Park Shin Hye Records New Track “My Dear” Featuring Yong Jun Hyung for Mamonde Skincare

I still remember the first time I heard Park Shin Hye sing. It was five years ago in episode 1 of You’re Beautiful and she was auditioning in lieu of her twin brother character for a boy band even though she was a novice nun. The drama was more entertaining than her singing was memorable but she did contribute tracks to the drama OST that remain on my playlist rotation. Her voice has quite a soft touch, not someone I would suggest sing a rousing ballad but the melodic wispy ditties are something she can handle just fine. This week the cosmetic brand Mamonde, which Park Shin Hye has endorsed for some time, launched an ad campaign masquerading as a song MV. Park Shin Hye recorded an original track called “My Dear” featuring Yong Jun Hyung of Beast and filmed an MV that reminds me so much of everything that is Park Shin Hye’s style. Her healthy long hair is always the same ever since she grew it out after YB and I just want to layer it up a bit for a twist. Her character in the MV is a street musician going through audition rejections and having a secret admirer who leaves her potted plants to encourage her. The determined and winsome personality harkens back to so many similar characters Park Shin Hye has played before, or perhaps she just gives off the same aura each time. I was super bummed that Jun Hyung just rapped for the track and didn’t have a cameo appearance in the MV itself. The song itself is easy listening but not very memorable or distinctive. Park Shin Hye actually works better in the MV world when she’s starring as the leading lady for another singer’s MV, case in point with Yoo Seung Ho for a So Ji Sub song or with Lee Seung Gi for his romantic ballad.

Park Shin Hye “My Dear”:


Park Shin Hye Records New Track “My Dear” Featuring Yong Jun Hyung for Mamonde Skincare — 29 Comments

  1. Ugh, boring song with a mediocre voice….

    At least she can act.

    I admire trying out new things, but if we’re going to criticize idols for being bad actors….

    • I’ve got to admit…I’m not too fussed on her whole wide eye ingenue style of acting either.

      At least she’s pretty?

      (oh crap those intense PSH fans are going to defend this to the death aren’t they?)

      • Park Shin Hye fans have nothing on the Jin Se Yeon fans though. Or the Suzy fans.

      • I am one of park shin hye’s fans & we criticize but someone like you won’t see come to her fans site actually we accept the others opinions but there are haters commenting in bad way & insulting her .
        Now PSH & Her Fans insulted bcz they are defending bcz some comments are bad .
        Yes we agree about changing in roles & out from her comfort zone but we respect her as human we don’t use the hateful comments to say that are our opinions .
        some people hate her & wishing her to die ( can you tell me why those crazy people hate her if you hate her acting , bored whatever just ignore her )
        That is why I defend her .

    • Mediocre voice ? I think It’s called auto tune lol…just listen to her Live performance nd you will scream out Loud “Just STOP”

      What acting though? You mean the two expressions she has all the time excluding the dead fish expression while kissing scenes haha.

      • Heh, never heard her live, so I might be giving too much credit. I did hear something in the voice that was digital changed, but never thought it would be auto-tuned.

        I haven’t seen her act much, but what I’ve seen she was pretty good as an actress.

        Of course, these were drama specials, but she still was good in them.

        And she seems fine in the acting of this short.

        I just call things like I see them.

  2. Just fascinated with the short love story scenes, SHE is too perfect for this commercial, truly good for a “PETITE” model!

  3. Admire such a multi-talented artist, she can act very well, can sing and dance too. I heard she is a fast learner. Love this sweet and pleasant song.

  4. Meh. PSH playing safe as usual.

    Always thought she was sweet and cool girl in real life, a pity fame is going over her head. She acted like a diva at Dramafever awards, at least with staff members but of course nobody will care.

    • Please don’t spread false things without evidence If you hate her that yours but talking like you know her it is awful .

      • exactly, that’s the point. she is getting countless hates just because some pple don’t like her or think their bias can do better, not bc she is a bad actress. I’m her fan but I know her acting lacks in many aspects and she plays too safe but calling her talentless or spearding false rumors about her is nasty and pathetic.

    • Dude seriously, no one has the time to “google everywhere to find out things about her so they can give bad comments on her” – this is one of the many go-to drama blogs we frequent i.e. our version of news, and she’s it today. Why don’t we just take it all in stride like adults by agreeing to disagree that your fave oppas and unnis aren’t mine and vice versa. Just sayin’.

      • Then you have not been to war zone where Seohyun of SNSD’s fans badmouthing her like nobody’s business where she was called slut or wh..e (and I wonder what is PSH’s fault that she is talented but have to be compared to a plastic girl).

        I kind of agree this site the readers are quite tolerable.

      • This reply is for Andy (excuse me if I clicked the incorrect reply button)…

        Way to drag someone’s name and her fans AND do the exact same thing as what you said they’re doing to your beloved PSH. Be proud of yourself. Really

  5. To be honest, I don’t understand why PSH is so hyped and keeps getting offered so many leading roles when the dramas she has headlined (besides Heirs) haven’t done well ratings wise. I think she’s a good actress, but other good actresses like Moon Chae Won and Go Ara are so underrated compared to PSH.

    • The thing is her charisma tbh, she got the kind of Charisma which attracts overseas viewers, same with YEH. there are few actresses who can sell dramas or organize FMs without male actors power (Ofc males popularity is still a very strong factor but they also got their fandom and viewers )..

    • park shin hye do one movie or drama per year , why others think shin hye get the offers & the others don’t get it …..!
      Why some people think she shouldn’t have the hype or the fans or should have nothing …!
      Why don’t you think the actresses that you mention got many offers but they were refusing ……………?
      Why every one mention shin hye like she is the worst thing happened & compare her with others with respect to all actresses ….?
      You like her or dislike her that yours but some drags her name to make many comments below it to support & mentioning her name in bad way .
      1st shin hye has her own style of acting either it lacks or not & I won’t compare her acting with others bcz each has his or her own style .
      Why shin hye got the hype bcz she isn’t new in her career she made her own presence not bcz sponsors or famous company struggling to make her best in everything .
      some said she is famous bcz she worked with hot & attractive actors I will say OK if that is true why I still follow her or I don’t follow the others my point shin hye has something inside her didn’t show it yet in her dramas may be bcz roles that lacks solid story or may be bcz the story itself lack of interesting factor I wish her to be risky & go against the restrictions of the society & be brave to challenge herself I love her & I don’t find reason to hate her bcz she didn’t do something to hurt me .
      I really angry on those who hate her just like that , OK don’t watch her dramas you don’t need to insult to show the best in you bcz her life & jop to act .

      • Geez, does PSH pay you to write these long posts or something? Please recognize that people are allowed to have opinions that are different from yours. Deal with it.

  6. This girl though.
    Can she focus on acting? Honestly with the popularity she is having her acting is not even up to par and with time (heirs) her acting went downhill.She is someone whom you see in the news because she is in popular dramas or something but not for her acting,the ones who can actually act are not in the news because they aren’t hallyu popular , the irony.
    The song is nothing special and she her voice is too low that one can’t even hear when the music is louder.but she is not a singer , so I won’t be too straightforward with my opinion.

  7. Am I the only one who focused on the song? I thought the song was sweet. And the MV made have an urge to buy potted plants.

  8. I have always admired people who have had the courage to explore their potential by trying out new things…….such an important factor in self growth. It’s only through varied experiences in life that one achieves that.
    Park Shin Hye has that quality. She does not let the fear of failure or criticism affect what she wants to do. At least at the end of road she will not have any regrets about not having gone about exploring who she is and what her capabilities are. I respect her for that.

  9. She have really cute voice, i love her soft voice.. so cute
    i don’t really know why did a lot of International Fans hate her.. she is talented, hard working, and have warm kindly heart out of her celebrity image, even she didn’t plastic surgery and have natural beauty.. the most important is that she was multitalented, she can playing some instruments, like guitar, piano, even drum, she loves sports, his skill of act really good too..i just thinking that she haven’t bad side to blame, to hate, what’s wrong with her antis ?? they’re ridiculous…hahaha

    at least she is one of Korean Actress who really loved by Korean people, yeah..korean really loves her than ifans and they rare to put bad comments on her, puahahaha (majority of Korean people really proud of her)

  10. Guys, this is a song she sang for a CF. I doubt she’ll make that shift to being a singer since she herself has been very vocal about lacking in the voice department. As for her acting, we can all agree to disagree. But there’s a reason why she has so many fans. She’s not the best actress out there, but her likability is off the charts. If you ask me, she can improve in acting. But the quality she has that draws people in is something that you can’t really teach.

  11. PSH is one of the Korean best actress in Korea, she can sing & dance. She’s my favorite K-actress, I love her acting, she’s lovely & sweet.

  12. Uum!PSH is a nice person seriously i see no reason not to like her she is talented nice beautiful. If u fans hate her try being popular people will hate u too it not everyone DAT she can please so if u don’t like her keep your opinion to your self simple

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