Go Sung Hee is a Dreamy Spirit Girl in Records of a Night Watchman

Naturally all the attention has been on the male leads of Records of a Night Watchman since Jung Il Woo is a popular established actor while Yunho has a massive fanbase from his idol activities. Add to that the drama’s two female leads in Go Sung Hee and Seo Ye Ji are both relative newbies, it’s hard to hear folks excited by the prospect of checking out either lady in this drama. I’m always game to new actresses getting exposure, even if the newbie is an idol girl trying her hand at acting, if new talent isn’t showcased somewhere then the industry will stagnate on the same old set of actors and actresses recycled all the same in various pairings. New blood keeps the K-drama churn fresh, right? With that said, I’m excited about seeing if Go Sung Hee has the leading lady chops yet. She was good but not great in Miss Korea, she¬†had the opportunity to¬†outshine Lee Yeon Hee who had never delivered an impressive performance prior to that, except Lee Yeon Hee dug deep and pulled put a bravura performance in MK that is one for the ages.

What I like about Go Sung Hee is that she doesn’t look like the increasing cookie cutter plastic surgeried starlets, she’s got wide eyes and a prominent nose along with lush lips that anchor the combination to look striking. I found her really pretty in MK without coming across as artificial. Her first drama stills are out for Night Watchman and I love it for capturing a very moody aura. It’s mystical and dreamy as her character Do Ha is seen sitting on the rooftops of the capital city of Hanyang at night. She was born in the tribe that lives near the Baekdu Mountains and guards the mystical creature inside with immense powers. She travels to Hanyang to enlist the help of the Night Watchman and ends up in a love triangle with Jung Il Woo’s hotblooded Prince and Yunho’s icy bodyguard. Her outfit and hair are both adorable, a dash of cute beggar girl mix-and-match but at least it doesn’t look as silly as the rock star pleather that some of the other male characters are forced to sport.


Go Sung Hee is a Dreamy Spirit Girl in Records of a Night Watchman — 3 Comments

  1. I liked her in Miss Korea and was so glad her character wasn’t the annoying bitchie second lead. I wish her all the best in the show.

  2. I’m so glad she was cast. I was gonna tune in to Night Watchmen for JIW but I really liked her in MK and I’m looking forward to whatever she does next. She’s very expressive.

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