Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Reportedly Expecting a Baby According to Japanese Tabloid

This particular gossip update came out last month but I never got around to posting about it then. I was knee deep getting hooked on Oguri Shun‘s new J-dorama Border (so freaking awesome and unexpectedly funny) so this slipped past me until the rumors surfaced of Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao maybe dating for real and perhaps planning to get hitched. It reminded me of Shun and his wifey of two years Yamada Yu and triggered the memory of reading in the April edition of Japanese tabloid magazine Shukan Josei that reportedly Yamada Yu is three months pregnant! Since getting married, Yu has wanted a baby but the couple had trouble conceiving so last year she was referred to a celebrity OB/GYN who specialized in infertility and went in for treatment. Both Yu and Shun are reportedly over-the-moon about the pregnancy but don’t want to confirm the news until the high risk first trimester is over. Yu’s reported pregnancy comes on the heels of the persistent tabloid rumors that Shun is cheating on her. The latest dish involves a tabloid snapping pics of Shun going out to a late dinner with his Lupin the Third costar Kuroki Meisa, who herself is married to Akanishi Jin and has a baby daughter with her husband. Shun’s known Meisa for a long time, ever since they did the Crows Zero movies together, so they could really have been just hanging out. Or not, who knows. The rumors of MatsuJun and Mao tying the knot led me to rewatch Hana Yori Dango and it’s so startling to see how many of the leads in the dorama has gone from playing high school students to hitting their thirties and getting married leading to having babies down the road. It really does feel like the end of an era. Congrats to Shun and Yu if they really are expecting a baby! With their genes that’s going to be a gorgeous little boy or girl, and tall to boot.

A reporter from Shukan Josei actually ambushed Yu outside the couple’s apartment to ask her about being pregnant. She appeared to want to say something but ended up not responding. Then when she was about to get into the car and leave, someone shouted congratulations and her whole face broke into a beaming smile before she departed.


Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Reportedly Expecting a Baby According to Japanese Tabloid — 15 Comments

  1. It must be so tiring to read about all those silly rumous about oneself every other day. The life of a celeb.

  2. Congratulation to both, that baby is going to be fill with love 🙂

    Stupid money hungry tabloids… That’s the worst you can do when a woman is pregnant… Start rumors about the spous having an affair. Ugh :/

      • If those are true than she’s stupid for having a baby with a person she can’t trust. Stupid women always piss me off that think they can hold a man by having their babies! :/

  3. Most of the time, ugly looking parents have the cutest looking kid and vice versa so we shall see how their kid will turn out, but I do hope for the best

  4. So happy for them, sure they’ll make lovely parents. Here’s wishing Yu a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby <3

  5. Apparently Leehom and his wife are expecting now too. I remember a few months ago you made a post about some c-netizens who still thought that he was gay and using his wife as cover-up or something like that. Do they still believe that?

  6. Well…Oguri Shun has had numerous cheating scandals, which I’m not sure whether or not to believe. If it is true, I just hope that he remains loyal, because cheating on your pregnant wife is an a-hole move. According to Japanese news, Yu insisted on Shun having a GPS-tracked phone to keep an eye on him. There was one time where he deliberately left behind his GPS-tracked phone at a Yakitoriya, so that Yu wouldn’t detect that he was going to Gotanda with other women. Hm, kinda suggests that he’s not to be trusted really, even after marriage…On another note, congrats and I hope pregnancy will be successful this time round~

  7. If the rumors are true, then congratulations to them!

    Am watching Border as well and I too find it awesome with well placed humor..Hope after it’s over that you’ll write a mini review of it and share your thoughts!

  8. why in the world would oguri want to cheat on his wife. she hot as hell.
    well if the rumor true about them having another baby then congrats to them.

  9. What the heck is wrong wid women. They knew the man cheated yet kept on clinging on them. Thats not love but stupidity and possessiveness. And worse she is carrying the child of a cheater.

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