Park Shin Hye is Casual Sexy in NYC for InStyle Korea and Reveals She Wants to Act Opposite Yoo Seung Ho

The June issue of InStyle Korea manages the feat of incorporating four of my favorite things all in one handy spread. Park Shin Hye was in New York City last month to attend the Dramefever Awards and managed to squeeze in a lovely photo shoot for InStyle Korea. I adore NYC and its sidewalks and cityscape so it’s already a treat to see Shin Hye posting prettily around the city. Then the photo shoot tosses in to-die-for glorious hair that makes me want to run to the salon for an immediate blowout, and on top of that Park Shin Hye revealed in the accompanying interview that she really wants to act opposite Yoo Seung Ho. Girl say whut? She has the supremely good taste of wanting to act with mah baby boy? Just doing that So Ji Sub MV wasn’t enough for her? She wants a full length drama to ogle him? I don’t blame her at all. She’s probably still giggling about how Yoo Seung Ho added a kiss scene between them in the MV that wasn’t originally scripted.

Park Shin Hye was asked if she wanted to do a noona-dongsaeng romance since it’s all the rage in K-dramas nowadays and she’s up for it and wants to act opposite Yoo Seung Ho the most. She used to see him as just a dongsaeng but, like the rest of the world, has come to see him as very manly and all grown up after watching him in Missing You. Park Shin Hye also revealed that she’s quite athletic and dreams about doing an action style project like Tomb Raider one day where she’s the kick-ass heroine out to save the day. Ha Ji Won has that entire character type covered but she will need a successor actress one day to take over and maybe Shin Hye can who do it. Who knows but at least she wants to try something different. The casual outfits Shin Hye wears in this shoot are all very wearable but I highly recommend she snag the va-va-voom open back white gown for her closet so she can wear it for award shows instead of the usual frumpy gowns she dons.


Park Shin Hye is Casual Sexy in NYC for InStyle Korea and Reveals She Wants to Act Opposite Yoo Seung Ho — 15 Comments

  1. PSH looks very pretty 🙂

    And I am totally waiting for her to play a kick ass character one day.

    This may be just me but why is there a picture of ksw/yeh/some other person on this post?

  2. ..WOW.

    She can be really sexy in photos like here and in that Jambangee campaign with Lee Jong Seok, shame her image in dramas never even tried to go there. Sexy Shin-hye is a gorgeous look and I want her smoky eye makeup now!

  3. yeah it’s time for her to go for new genre, She got the potential. ..too bad this industry isn’t versatile for female actresses. most of young actresses even don’t find chance to take different kind of roles or being at center of the story. they’re just there for eye candy, …and it’s a shame that viewers (mostly women) hate and blame them not the script writers.

  4. I always find her sexy in these photo shoots but she struggles a bit to translate some of that aura to the screen. So far she’s only played candies but i think she has potential to play alluring, more mature characters. Still young, i hope she breaks out of her comfort zone.

    • Go Dok Mi was totally not a Candy. I thought FBND would be the start of a more mature phase in her career but then she did Heirs.

      I think her next acting project is a sageuk so thankfully she doesn’t intend to keep playing high school/college kids forever.

  5. I think PSH tries to look sexy but her face is always so innocent that despite wearing all those revealing, sexy outfits, she looks adorable and cute and sweet 🙂 But not sexy because that comes from one’s attitude…

  6. I adore her Audrey Hepburn inspired beauty look pictorial and after I saw this I’m quite like too. If she wants she can nailed it. Fab!

  7. Why can`t she wear dress like that to an award show? She looks so pretty and youthful , they always try to make her look like Miss Granny.

  8. The innocence of her face emphasize the “seductiveness” of her beauty, so simple and beautiful, in and out!

  9. I’m going to be really shallow and say that what I like most about her isn’t her acting but her looks. She isn’t the typical skinny k-drama actress and I especially like her legs, they are heavy-set and not stick thin like they are going to snap any minute. Her characters are kind of a hit and miss for me, I loved her in Heirs, but I really hated Flower Boy Next Door, I found the drama seriously boring. You’re Beautiful was just average but her character was kinda annoyingingly naive. I’m looking forward to seeing her do an action role.

    • I will jump on the shallow bandwagon also. While she is really hot, I too would like to see her actually “act” – in anything (besides the 30+ crying jags like in Heirs).

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