Kim Bum Makes First Public Appearance at Press Conference for V Love After Break Up with Moon Geun Young

Over six-months from the public limelight is a very long time away for any entertainer, aside from male K-celebs who go off to military service, especially for someone with a career as fast-rising as Kim Bum. Last year alone he did That Winter, the Wind Blows and Goddess of Fire Jeongi along with the period supernatural C-movie Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon and the K-movie The Gifted Hands (Psychometry). It’s a two-fer from both TV and cinema but all the acting gigs took a backseat to the more tabloid buzzworthy news that he was dating Moon Geun Young. After a month-long trip to Europe together followed by radio silence, the lovely young couple announced their break up last month shortly after Moon Geun Young dove back into her acting career with a magazine shoot and being cast in the period movie Sado with Yoo Ah In.

Kim Bum remained under-the-radar until this weekend when he emerged at the press conference for the upcoming C-drama V Love along with the sprawling cast of Chinese actors and actresses. It’s an anthology drama produced by Yang Mi revolving around various couples depicting romance in the modern era. Bummie’s character is a rich restaurateur with perfectionist tendencies who finds himself slowly intrigued by his onscreen leading lady played by Li Xi Rui. It’s great to see Kim Bum out and about, not that I thought he was moping about the break up or anything. Of course I’m sad the couple didn’t work out but stuff like that is so personal and fans can only wish them well whether a relationship goes the distance or the couple is better off as friends. At least they had a go at it and I hope it was memorable when it lasted. Kim Bum looks fantastic at the V Love press conference sporting a clean cut hair style with a dapper suit. The drama has been called the Chinese version of Gossip Girl, whatever that means, and will premiere in mid-July so have a look at the preview below.

Preview for V Love:


Kim Bum Makes First Public Appearance at Press Conference for V Love After Break Up with Moon Geun Young — 11 Comments

  1. Wow..KB had a kiss scene.. 😛

    By the way…so they really did break up. I was hoping they are still together and just hiding it because they want people to concentrate on their works esp now that MGY is going to do a movie and KB is out with his new drama. Everything seems sooo..staged like that.. But just my own opinion. It doesnt matter. I still love both of them. 🙂

  2. You know, I do have a feeling that KB and MGY are still together and was just forced by their handlers to tell everybody that they’re no longer an item (or worse, was forced to not see each other at all) for their career’s sake, or maybe, it’s just my wishful thinking. With the profession they have, well, what do I know…I guess it’s just tough to be famous in South Korea. Relationships like theirs just end so suddenly it’s just sad.

  3. Kim bum looks sooooooo handsome. I’m still shocked from his breakup with Moonie, I thought they were so much in love. I was hoping they were in for the long run. Maybe somewhere in the future they will connect again and this time make it the the altar.

    I also believe that the main reason they broke up was for their career. No matter what, I still love them individually and wish them the very best.

  4. Me, my friends in the living room with the laptop don’t know what to think. We are sad if he is sad but we are happy because he is so so so handsome and successful. The China market is huge and he will win even more fans. We still want to see him in a lead in a Kdrama!!

  5. Even though I was ecstatic when they got together…I knew that it was really a test against many odds considering they were both really young and their careers have yet to peak and Bumie had not even been to the army yet…so I figured that realistically their odds of making it were pretty low even though the fangirl in me was screaming that it would last forever…anyways I’m still kinda sad when I see them but I wish them the best…maybe Moonie’s next drama will be a hit and hopefully good too

  6. I kinda predict this thing will happen ( broke up).if i think logically…KB was so young infact way to young.i don’t think he will get married not in 10 yrs ahead..if MGY have to to wait for him that long
    ,she would be 37 yrs old by that time.

    Same goes to Taeyeon n Baekyun…i don’t think they will last that long 😉

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