Dr. Stranger Planning C-movie Release with the Leads Filming Additional Intro and Ending Scenes After the Drama Wraps

We can all safely agree that we need more Dr. Stranger like we need a collective outbreak of syphilis. Or a mass food poisoning with violent diarrhea. You get my drift, and if you’re bored you can have great mad libs fun with the above sentence and choose your own suffering ailment. The sad part is we’re getting more Dr. Stranger whether we want it or not, and it’s going to come in the form of a Frankensteined version cobbled and stitched together from nonsensical drama plot innards. The production will be releasing a movie cut of DS to run about 120-minutes with additional new scenes of the beginning and ending. All four leads have agreed to this extension project and will be filming for one additional week after the drama filming wraps to film the new footage. The movie is slated to be released only in China with an eye towards a year end date.

This news is hot off the press and the K-news has only been reporting on it for the last few hours so the specific details are still sketchy. The term used is additional filming for the opening and ending section but doesn’t elaborate in detail what that entails. It could be the leads are shooting completely new and different narrative scenes so that the drama and movie will have different endings, or the leads will merely be shooting additional scenes that continue with the narrative trajectory of the drama but amp up the visual punch for a cinematic airing. This is my face when I heard the news ಠ╭╮ಠ . Accompanied by shrieks of WTF!!! and You Gotta Be Kidding Me!!! I hate being so riled up but goodness does this royally messed up drama know how to keep pushing viewer buttons. It’s like the K-version of a Yu Zheng C-drama except with shipping wars fanning the trolling.

Now I don’t even know how to gird myself to get through the next two weeks and four episodes if there is a likelihood of a C-movie version that may or may not be different than the drama. It’s like a zombie that I shoot in the head with a shotgun and keeps getting back up looking more and more grotesque. Enjoy suffer the photo walk down memory lane below.

Remember when the drama was actually entertaining even if it stretched the credulity and was all over the place but in a way that elicited a chuckle rather that the gurgle of blood spitting up. Remember the good old days?

Remember the tagline to this multiple personality drama’s official poster? “Two hearts, one pulse… A love that even fate can’t separate!” Hello? Why is there even a ship war going on that so butchered the discussion experience around this drama? WAE? *whines pitifully* And now the movie version will pull additional hoodoo over us? I’ll probably need a brain transplant after this is all said and done.

I have less angry memories of the midsection when I didn’t hate Soo Hyun’s character with the heat of a thousand burning suns. During a time when she still had a relevant and meaningful purpose in this drama other than as Park Hoon’s fall back option. Remember she was fighting Sang Jin to decide which of the Chairman Oh’s demon spawn will take over running Myung Woo Hospital? She could have been the one who stops all the Myung Woo horrific medical ethics violations after she takes over running it the right way one day and erasing her dad’s horrible legacy. Now I vote Sang Jin since he’s still interested in that job whereas Soo Hyun has forgotten that aspiration along with her day job all in the name of love.

Poor Park Hoon, he went from front-runner for one of my favorite male leads this year to so inconsistent in thought and emotion I’m tempted to have him go out in a flame of glory rather than risk Jae Hee/Seung Hee dying for love. I’m genuinely scared of what the next 4-episodes has in store. I still have to *gasp* recap this sucker.


Dr. Stranger Planning C-movie Release with the Leads Filming Additional Intro and Ending Scenes After the Drama Wraps — 20 Comments

  1. You know I was excited with the earlier news of a parody cum mash-up of Heirs and YWCFTS. Coz it’s good hilarious fodder. But this? C-viewers, what the actual fuck?

    I say burn it with fire.

  2. I guess we can really kiss the drama goodbye then. I don’t expect any good news to come out from this for Jae Hee.

  3. What for? Are they planning to create an alternate ending for the movie? Are they going to change the tag line to “Two quacks quacking as one that even fate can’t separate”? ahh..this shipping wars would continue like forever!

  4. Pathetic and humiliating. I bet the actors will earn a ton of money with that crap but man, I would feel like a prostitute.

  5. Oh God. The writer must think that this drama is so good and deserve that. Well hello..the reason to watch this is just to see how absurd it can get..

  6. I think the ending for the series , HoonHee is the endgame meanwhile they are going to change the pairing in the movie … whatever .. i’m not going to watch the movie …

  7. I have been reading your recaps for several k-drama series and I always fall in love with your recap. Thank you for being patient enough with Doctor Stranger. About the C-version, I agree with ms. koala and everyone in here that the possible alternate ending is such a ridiculous one -_- however, I expect an open ending to happen in the movie version rather than “alternate happy ending” for the 2nd female lead. I’m sorry to say this but up until now, i dont think she deserves that.

    • HAHAHAHA… and the sad thing is, it might actually be true.

      1. She died at her wedding.
      2. She died at the engagement.
      3. Here. She died while getting proposed to?

      ^ ^

  8. Ehm.. but this isn’t well-received in China either.

    Atleast, the Weibo-ers aren’t that positive and pleased with the plot either.

  9. what the fuck. who would want to keep getting trolled for another 2 hours? AND a half year to wait for this stupid release???? This is a shitty idea =_= wtf is wrong with them. The ratings aren’t even that good =.= and from what I know, most of the Chinese fans think this drama SUCKS.

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