Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook are the Latest K-celeb Acting Couple to Go Public

Trusty ol’ K-tabloid Sports Seoul is at it again in the forefront of breaking K-celeb dating news. Or maybe it’s less “breaking” then being part of a well engineered roll out of a couple going public. This one doesn’t include any idols and involves two very well known actors (and also tanks a massively shipped drama couple ship). Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook were recently caught by Sports Seoul on a late night surreptitious date near her house, complete with her face mask and his baseball cap. An unidentified acquaintance of the pair spoke with Sports Seoul to divulge that the couple have been dating since meeting at a fashion show last year, sharing a mutual love of fashion as well as a common profession in acting. Both are not new to the public dating realm, with Lee Jin Wook having a very high-profile relationship with Choi Ji Woo after they did Air City together but that fizzled since he went to the army right after they started dating, while Gong Hyo Jin was in one of the longest celeb relationships in the industry with fellow actor Ryu Seung Beom for over a decade since meeting on a drama set in 2001 and lasting until the break up in 2012.

That was also quite a buzzy break up with rumors that Gong Hyo Jin had fallen for her co-star Ha Jung Woo which all parties involved vehemently refuted. Since last year’s The Master’s Sun where many drama fans loved her with So Ji Sub and have been praying the chemistry on set moved over to real life, Gong Hyo Jin’s now confirmed relationship with Lee Jin Wook surely puts the kibbutz on that. I actually would have been fine if she did or didn’t date So Ji Sub, but ever since So Ji Sub’s recent dating scandal with After School‘s Jooyeon (which they denied but I’m not really buying that) it was pretty clear the Master’s Sun couple wasn’t happening. This will also bring additional attention to both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Woo’s upcoming drama projects. Gong Hyo Jin has the SBS rom-com It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung (who is himself in a high profile relationship with fellow actress Kim Min Hee) while Lee Jin Wook is prepping for this Summer’s Joseon version of The Three Musketeers. I love hearing dating news because it’s just happy stuff and I don’t mind if the couple breaks up down the road since a fleeting but sincere romance can be memorable and sweet. Congrats to these two!


Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jin Wook are the Latest K-celeb Acting Couple to Go Public — 46 Comments

  1. i love both of them as individuals so yayyyyyyyy. i never ever expected them to be together so i got rly shock and im one of those big master sun shipper so im kinda dissapointed but well so ji sub and jooyeon are probably dating (although they denied). lee jin wook’s hair looks so cute haha hope they will last long ^^

    • I agree with you. I have a soft spot for Lee Jin Wook since Formidable Rivals (Drama was boring but he was cute). I am so happy Gong Hyo Jin is dating. She has been single for long enough since her breakup.

  2. Was a bit broken-hearted because even after the SJS-Jooyeon rumor I still hoped for a GHJ-SJS pairing in real life.
    Then again, if that is not to be, am cheering on this couple.
    Congratulations to Gong Hye Jin and Lee Jin Wook! Be happy!

    Be happy! <3 wishing them the best!

    My fave celeb couples now are these two & yoona-seunggi couple.

  4. Nooo….I’m heartbroken. After my InHyun’s OTP crashed and burned too…..No more shipping for me. Never again.

    Not forgetting Kim Bum and Moon broke up too!!

  5. I was a GHJ-SJS shipper during Master’s Sun…but I’m happy for her….

    congrats to both 🙂

    By the way, Koala…why haven’t you written anything on your beloved couple’s break-up aka Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young??

  6. Super hot couple! Well done, you two. I hope SJS dates someone that actually suits him. He could do a million times better than jooyeon.

  7. i love them both but i am brokenhearted. i know it’s ridiculous but i need a moment to accept that my SoJung ship has sunk..

  8. Ah…I’m glad you posted because no one else has lol…I wanted to be all excited somewhere but it seems I don’t really have anything to say lol

    Congrats to them…

  9. What? Oh, I like this a lot.
    Both of them seem down to earth and very funny.

    Btw, I would love for him to teach her how to screen kiss like a champ. He is the best.

  10. Would’ve never thought. But my heart goes out to sogongers who had a rather large shipperbase and shipped them so passionately.

  11. well there go my master sun ship. if SJS didnt have that scandal with that after shcool member. my ship would still be sailing.

  12. Yay! Congrats to the new couple! Love them both but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Ryu Song Beum with her, they were just so effortlessly cool together.
    Not to nitpick, but where’s the baseball cap?

  13. Wow this totally took me by surprise. Congrats to the couple nevertheless!

    BTW they were in Air City together not On Air (a hit drama with KHN & LBS).

  14. Really? Is that really true? Oh no! Why did GHJ choose LJW? I mean LJW looks compatible with GHJ too, fashionista, handsome and seems nice, and all that, but…. What did SJS not do right? That was so out of the blue. We must have been off the radar totally.

    But still, if GHJ picks her man, I am happy she did. And that she picks LJW instead of some players. Hope they will sail away happily, and end up together for a long long time. I don’t have the heart to see GHJ breaking up again. So, LJW, make sure you treat our lady right, arachi?! SJS, all the best to you. I am sure you will find your princess soon, if you haven’t yet found her.

    GHJ FIGHTING! Hope your new drama IOTL will hit the ratings chart up high! Best wishes and God’s Blessings!

  15. !!!!

    I’m so happy for her, she’s the coolest woman in k-ent (never really believed the SoGong ship would sail, but it was fun to hope while it lasted and we’ll always have the flirty bts <3)

    Looking forward to her drama too, it's funny but Kim Min-hee is her lifelong bff and gf of Jo In-sung.

  16. OMG, this is great news! I loved watching all the Master’s Sun BTS footage of GHJ and SJS being all touchy-feely with each other… but this news makes me just as happy and my sense is that GHJ and LJW actually make a better couple. I recently started watching an old GHJ drama which has again made me appreciate how super adorable she can be, and that’s had me wanting her to be in another real-life OTP. So, yay! LJW can be super adorable, too~ I bet they make each other smile all the time.

    • Honestly, I was expecting off the wall chemistry from people’s comments but I just sensed they had very comfortable, friendly chemistry. I bet they are good friends in real life. Friends sometimes always end up dating of course so who knows in the future if they don’t get married to other people.

  17. I just think it’s quite curious to “break” this news just when both of their dramas will be released. “Ratings draw”, anyone? I sincerely ship the couple (I think they look good together) and wish them the best in their relationship. But it begs the question, if they have been dating for a year, why break the news NOW? Why not later, after their respective dramas have ended, or last year when they were going out, or not at all?

  18. This makes me giddy because I adore both of them individually. It is surely a very pleasant surprise. Just as newsworthy to me is Lee Jin Wook’s hair in the photos. Lol how cute. Yay for a new celeb couple. I think this one may be my fave atm.

  19. This was unexpected, I love them both! Lee Jin Wook seems like a real noona-killer lol. The age gap between him and Gong Hyo Jin is not too big but it seems like they fit well together. I’m really happy for them!

  20. Yay, I’m happy for them. Also, just going by the way they are dressed, they seem very comfortable with each other and past the dress to impress stage lol.

    All this k-ent couple news makes me scared that I’ll soon hear Gong Yoo is dating someone. I’m already getting myself mentally prepared so I’m more happy for him than gut wrenched!

    • I don’t think SS id’ed her from the photo. They saw her in person and she didn’t deny that it was her. I guess they felt it was inevitable that they would be found out.

  21. She still had tons of chemistry with So Ji Sub. So if not a relationship, I hope for a new drama with them 😀

  22. OH EM GEE. Love this couple for days! LJW is hotness personified and GHJ is this crazy talented bundle of loveliness (while also seeming super down to earth). Can these two make out on my screen now pls?

  23. I love both of them they’re two of my fav K-Ent actors! I am happy for them and wish them all the best!

  24. Jo in sung and Kim min her broke up they’re no longer dating.

    This news is kinda shocking to me but it’s really cute!

    • Can you share the source? My google skills aren’t working b/c I can’t seem to find any news of it. They make a cute couple. Would be sad to hear they end the relationship, if they did.

  25. I love them individually and am a fan of both. Am quite surprised to see them as a couple (never would I have imagine pairing these two up). Of course, I am not disappointed. I’m actually very happy that both are dating (although, the fangirling in me is a bit sad that Lee Jin Wook is dating. XD At least it’s with the amazing Gong Hyo Jin).

  26. I love her and i’m happy to see she found her love. I hope she decided to settle down for marriage not that she will stop acting but just to see her happy makes me happy. Congrats both of you.

  27. Hmm,I think I belong to the few that did not see any chemistry between SJS and GHJ.I like them both and I want them to be happy with the person they like next to their side.

  28. Wow! I never expected this but they really look cute together. I hope after this confirmation, we get to see a lot of photos of them dating. GHJ had a very public relationship with RSB so I’m hoping that they also share a few of their couple pics to their fans.

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