I’m not trying to look good any more than ‘detractors’ try to look ‘cool’ by bashing actors because they feel that it makes them instantly pundits who can criticize actors like they have degree in theater and arts or something.

        Lastly, what perplexes me the most is the notion that ‘detractors’ have the privilege to say anything they want against an actor and the ‘fans’ should just remain silent (which I assume is what you mean by ‘behave’–we’re pretty ‘behave’ if you ask me). That’s something I wouldn’t advoacate as very democratic (I’m assuming we’re all operating on democracy over these threads ofc) and I’m not definitely going to abide by that.

  19. What is this ridiculous war? Who the F*** cares who’s better than who? In order for a drama to succeed or make it engaging is a the whole work of a TEAM! One actor/actress can’t simply act for everyone else and still expects the drama to be interesting. I have no based opinion on KSR and JSY as of yet but the comments about them is starting to piss me off. (Pardon my language). Both of their acting are DIFFERENT and their WAYS OF ACTING is DIFFERENT and it usually depends on the characters they’re portraying. Do you expect one actress/actor to act the SAME way as another actor?!!?

    Besides, I agree with andromeda that it’s too early to judge JSY’s character because she hasn’t been properly fleshed out yet compared to So hyun. Smh.

    Anyway, get over yourselves and enjoy the dang drama. *drops mic and walks off the stage*

  20. I am a fan of Kang So Ra and not a fan of JSY. Looking at the acting level, I am impressed with both actresses.

    However, I just want to point out that Kang So Ra’s acting has been a bit on the similar story plot. If you watch Ugly Alert (and that is how I became a fan of Kang So Ra), you will notice a few similarities:
    a). There are drawings involved of her. Same for Ugly Alert where Joon Soo draws of her. Enough of that please.

    b). Her mom has to die in someways. Seems like mom dying is the same subplot for her all the time. In Ugly Alert, her character’s mom has died.

    c). There’s a pervert chasing her or with her. This time, the other heart specialist is a pervert. Following her even up to the middle of nowhere in a big big big Seoul city. For Ugly Alert, it was the lawyer.

    d). Father-daughter moment relationship. In Ugly Alert, she has issues with her dad and her step mom. But she has good relationship with her grandpa (who is now her father in this movie). With that similar plot, I can see that coming through again, although this time her father is more “persistent”.

    e). Her need to always try to save the guy. Same with Ugly Alert.

    f). Comes from rich family. Same with Ugly Alert.

    JSY to act out of her “goody” character is a new thing and I believe let’s not persecute JSY. I love KSR more than JSY and I still love KSR acting here. Maybe it is just the script. Some parts are similar to Ugly Alert Na Doo Hee character and hence probably she was casted into the show.

    As for JSY and the relevance to My Daughter, The Flower series, seems like there are again similarities:
    a). She is the victim

    b). Family is poor bur was from quite an ok family previously.

    c). Smiles a lot (only in the 1st episode)

    Just my clinical dissection of the characters.

  21. I wonder if people would of liked the Seung Hee/Jae Hee character more if she was played by the actress that was suppose too. That being Park Min Young (City Hunter)

    • I actually find PMY not as a good “bad girl” choice. It’s been ages since she was casted on such a role, and the last time she did, the drama flopped badly. She’s very much in home with the sweet, good, cookie-cutter roles. Had she been playing Seung Hee, I think there will be even more flak as it is. Really, she and JSY shouldn’t be playing this kinds of roles. It’s out of their repertoire. Although I do commend JSY for trying so. The character is so one-note it’s almost impossible to be made like-able. I like JSY too, but I don’t feel anything special for Seung Hee either.

  22. maybe. atlease PMY can show a little more emotion then JSY. pd better be smart and give more screen time for KANG SORA&LJS. they the reason why this drama get high rating. less screen for JSY mean better rating as seem by ep 2,3,4,5. ep 6 have lot of screen for JSY that why the rating fall.

    • High ratings don’t determine the drama’s success and vice versa. Look at Aurora Princess for example. The show succumbed to the viewers’ wishes and it turned into a mess. Anyhow, my point is that if they keep up with their unique storyline, ratings will follow naturally. There’s a lot of factors that may affect ratings but don’t blame the actress for it!!

  23. JSY’s character as Han Seung Hee needs to be soneone with poker facer since she’s a spy after all..she can’t really expose/express her real feeling while facing Park Hoon..and I have to say that she already did a good job being Song Jae Hee..i can really feel her love towards PH in the first 2 episodes..I guess people have to wait until the drama folds out and show more of Han Seung Hee’s character development in the upcoming episodes before bashing JSY’s portrayal as HSH..though there are many cute scenes between Soo Hyun and PH in the last 2 eps, I still find my heart can’t root for them as the end game because it’s too obvious that PH is still so much in love with JH that he professed he would be like that till the day he dies even if it’s true that Seung Hee had already dead. The drama’s PD already said this story is about true love..and I hope he won’t twist the story line due to the fans service..

  24. Unless we know the entire story plot for this drama, this is not the right timing to criticize acting issues. Once the drama ends, fine be with me.

    I must say that JSY as HSH can be refined better. Being a spy doesnt need to be a poker face spy. Looks like a ghost walking around and I think to act as a bad person / a spy, requires more charm so that “people” are lured into the trap.

    (Not wanting to refer to an American show, but this serves as a good acting example) Look at The Dark Knight Rises, Miranda (Played by Marion Cotillard) did such a good act that by the time the viewers found out that she is the evil mastermind, it was mindblowing. We couldn’t read it through her, the characters in the movie can’t read through her because of the way she portrays herself to lure others into it.

    Again, the plot of this Doctor Stranger is not entirely clear yet. The way Seung Hee acts are very dependent on the plot. From an onset, I am not impressed with her “spy” aspects, but as a doctor-patient act, she is good (I guess that is when she is being herself). So the question of acting is, how good can you be, when you have to act as somebody that you are not used to? Same with KSR as well. That is put to the test.

  25. One more thing, I dont think the director could twist the plot according to fans service, because film shooting for Doctor Stranger has already completed? Correct me if I am wrong.

    • No. It hasn’t been completed. It’s not like American shows. The scripts are send out every week and when a drama hits about the 5th or 6th episodes, that’s where it gets really hard. That’s where live shooting takes place and the crew has to work nonstop(plus editing and actor/actresses almost gets no sleep) to show 2 episodes per week. It happens to most of the dramas.

    • Almost all Korean shows shoot on an ongoing weekly basis. They are rarely, if ever, more than 2 weeks ahead.

  26. if pd keep getting more screen time to JSY. this drama will fall below 10% for sure. she just cant bring in the rating with her acting. no one want to sit through a drama that have a woman that cant show much emotion in her face.

    • I have the need to remind you that JSY’s character (SeungHee) isn’t developed as KSR therefore, it’s too early in the game to be overly critical about it. It’s called character development. You might want to look at that for a moment.

  27. I love Kang Sora and want her as end game. I’m not invested in the JH/SH story line at all. JSY is flat and isn’t delivering as I had hoped. when the gun was pointed at her head, I wanted something bad ass, anything! but instead I got nothing, very frustrating. on another note, LJS is as awesome as ever.

  28. Seriously the bashing just won’t stop. I really hope that the script writer would step up HSH’s character..JSY did quite a good job in Gaksital..

  29. I just want to ignore the shipwars here and let me comment about mah OTP’s moment lol

    I just found it just cheesy when for the first time Hoon said this to Jae Hee in episode one, “It’s fate. There are no two identical heartbeats just like no two people look exactly the same.” Then in this episode we heard it again from Hoon after he look at smiling Han Seung Hee (so much JH) with such deep longing & happiness. Those words that he said back then to her, resonated again and he said it back again to HSH (and seems like HSH remember it somewhere and SH said to Hoon why talking like that suddenly, and we knew it why). Then Hoon asked a favor to HSH and suddenly hug her. (Can’t you see SH still beside them, watching the whole conversation and her mouth gaped open when suddenly Hoon hugged HSH? Lmao that’s friendzone much :p)

    I just found it utterly romanchikku for Hoon to repeat again the same words to HSH/JH (bc we know that speech is no nonsense or not just cheesy meaning, he knows to hear someone heartbeat). Aish, I’m probably just a fan of cheesy stuff and angsty feely but yeah it really works on me. I just love the way Hoon dedicated I just want to ignore the shipwars here and let me comment about mah OTP lol

    I just found it cheesy when for the first time Hoon said this to Jae Hee in episode one, “It’s fate. There are no two identical heartbeats just like no two people look exactly the same.” Then in this episode we heard it again from Hoon after he look at smiling Han Seung Hee (so much JH) with such deep longing & happiness. Those words that he said back then to her, resonated again and he said it back again to HSH (and seems like HSH remember it somewhere and SH said why talking like that suddenly towards his love of life (although he must through the word chipper first aish) XD

  30. Finally caught up. Thanks for explaining some of the SK/NK stuff. I thought I was being dense, but now I see there are many questions up there in the plot cloud. Here’s hoping they don’t wait until the last episode to rain down all the secrets. I hate when they withhold facts to keep us guessing, but only to keep us guessing.

    These shipping war driven comments certainly are distracting but they have absolutely nothing to do with the plot. Thanks, Koala for ignoring them.

    Another fantasy element we can add to the list is these drugs that get injected everywhere that do exactly what they need to do for exactly as long as needed. What makes it even funnier is how the anesthesiologist mentions how THEY don’t even know how some drugs work. It is like Alice: One shot makes your heart have an MI, and one shot puts you to sleep at random times when you are about to ID a bad guy, and the one that Hoonah gives you will make you appear dead after your kidney transplant but won’t kill you…Whatever! I don’t think they are even trying to explain it, so I won’t hurt my brain making sense of it.

    Love your reference to YFAS, Shin Sung Rok. PHJ certainly is doing every possible thing he can to breathe life into Jae Joon. It is lovely that his nefarious plan to take over the world hospital could be questioned because he actually loves the woman he is pretending to love. Although, I don’t see how it could be a losing proposition for him. Or is it, just as he sees how wonderful Quack is, she drifts away from him because she knows he doesn’t really love her in comparison to how Hoon feels for Jae Hee?

    Has anyone questioned yet why we have two Jae’s? Jae Joon and Jae Hee? That is so confusing. It would be like two characters named Chris in English. Christopher and Christine. There has to be a reason, right?

  31. I loved Jae Hee and Hoon the moment I saw them. Their love was really genuine and sweet. Of course Seung Hee is Jae Hee, there is no denying, especially since they are the same actress and it wouldn’t make sense otherwise in my eyes since we do see that she recogniezes him.
    That’s why I’m sick of all those Soo Hyun/Hoon shippers who don’t even give the other pair a chance. Soo hyun/Hoon had a lot of good scenes already, while Jae Hee was reintroduced and has her own agenda. Of course she isn’t 100% the same girl anymore, who would, still, seeing how good their love (Hoon and Jae Hee) was and how selfless both of them were I can’t do anything but love those two. I don#t care how Jae Hee behaves now, because deep down she still is the girl that fell in love with Hoon and has her reasons for doing what she does. I still incredibly ship them because they both gave up so much for each other as it to be for nothing. Their “flashbacks”/their teenage years we saw in the first two episodes were more enjoying for me than anything I saw with Soo Hyun. Besides that it seems she doesn’t love Hoon, but the idea behind how selfless HE loves. It’s something she doesn’t have and that’s why she wants the same love Hoon gives Jae Hee.

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