SBS Teases for It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung-Gong Hyo Jin Couple Stills and First Real Preview

There’s finally a real teaser for the upcoming K-drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, and I’m still hesitant on what to label it. It seems too serious for a rom-com what with the focus on mental illness and folks with plenty of psychological disorders or neuroses between them. But then the plagiarized mood teasers were super hilarious, heralding a full on laugh-track feel, and now even the real teaser showing peeks at the drama scenes make it feel lighthearted and breezy, which means calling it a serious romance drama seems too heavy a label. Whatever the final product is, I’m excited because this drama comes from the intelligent nuanced pen of screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. While I’ve personally not loved her recent works such as Padam Padam (despite it starring Jung Woo Sung) or That Winter, The Wind Blows, she’s still the mind behind one of the most underrated and my personal top-10 dramas ever in Goodbye Solo. Her The World We Live In would have been a masterpiece as well had the PD reined himself in. While I’m looking forward to It’s Okay, It’s Love, the latest couple stills showing leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin in full romantic swing totally looks good but lacks any chemical feel. They look like quirky roommates/platonic best friends! I got the same vibe in the mood teasers but hesitated to say anything since I love them both individually. I’m hoping this pairing works when the cameras are actually rolling and they are interacting in character because so far they are adorable but not hitting my squee buttons at all.

First look at It’s Okay, It’s Love:


SBS Teases for It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung-Gong Hyo Jin Couple Stills and First Real Preview — 11 Comments

    • That’s my impression too. Writer-nim is more into realistico-humanistic with a side of heartwarming.
      Granted that she has not her hands tied by the channel or the sponsors of course…

    • I hope so! A warm, grounded and romantic drama is exactly what I need right now. Plus GHJ and JIS! Who can refuse that?

  1. Both are very good actors, but it will be a little difficult for them to act like lovers because irl GHJ is bff with JIS girlfriend. Is not helping that GHJ boyfriend in this drama is in real life also a friend of her. Hoping they would be able to forget this connections and create chemistry on camera.

  2. Omg the teaser was so freakin cute that I’m screaming right now. Gong hyojin looks prettier having to be in love now and she looks great w jo in sung yay. i see loads of kwangsoo too haha so it’s a good thing that he is getting a bigger role this time ^_^ super excited for this now despite it showing during my major exam period; __; Going to make this the first thing I watch right after my exams

  3. I only saw her in a couple of movies which i really liked, but my sister is a big fan of her and So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun, are they any better than her and JIS looking right now? (Can’t take sis seriously, she is biased.)

    • Hey I am not a great fan of ghj and so ji sub. But after watching the master sun, I love them both as both have great chemistry. Not sure it wud work well with Jo in sung

  4. I don’t know. I think I have to see them completely in character to see what I think. I feel like to teasers want to give off this fun vibe and nothing more so that’s why I feel like it’s got a more friends feel. But I have no idea if the drama will be that way too.

  5. ​ Glad she’s back to small screen again!
    Gong hyo jin possesses this unexplainable aura that captures the heart of many. She is neither that proto-type beauty, nor a fashion wiz trend setter. But, when the camera rolls, she has this magnetic thing that pulls you into the world she is playing. Could it be her true self has something to do with it? I don’t know. There are people who shine and glow beyond their awareness and GHJ belongs to those few. One thing for sure… I’ll enjoy watching this one !

  6. Maybe i am biased over GHJ but i think JIS is like lacking that chemistry in general, i cant feel his smiles are genuine or not? but thats my personal feel and opinion of course. Looking forward for this drama..

  7. I was so looking forward to this but the clips and preview don’t excite me. I don’t see the chemistry at all between the two. There is more when the four of them are goofing off. I guess I will reserve judgment until the show starts.

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