Shim Eun Kyung Declines K-remake of Nodame Cantabile and Search Continues for Joo Won’s Leading Lady

Talented young actress Shim Eun Kyung is hitting home runs at the box office with movies like Miss Granny and Sunny so it’s no surprise that she hasn’t done a K-drama since Bad Guy in 2010 on KBS. The network tried valiantly to lure her back for its Fall K-drama remake of the J-dorama Nodame Cantabile but ultimately it’s a no go with her. Shim Eun Kyung’s agency has confirmed that she’s officially turned down the project so it’s back to the drawing board for KBS. At least the drama has a leading man inked already in Joo Won who has a steady string of hits with KBS starting from his debut in Baker King Kim Tak Gu all the way to last year’s Good Doctor. The only blip on his resume was with MBC’s 7th Grade Civil Servant and that one was a doozy of a messJoo Won gets nominated a lot for year end drama awards and he’s even up for a Baeksang Best Actor this year for Good Doctor, giving me plenty of time to look through his black tie pictures and deem him pretty easy on the eyes in a formal tux. Any actor wanting to play Chiaki senpai had better rock a formal tux as intense and handsome as Tamaki Hiroshi did whenever his character was conducting the orchestra. With Shim Eun Kyung out, the hunt is on for a leading lady that can play the adorkable Nodame (Noda Megumi) with her quirky musical intuition and manga character weirdness. A lot of idol-actresses will likely be considered due to their musical backgrounds ranging from IU to Yoona to Suzy to Sulli to Jung Eun Ji to Sooyoung to UEE.  If KBS is willing to eschew a more well-known name some great choices would be Ha Yeon Soo, Im Joo Eun, or Kim Ji Won, all of whom have done musical dramas. A long shot might be Park Shin Hye who is no stranger to the music drama either what with You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings under her belt. Who do you guys want to play K-Nodame?

The more likely ones are the KBS regulars with a slew of KBS dramas under their belts: Suzy with Dream HighBig, and Gu Family Book, Yoona with Love Rain and Prime Minister and I, IU with Dream High, Pretty Boy, and The Best Lee Soon Shin, and UEE with Jeonwoochi and Ojakkyo Brothers. It’s all speculation at this point but I wouldn’t be surprised if the coveted role landed with one of the lovely ladies below.

Jung Eun Ji.

Park Shin Hye.





Im Joo Eun.

Kim Ji Won.


Ha Yeon Soo.



Shim Eun Kyung Declines K-remake of Nodame Cantabile and Search Continues for Joo Won’s Leading Lady — 75 Comments

    • if it has to be idol actress, i choose eunjang too, plus she almost take a role in five finger as pianis right? i guess she already prepare for the role, i heard she already practice her piano skill, i think she has acting talent too, i like her acting in dream high

      • Yes, Eunjung knows to play piano and practiced hard already for FF. Her hair now as well reminds me of Nodame. And she could play clingy, quirky and over the top, exaggerated Nodame.

        I could see IU in the role too But I just want Eunjung back in dramaland again.

  1. hmm i think kim ji won would be a good match. Suili just did fashion king w joo won, iu has her comeback, eunji has trot lovers, suzy may be taking up a movie
    park shin hye is good too but probably lack chemistry w joowon

  2. I do think ha yeon soo would be a great fot on the role. Nodame, i think, has a slight resemblance to ha yeon soo’s monstar

  3. I am still in denial. T____T Shim Eun Kyung, my perfect Nodame. huhuhuhu

    But fine, if I must pick one from this list, I’d go with Im Joo Eun. ^__^

  4. No Suzy, sulli, yoona, or soo young. Nothing againt them, but the fact is that suzy can’t act, sulli’s acting skills are underwhelming. I can’t see yoona in the role because i don’t think she can let go if her vanity to play a quirky silly character like nodame, and i just plain can’t see SY in the role idk why. I’ll settle for any one of the rest of the ladies. I’m personally really hoping for ha yeonsoo or i’m jooeun.

    • quirky character? lol Yoona can definitely play that hun. You wouldn’t know unless you’ve watched Prime minister & I.

      • I watched that drama and she was pretty comical but not QUIRKY. She wasn’t totally nutty or weird, know what I mean? Not to mention the drama got more serious in the later half and her character became a prim and proper wife who just has a fun personality. But she wasn’t totally out there. Therefore I feel like Yoona has a limit as to how much of her vanity she can let go to portray more difficult characters.

    • Yoona and more likely Sooyoung can take on quirky roles, from what they’ve shown on variety shows. They’ve mentioned before that their company limits them from going all out on variety shows to maintain their image, so I think that would be the bigger concern if they were offered the role.

  5. can someone tell me is kdramaland is running out of actress?
    suzy sulli yoona sooyoung etc sigh. i bet everybody knows their talent in acting.
    and i honestly don’t like park shin hye’s acting skills. she has the same expression in every single project. and with her habit pouting here and there. come on pdnim. cant korean production gives chances to others who are really talented?

    • haha…i’m totally agree with you…only PSH acting in flower boy next door is kinda acceptable…others, her expression is same, if the character is bubbly all she do is pout here and there…only actress that i see can play this role are IU, Kim Ji Won and Im Joo Eun..IU , we already knew she is already talented musician and talented in acting as well( see you are the best lee soon shin, pretty man). Kim Ji Won is bubbly and lovable in What’s Up. While Im Joo Eun is so odd and weird but attractive in Wild Romance and What’s Up. eunji is good too but she already attached with Trot Lovers. For suzy, i like her in person, but for as actress, she got a lot to improved and this kind of Nodame role is too much for her to handle…

    • Yes I cringe at the thought of idol actresses such as Yoona, Suzy, Sulli and Uee. Eunji and Sooyoung have better acting skills so I am slightly more alright with them. Eunji would be a good fit since Joo Won is a self-professed A Pink fan himself (that’s only if she hasn’t already taken up Trot Lovers).

      NO Park Shin Hye pretty please! Same sentiments as you! She has the same expression (and acting skills) in every single drama. Kim Ji Won would be perfect, especially from her decent and natural most recent stint in Gap-dong. Ha Yeon Soo is good in Monstar but I don’t really want to see her again in such a similar project.

  6. As I recall, Bad Guy 2010 (with Kim Nam Gil) was airing on SBS not KBS.

    And my choices for Joo Won’s Nodame would be Ha Yeon Soo (Potato Star finished long time ago) or Kim Ji Won (straight after finished Gap Dong).

  7. Frankly, as a Sooyoungster, I would love Sooyoung to even be considered for the role because after watching Nodame Cantabile so many times, I find the role to be really challenging and not meant to be portrayed as silly/loveable character so yeap’, it’s a really good role.
    But there are also so many factors which make me doubt so I really don’t know. Frankly, if we look at popularity, she has only been main lead in a cable drama and it didn’t end well (for the ratings at least) so I don’t think a national network like KBS will ever consider her as main lead material right away (BUT WHO KNOWS ?)

    Anyway, I don’t really care who is going to be Nodame. I just want someone who could act the character well and makes it its own. Same for Joo Won. I know he is a great actor but y’know, I just can’t imagine someone else than Tamaki playing Chiaki. He was amazing in that role.
    As for the ratings, the parternship of KBS and Joo Won has been been an hit so I don’t think this one is going to be any different but damn it, when it comes to the storyline, I have those huge doubts/fears that I don’t think I would ever forgive kdramaland if they messed up with it (Boys Over Flowers and To The Beautiful You are such painful memories). So yeap’, just good actors to play good characters and no unnecessary stuffs like bitchy mother in law, rich vs poor, love triangle/square … etc. PLEASE O.O

  8. I love Nodame. I also can’t imagine anyone playing her other than Ueno. But I wonder – how about Moon Geun Young?
    Is she available? She can be funny. And she can act too!

    • yup.. I think so too.. I love her and pretty sure she can do this character.. but sadly she’s not among the hot items these days *sigh*

  9. All of them are great actresses but from what I’ve seen of Yoona in Prime Minister and I, she’ll play this role to a T if she gets it.

  10. I’ve become a Yoona fan after Prime Minister and I, but I don’t actually want her to be in this. I want her to go for a different role.

    But her and Joowon are SO cute. I remember seeing some gifs of their interaction on 1N2D. They were adorbs together.

    So yes for YoonaXJoowon, no for Yoona being in this drama.

  11. I am fan for shin Hye but at the same time I don’t want her to take Nodame bcz this character is very complex and won’t to add to her .
    I wish shin Hye take action drama with strong character .
    Nodame is the real hard to be remade and the comparison will be harsh bcz no one will beat the Japanese version .

  12. Too bad they can’t cast shim eun kyung, she is perfect for the role.
    I have my own recommendation. Park Se Young. Currently I’m watching her drama, “Glorious Day” and the in first episode, she showed an adorkable character, and her acting is quiet good too. Well, in the end we should wait for the casting news from KBS.

  13. Nodame is not a easy part to play, yes the character is crazy and over the top but Juri was fantastic.
    Im Joo Eun can play quirky and funny and I think so would make a perfect Nodame but knowing how casting works I bet they’ll go for a idol.

    • Im Joo Eun is the only from the above list that I think could pull it off. They don’t need a musician for this role, they need someone WHO CAN ACT. Nodame plays the piano after all (& they better don’t change that!!!!!), they can fake piano playing. What’s crucially important is Nodame’s character which only a top-notch actress can pull off. If they are seriously considering idols for this role, I’m even more convinced that this remake will never measure up to the original.

      But if you want my honest opinion, I’m still firmly in the there should be no Nodame remake camp and I also think that Joo Won isn’t a match for Tamaki’s Chiaki.

  14. Park Shin Hye and Yoona would guarantee a no-see for me. I’ve had it with both of them. Oh yeah, you can include Yoona’s pal, Jessica, in this list. Didn’t see the original, so can’t comment if it shouldn’t be remade. But generally, dramas like Mischevious Kiss, and My Queen, should have been left alone.

    • Playful Kiss and Witch’s Romance are like the only two kdrama remakes I’ve enjoyed. Especially since Playful Kiss’ Hani isn’t as ridiculous as Xiang Qin. I know they made a new Japanese version this year, haven’t watched but it was made after PK anyway, but the old one’s Kotoko was frustrating too. In general the guy just gets to be cold with hints of his affection so it’s really the female lead character that sells i

  15. I’m going for Im Joo Eun! I love her in Wild Romance, she’s so quirky and dorky and cute at the same time 😀

  16. Im Joo Eun or Ha Yeon Soo. IU? Yeah, I’ll go for it.

    But if there is anyone else, I’ll go for Dahee of Monstar.

  17. I like UEE for this, at least among the list above, and it is the year of re-matches, isn’t it?
    The OB fans would go crazy!

    She would HAVE to cut her hair, though.

  18. Sulli?Suzy? Yoona and other idol actresses? You want Joo Won to overshadow their existence?They can’t even act decently for god sake and making one of them the most important character of drama is like suicide.Joo Won need someone,powerful actress to pair up with him.please get a proper actress.I am sure there are many.

    Uee is fine.She is actually better actress than other idol actresses.

    • Well Yoona wasn`t overshadowed by Lee Beum Soo ,who is far superior actor , so i don`t see what exactly can Joo Won do to `overshadow` her.

  19. Jung So Min!
    We all know she would rock this drama. She is at her best with challenging roles, and makes ridiculous/overwhelming characters enduring. If any idol had taken on Oh Ha Ni, Playful Kiss would have been a hot mess.

    But she has two movies lined up :(.

  20. UEE is unlikely. Didn’t she break Joo Won’s heart or something? He is a gentleman, but he sounded a bit bitter when they asked about UEE during Gaksital era.

    • Not really. I remember during Jeon Woo Chi, Cha Tae Yeon said in an interview that it was actually Joo Won who told him first about Uee’s casting in the drama. He also said the two are really good friends.

      Anyway, I’d love Uee to see with Joo Won again.

  21. idol actresses?? just cast a normal actress, it would be fine. Those idol actresses do not have amazing musical skill anyway. Anyway good young actress can do well, just like how Yoo Ah In did in SLA when he has zero musical background

  22. Second the Jung So-min suggestion. I prefer SNSD’s Sunny though if JSM won’t be offered the role. Park Bo-young would be great too.

    I’m not really a big Joowon fan and I don’t think he’ll be as good as the original Chiaki, but if I like the lead female, I’ll tune in.

  23. It’s hard to comment the choice of the actress when we don’t really know how they’ll adapt Nodame Cantabile. In To The Beautiful You, they didn’t keep the crazy part of the story (the guy who sees ghost). In Nodame Cantabile, there are a lot of crazy scenes ! But if I must choose, I take Kim Ji Won. I loved her in What’s Up. She’s a good actress. Or IU who is really great too.

  24. I could tolerate Kim Ji Won or Im Joo Eun as Nodame (both are promising actresses, but I am saying tolerate as I still think that J-version is perfect and should be left alone). Anyone else from the list will simply ruin it, none of them have the acting range to play such a difficult character. I do have hope, if the drama producers have tried to cast Shim Eun Kyung (who doesn’t usually do dramas) it means that they are actually concerned about acting skills and are less likely to cast a talentless idol.

  25. Yoona,suzy, sulli sooyoung NONONONONO, infinite no. Jung Eun Ji and IU i can consider but the other idol actresses no. Nodame is a very dificult character, they can’t pull it…well no one can like Ueno Juri.

  26. I love Uee. Her acting improved so much. I love a reunion but that would be unlikely because they worked together already.

    I think Jung So Min would be perfect fit. She has that spunk and acting chips to pull it off.

  27. IU. It has to be. Who else can do atypical roles of the quirky kind like she does??? You cant pick a goody-two-shoes, and you can’t pick someone who can’t act – this is a manga adaptation, EXAGGERATING acting is required – IU. she pops into mind immediately.

  28. My vote: IU. She could easily pull off the same character as the main female lead in the original Nodame Cantabile. She has that effortless cuteness, innocence, and energy that would completely match the original lead’s character.

  29. Sadness. I thought Shim Eun Kyung would play the part so well. Please do not cast any of the idols above. I don’t care if they have musical backgrounds. Acting ability is the most important for this role.

  30. Non of them have Nodame in them. Shim Eun Kyung was perfect too bad she declined the role. I could see IU or Yoona pulling this off, but i prefer Ki Ji Won, Park Bo Young or some other young actress.

  31. I agree on Jung So Min being a great replacement for Shim Eun Kyung, but she is busy with Big Man and will film Alice right after. I’m not sure if she has been confirmed for Twenty with Kim Woo Bin, but I rather see her in that than this. I think she would knock it out of the part, but the Japanese version was perfect and just shouldn’t be messed with.

  32. I firmly believe that Im Joo Eun would make the perfect Nodame.

    She already proved that she can play an oddball (in Wild Romance) and she’s willing to work hard for a role (like losing weight for Hon/Soul).

    If we really think about it, she’s the perfect choice: she’s only 1 year younger than Joo Won, her popularity is on the rise, her schedule is free and the role of Nodame seems made for her.

    I would be INSANELY happy if she was cast. She’s one of my favorite K-actresses!

  33. well she too young to play his lover. so it good she trun it down.
    wish YEH would pick this one up. love to see them in a drama together.

  34. Gah, Nodame j-dorama is my baby. I even have the DVD and it’s such a great drama and series that I hope to everything holy that kdramaland does it justice. I like Joo Won (esp. in Bridal Mask) but I don’t think he fits the Chiaki role. He still looks boy-like to me whereas I find Chiaki with a mature aura. As for Nodame, I’d choose IU or Im Joo Eun. I feel like they’d be able to pull the natural absentmindedness that Nodame has.

  35. I think Im Joo Eun will be a perfect nodame.
    she’s been in a quirky character in wild romance and did a good job.

  36. Good choice, though I’m sad because with her behind Nodame this would be a worthwhile watch.

    From your list, Im Joo Eun would be my favorite pick. She’s talented and clearly shown she could be quirky and weird in the way Nodame is.

    Kim Ji Won perhaps could use some more experience as that girl seems to keep improving, but is one of those up and coming actresses I’ve wanted to root for from their first project. I don’t know about her range, but from Gap-dong and What’s Up, I can see her as a bubbly and oddball character too.

  37. I hate seeing drama adaptations of comedi manga/anime because the medium simply doesn’t fit, that kind of humor is translated perfectly in anime, in drama it is just retarded and ridiculous which harms the story, watch the anime folks, it is priceless ! the seiyu did an amazing hilarious performance as nodame, no actress can pull that off

  38. waaah.. A lot of choices huh? Nice one Joo Won. Long lists for your opposite. But you deserve it though, because you were on of my best actors. I like all of your dramas, honestly. So foe me whoever will play his opposite, it’s fine, because I know Joo Won oppa can pull the drama though. Hwaiting

  39. Please, not Park Shin Hye, I beg of you, not her.
    Im Joo Eun, and Kim Ji Won would be viable.
    Shim Eun Kyung would have been a good choice, I understand why they courted her.
    I’d prefer no remake, but we’re on our way.

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