It’s Okay It’s Love Holds Two Press Conferences and Releases Intriguing Comedic Long Preview

It’s pretty middle-of-the-road for me with respect to the switch over on the SBS Wed-Thurs slot. I didn’t dislike You’re All Surrounded enough to wish it off my screen immediately, nor am I dying with excitement for It’s Okay, It’s Love to arrive. The former was serviceable albeit disappointing while the latter looks good but has the hint of not quite being as intelligent or quirky as it thinks it is. The cast of IOIL attended two press conferences to promote the drama, a first in drama land if my memory is correct, one press conference was the standard fare for the Korean media while the second was a joint Tudou/Youku sponsored press conference strictly for the Chinese audiences as the drama will be live-streamed on those two video portals. More and more K-dramas are finding its streaming rights purchased beforehand by Chinese streaming sites but this targeted press conference is a sign of more of the same to come. Leads Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, and D.O. from the group EXO attended both press conferences and a long 6-minute preview was released that is definitely intriguing to say the least. Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin still look like buddies in real life but in the long preview I finally see the romantic chemistry and sexual tension onscreen. This one is getting a lot of buzz and hype but will be in for a tough ratings tussle with the well-received already airing Joseon Gunman and Fated to Love You. I personally have enough love for all three so here’s hoping IOIL is as good as its competition is so far. Check out new stills from the drama and the English-subbed long preview below.

Long preview for It’s Okay, It’s Love (English-subbed):


It’s Okay It’s Love Holds Two Press Conferences and Releases Intriguing Comedic Long Preview — 15 Comments

    • I agree! only watched the trailers and I think both of them exude chemistry together! and is always a pleasure to watch a rom-com in summer, with a great OTP portrayed by such a great actors.

  1. Whew! It is hot up there.

    I hope it doesn’t start all intriguing, fun and sexy and go all dark, menacing and sad on us.
    I also hope they don’t do as many of the CLOSECLOSEUPS as they did in Wind. It felt a bit suffocating…or was that the purpose?

    Isn’t that interior KTH’s mother’s B&B from My Princess?

  2. Wow this drama looks fresh and awesome from the 6-minute trailer. All the Wednesday- Thursday drama look cool. I’ve been following FTLY and it is amazing, but haven’t started watching KG yet.

  3. such a big competition for Wed-Thu drama. 3 different choice with 3 different genre. awesome!so far i’m following FTLY and love it to the max. also i’m anxious to know what our lovely miss Koala thought about FTLY after 6 episode airing. 🙂

    • Yes. At least the 3 shows are watchable. IOIL will be hard to sell to K audience, given the topic (the cast is good so who knows). I can understand why they are being ‘nice’ to the Chinese market though: If it works there, it can even do the buzz and be beneficial for the domestic ratings. Good luck to the show and to us!

      • Also, the viewing audience in China is massive. It will dwarf any developed market even with a tepid to warm reception. Which is to say $$$$, especially for a star’s future earnings potential.

  4. Nah. I don’t think the competition is anywhere close to being ‘good’. Even with the mediocre-everything, You’re all surrounded was #1 from the first till the last episode with JG and FTLY pretty far behind. For a sageuk, JG has been pretty dismal in ratings. FTLY has the buzz and I’ll wait to see if that converts to good ratings.

    IOIL looks like it’s going to take over the first spot with SBS keeping up the streak. The hype is also big. Unless they screw up, I expected them to be on top for their whole run without running into much competition.

  5. The teaser looks amazing. Will be so tempted to watch this despite my overflowing drama plate currently. I love Gong Hyo Jin and everything in this drama looks so deliciously zany. Lee Kwang Soo with Tourette’s? LOL at just the thought of it.

  6. home-mate? LOL

    btw i really respect GHJ and the production crew to continue with GHJ’s broken arm! Hope this would be a good and memorable drama for us!!!

  7. Wow. I was a bit hesitant to check this drama out because the psychiatrist thingy doesn’t really interest me but after watching this trailer I’m definitely watching this. The drama seems so different to other dramas from watching the trailer and it also gave me a movie sort of vibe. Finally! A drama to watch on weds/thurs. I was initially watching FTLY but I’m starting to get bored of it maybe because I’ve already watched the Taiwan version so the ‘major’ plot I already know so I’m not interested in it as much. As for JG, I couldn’t get past first episode. Not really a fan of that time period and also not a fan of LJK either plus I don’t know the other actors/actress in it. The only other K-drama I’m watching is Marriage Without Dating. I saw that your also watching it, will you be writing a post about it?? I really want to hear other people’s thoughts about it because not much people are talking about it.

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