Lee Min Ho Relaxed and Happy Turning 28 Years Old in Sports Seoul and K Wave Spreads

Lordly how time flies. It feels like yesterday that Lee Min Ho was young enough to play a high schooler in Boys Before Flowers, and even earlier than that in Mackerel Run. Oh wait, he was just playing a high schooler six months ago in Heirs, wasn’t he? I guess being 27-going-on-28 wasn’t going to stop him, but perhaps with his June 22nd birthday today he may really hang up those school tags for good. I think Lee Min Ho being (and looking) too old to be a convincing high schooler was the least of Heirs many problems so I didn’t have a problem with it. I did find it a massive set back in his acting career though it ended up being a massive step forward in cementing his popularity all over Asia, especially in China. There has even been hilarious fan sniping between Lee Min Ho fans in China versus Kim Soo Hyun fans in China over which guy is more popular there and who is landed more Chinese CFs. Lee Min Ho coincidentally shares a June 22nd birthday with the anniversary launch date of newspaper outlet Sports Seoul so the publication landed a very chill interview with Lee Min Ho that doesn’t shed any incisive light other than deliver a batch of relaxed handsome pictures. Lee Min Ho looks like he lost some weight but conversely appears radiating happy energy, I haven’t seen such an effortless batch of pictures from him in a long time. He’s been prepackaged so much I miss Lee Min Ho looking like a twenty-something energetic actor rather than airbrushed next generation Hallyu superstar. He’s currently filming the 19070’s gangster movie Gangnam Blues with Kim Rae Won and Kim Ji Soo which is aiming for an end of the year premiere date. The big question looming with Lee Min Ho turning another year older is when he’ll enlist. He’s one of the talented ’87 acting class but with many of the ’86ers going in at the year of this year including Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Yoo Ah In, I suggest fans of Lee Min Ho start mentally preparing for his likely enlistment next year.


Lee Min Ho Relaxed and Happy Turning 28 Years Old in Sports Seoul and K Wave Spreads — 12 Comments

  1. Its hard to believe he’s 28 already… Reminds how fast I’m aging as well since I’m now the age he was when he did Boys over flowers… O man This means military service for all my favorite 87ers too, Jung il woo, hi Chang wook,hang geun sook, joo won 🙁
    On the bright side, at least Song Joong Ki will be back

  2. Ms. Koala please congratz me on my birthday as well!! hehe
    I was born on the same date and year with Lee Min Hoo.

    I am happy to share the same birthday with one of my favorite actor!
    Happy birthday LMH and me haha

  3. Happy birthday, LMH… I hope your career will grow favorably & that you’ve outgrown those always thisshort of pants & pastels color( Personal Touch) ( & those Godawful sweaters!!!!)

  4. Can these plump cheeks trend die already??
    Cannot look at another plumppp botox cheek actors.
    LMH you d be sooo beautiful without them plummppyy cheeks.

  5. Oppa you look so manly. I’ll congratulate you here and on twitter since I can hashtag your name ayleast. Minho oppa Jang ^_^

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