Three Musketeers Releases Dual Teasers Featuring Male Leads Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yong Hwa

I can’t believe the first teasers are out already for the tvN sageuk Three Musketeers and the drama is actually premiering next month in mid-August. For whatever reason this drama always felt rather far off but I guess it’s time to start gearing up for it. The first two teasers feature both male leads Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yong Hwa, and I’ll go out on a limb and give the production the benefit of the doubt in making these particular actors equal male leads. Jung Yong Hwa has indeed improved in his last drama Marry Him if You Dare (my quibbles with his horrible character aside), but improvement over being abysmally bad in previous outings like You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings does not a male lead make. With that said, if he’s serious about acting, as he has said before in interviews that he wants to genuinely pursue the craft, then he has to keep on acting and challenging himself. I’ll just have to wait and see if he’s improved yet again from MHIYD to Three Musketeers enough to warrant being a lead along with Lee Jin Wook.

I’ve also watched Lee Jin Wook for years and and he was also pretty bad when he first started out, forgettable in Air City and as a male lead along with Lee Jong Hyuk in Powerful Opponents I totally wanted to shove him under the mattress. It wasn’t until Spy Myung Wol that I found he really improved, and that drama happened after he went away to the army and came back. Three Musketeers will be the first sageuk for both male leads and for now I’ll give the early edge to Lee Jin Wook in his teaser. His eyes convey this intensity that is needed in sageuk acting and he also looks damn fine in the princely outfit. I’m sure Jung Yong Hwa fans are fangirling him in sageuk swordsman mode but I’m not getting anything from his teaser other than he can twirl a sword. His line reading is also a big turn off, his voice is naturally soft but doesn’t have any bite when he speaks so it fails to connect his character fully to the audience. I see him looking good in the part but I don’t feel him (yet).

First teasers for Three Musketeers:


Three Musketeers Releases Dual Teasers Featuring Male Leads Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yong Hwa — 16 Comments

  1. Lee jin wook looks hella fine and I’m already anticipating the show. But Yonghwa is a major turn off , totally agree with you there about him. Still Hoping he’d show some improvement especially since its a sageuk , he needs to bring out a lot of emotions through his eyes and voice.

  2. Both are so bland in my eyes, so no interest in this (potential) mess. I’d much prefer to see Jin Gu [“The target” movie ref] in a drama, yet luckily he’ll star in a movie shortly. Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll turn into a Jin Gu rabid fan à la Mary with Song Jae Rim. ahah

  3. You haven’t watched Nine?! But that’s the best work of Lee Jin Wook till date.
    After Nine, his can’t be labeled as ‘improvement’ anymore.He has established himself as one of the most charming, talented and sexy actors.

    • I loved him in Nine. Loved that drama – it was intelligent and none of the usual stuff (I keep saying that).

      I loved him in Someday too (another atypical, wonderful drama), though Nine is probably a more mature performance (plus, in Someday his female counterpart was Bae Doona – quite a challenge to match her level of acting).

      I’ll be watching this for Lee Jin Wook, and have confidence in the writer and the director, but I’m not keen, at all, on Yonghwa.

  4. Lee jin wook should have stick in a rom com drama… He was so blind in nine. He is just doesn’t know how to emote properly in a dramatic scene.. I always wonder if his character is supposed to be sad because I can’t tell the difference … Sorry lee jin wook fans

  5. I understand what you mean about too soft of a delivery.

    Saguek characters practically bark out their lines.
    Everything said as if it is life or death, or that they are extremely angry at each other.
    Very stagey as compared to present era dramas.

    LJW is fine.
    They aren’t trying to make YJH the manly dude, are they?
    I love his singing even if it doesn’t translate well into acting.
    PS, I am going to see him in person in a few weeks. CNBlue at KCON.
    I will be very far away and very high up.

    Him and YOUR Kang Min Hyuk, btw.

  6. i like both teasers. they’re really fine men.
    this drama is probably the best chance for Yonghwa to prove that his acting has truly improved

  7. Do you even know what you’re talking about? I can’t believe how much negativity you came up based on a 16-second teaser. Read what the PD had to say about the teasers and you would understand the contrast in the teasers and their context. Yonghwa’s was upbeat for a reason because it is based on Dalhyang’s character – optimistic and cheerful and Lee Jin Wook’s is also based on his character. Put the teasers in their context, that’s what an objective reviewer is supposed to do not based their judgments on prejudices. Also, know something about correct enunciation and intonation (they’re speaking in archaic language), that’s one of the focus of the teasers and both did good. Obviously, you don’t care about that, or maybe knows nothing about that.

    • well obviously you are a boice… and obviously thus far, yonghwa’s acting is weak…i don’t understand why they insist on using idols that can’t act instead someone that can…so unfair to the young actors who have spent years perfecting their craft

  8. your obsession with yonghwa’s fans is just getting embarrassing at this point. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they don’t even bother visiting this site anymore. The only reason they even came to this site in the first place was to correct your false report about him rejecting heirs.

    • your obsession with arguing with someone’s opinion when it is their site is ridiculous…you are making yonghwa look bad…

      • frankly unlike koala, i didn’t see any improvement in Marry Him If You Dare…i thought he would whip his guitar out and start singing at a moment’s notice; however, i’m hoping the sageuk style/outfit will help me block that out…hopefully it’s not gonna be a situation where I’m seeing yonghwa from CN blue in a sageuk outfit

  9. I cried and screamed when I say yonghwa teaser. And yes he is my Korean celebrity crush and will forever be my biggest love haha

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