Lee Seung Gi Injured on the Set of You’re All Surrounded and SBS Preempts Wednesday Episode

SBS is having a very bad no good two weeks after the spectacular collapse of the Dr. Stranger narrative on Mon-Tues and a preemption last week for the Wed episode of You’re All Surrounded due to the election coverage. This week is no better for resurrecting Dr. Stranger and even more bad news has befallen YAAS with word that this Wednesday’s episode will also be preempted due to leading man Lee Seung Gi getting injured on the set Monday night. There is barely any real police work done in the drama so why even bother having realistic props or stunts, might as well use rubber guns and foam bullets. The injury happened when Lee Seung Gi got a cut on his eye from a prop knife and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctor patched up the bleeding in his eye which thankfully isn’t a serious or catastrophic injury to rob him of eyesight. He has been prescribed lots of rest so the production has sanely decided┬ánot to rush him back on set and instead just broadcast one episode this week because that is how much footage is available.

I guess I should be grateful that Lee Seung Gi’s injury isn’t more severe but I’m just annoyed that he got hurt for work on the set of such a piddling drama.┬áLast week’s one-episode airing already cut into YAAS’s ratings and this week will likely continue to chip away at its lead over Golden Cross, the unexpected dark horse in the Wed-Thurs battles. Similarly Big Man over on Mon-Tues is getting all the buzz and nearly caught up on ratings with Dr. Stranger. It makes me so annoyed that that the two most buzzed about dramas were both on SBS, getting the audience goodwill but incompetently unable to actually deliver a good story and keep the interest on it. Poor Seung Gi, I hope his character won’t have to wear an eye patch for a few episodes with that written into the script, I love his piercing angry eyes in this drama when shooting daggers at Pan Seok or starting to look warmly at the increasingly mature Soo Sun. YAAS has also been playing catch up on releasing OST tracks with three dropped so far. All the tracks are solid so have a listen below to will away the unexpected one day break from another YAAS dose.

Lee Seung Chul “I’m in Love”:

Taeyeon “That One Word, Love”:

San E “What’s Wrong with Me””


Lee Seung Gi Injured on the Set of You’re All Surrounded and SBS Preempts Wednesday Episode — 10 Comments

  1. ouch….Hope he’s ok.
    well, not everyone cut out for an action drama, anyway it’s not even a real action drama right ? SO, why bother use the knife ? even it’s a prop knife….a knife still a knife right ? How bout rubber knife ?

    haiish…Seung Gi yaa….just back become the King, and let the bodyguard do all the work.

  2. And the knife is blurred anyway so why bother using real knife?
    This similar accident also happened to MGY last year and her eye was swollen for 1-2 weeks.

  3. I’m glad he’s ok and getting lots of TLC from Yoona. But, I’m also glad I’m not watching this turkey. I’m a CSW fan and so disappointed…

  4. Umm I’m worried about LSG’s health and safety and all that…

    BUTTT koala, m surprised that u didn’t comment on the fact that they haven’t filmed enough footage to air episode 10!!!! I mean i know live-shooting is crazy and all but to not even have enough footage for the next episode to be shown….SMH Korea and ur crazy shooting schedule!

    • oh whoops! I thought they didn’t have enough footage for episode 10….but still this crazy live-shooting schedules have got to get better!!

    • The Korea drama production is operating like a fast food joint. Thus the standard of each drama is getting worst not better. You can tell when the drama are well produced, dramas in the past are what made the industry so popular worldwide. But if they continue not changing and improving. China, Japan will slowly takeover.
      Live shooting meaning= no time for editing and improve on some scenes. I guess, very short filming time means less budget and more revenue for the Big Boss.

  5. Really I am sorry for him bcz the injury in the cornea with intraocular haemorrhage I hope the injury didn’t reach the retina .

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