Marriage Speculation Heats Up as Rain Gets Baptized into Kim Tae Hee’s Catholic Faith

There are certain impossible to deny signs that a dating couple is considering marriage. One is the bling bling engagement ring on the lady’s finger, and another is when one converts to the religion of the other. Religion is no joke, it’s not like meeting the parents and if it doesn’t work out in the long run then so be it. Unless one is an atheist, even agnostics tend to tread lightly when pledging one’s soul to a particular divine being. Which makes the news that Rain just converted to Catholicism pretty much as iron-clad a sign that he’s planning to marry Kim Tae Hee as if he put a ring on her finger. Kim Tae Hee’s entire family are practicing Catholics and Rain has been spotted at her church since they started dating. He recently got baptized with his own family as well as Kim Tae Hee and her family present, a very solemn ritual that signals his acceptance of this faith and also means the gorgeous couple can now get married in a Catholic church if they want do.

Rain’s agency confirmed the baptism but went to great lengths to stress that Rain has no plans whatsoever to marry Kim Tae Hee, he was just getting baptized is all. Er…sure, whatever you say spin doctors. Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been a public couple since their relationship was dramatically outed on January 1, 2013, though rumors have them dating long before then. I thought their very coincidental outing was paving the way for getting hitched since both have dated before but never gone public. It’s about time they settled down as well since them gorgeous babies aren’t going to be made without some concerted effort. Further adding to the star power, veteran Ahn Sung Ki also attended the baptism as Rain’s godfather in the faith after being asked by Kim Tae Hee.

I really don’t understand the K-netizens gripes with Kim Tae Hee supposedly dating down with choosing Rain. Sure he’s not lily-white in reputation and probably more of a lunkhead than the brainy Seoul University grad Kim Tae Hee. But they’re both uber-successful and individually rich as Croesus, insanely good looking, and at their age ought to have some idea of what each wants in a significant other. If they chose each other, no one else ought have to have an opinion either way. All I want to do is make jokes about how many babies they will have when they do get married, since they’re both Catholics and all. Heh. Wedding bells might not be ringing anytime soon since both have bustling careers to tend to. Rain’s been busy with releasing an album late last year followed by filming a Chinese romance movie with Crystal Liu earlier this year, plus he’s also considering his return to K-dramas with Song for You on the Fall television roster. Kim Tae Hee is currently in China on a long stay filming the period C-drama Wang Xi Zhi about the famed Chinese calligrapher.


Marriage Speculation Heats Up as Rain Gets Baptized into Kim Tae Hee’s Catholic Faith — 42 Comments

  1. Yep, I don’t get the gripe with Rain either. People keep saying KTH could do better, but seriously, unless she gets together with the likes of Kang Dongwon or Ha Jungwoo, there are not a lot of guys who can be on the same level as her. Rain is one of the few who can contend with her popularity. He’s crazy hardworking, is successful on his own right, and damnit if he isn’t a better actor than her. Frankly, I think they’d be a huge power couple.

    • Rain really effed up his good will with the domestic audience with certain incidents related to his military service (before and during). If they dated before he went to the army then they would have been a power couple for sure. The Koreans are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to military service-related infractions.

      • This is an off-topic note, check out “Marriage not Dating” . It is a tvn romantic comedy. It is quite entertaining and funny.

      • But I’m sure with news of his baptism and almost engagement to KTH, all will be forgiven

    • I think other than the image, Rain is in a much higher ‘level’ than KTH. In terms of popuarity, international fame, dedicated fans and successful projects. Knetz take the image thing very seriously which is why they may feel Rain is below KTH. But really, I think they’re very much a power couple today.

      The hits and comments when even minor things about them are reported proves how popular they are. Whether or not they’re loved together, they trend so often and have the interest of the nation. I suppose its different from couples like LSG-Yoona (who’re adored for being so clean, etc.), but I’d call Rain-KTH the power couple of today more than any one else.

  2. Wedding is definitely on the cards. I can’t think of another legitimate reason why he’d convert and have KTH and her family around for it. I’m happy Rain looks like he’s ready to settle down because it feels like he’s dated (and broke up) with most of the A listers out there around his age.

    They’re just so adorable together. I hope they continue to give haters the middle finger and be happy and content with each other. I’m expecting a huge celebrity wedding soon: LMJ-LBH style!

  3. Wow!! Awesome!!! Well, he really did eff up with his military service scandals. He will have to live with that and figure out how to revamp his image if he so desires. Otherwise, personally, I definitely agree with the marriage is in the cards soon. If so, that is pretty darn great…. Very exciting. 🙂 I wish them the best. Love knows no boundaries – you’d think kdrama lovers would know that already LOL. I know, it doesn’t translate well into real life.

  4. Eeeek.
    Conversion? Does he know one doesn’t need to be a Catholic to marry a Catholic?
    Promising to respect your spouse religion and to raise your children in the Catholic faith: that’s all the Church ask.
    Though it depends on the country. Some are more liberal (France), some more strict (Brazil).

    Well, anyway, get married, have babies, go on having a nice career. But really:!

    • Being in a relationship, especially in the Asian culture, it is crucial that you marry someone with the same religions belief. If I marry someone who isn’t a Christian, my parents will disapprove of the relationship. Converting oneself into their religion is a solidify answer that you are committed to the relationship and will earn the girl’s parents’ approval. Of course, not all Asian household are like that. There are some who are acceptance to what their daughter/son dates despite the religion beliefs difference.

      • I agree, I know “many” Korean couples who do not share the same religion. The all-famous “I’m a Christian but my mum is a Buddhist…”

        Conversion for the sake of a relationship just sounds like not-so-sincere, and feels like a huge disrespect for both religion and the belief of the converted.
        I know Korean society is changing, but here I vote for: Faster!

    • Jesus! Why does it matter why he made his decision? He’s an adult and has freedom of choice to do as he pleases. If through KTH he has found true love and faith, well then praise the Lord and may they be blessed! Baptism is the 1st sacrament of the Church and this is a baby step. Now he must prepare for his 1st Communion (2nd sacrament) if he is truly to be a bonafide Catholic. Marriage is the 5th sacrament. I find it commendable that he is getting his personal life in order and if marriage is in the cards, only time and God will tell.

      • If he did convert because of faith, then praise the Lord.
        If he felt forced, as many I know did, then no.

        I’m not critising him. I reacted to “now the gorgeous couple can get married in the Catholic church”. One doesn’t need to be a Catholic to marry in a Catholic church.

        I’m not a Catholic and I married one. Our families did not ask for anything, though they wanted us to agree on how we would deal with it. All was in order 😀

    • If the couple wants to be married in a Catholic church then they both have to be Catholic. I respect Rain’s commitment to the relationship. What was his religion originally? I am also excited about the babies. Perhaps they can start next year?

  5. That’s a very important step – converting to your significant other’s religion! I’m happy for both of them. Who knows….maybe they are a real life OTP. 😉

  6. Somehow I can understand why netizens are upset over Rain because he said countless times before his enlistement that he was going to do active duty but as soon as he got there, he switched to celebrity unit. That and the fact that when Dispatch outed them, the pictures showed him in uniform after being in a date with KTH which aroused suspcions that instead of going out for practice, he went for dates.

    For J2hr, I can’t say for Song Seung Hun but from what I read and watched, Jang Hyuk’s case is different from Rain’s because even though his image suffered a lot when it was discovered that he cheated on his health test to avoid enlistement, he recovered the damages from this scandal by enlisting in active duty and earned a lot of awards for his good behavior and achievements. And if you ever watched Real Men, you know that he was really impressive as a soldier and felt really remorseful over what he did in the past. Plus, he is an excellent actor and so, I am pretty sure that his excellent performances in Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots made them forget about his past scandals. (AND also, netizens have a tendency to double standard when it comes to actors vs singers)

    Basically, Koreans acknowledge that no man wants to enlist and so even if you tried to cheat, they will forgive if you do your army duty as everyone else. However, they won’t forget you if you succeeded at cheating and went away with it. Prime example ? MC Mong.

    • Honestly, Rain just needs to do a successful drama and he’ll be forgiven. That’s how the industry works. Hate when they do wrong, forgive when they get it right. When MC Mong comes back, he’ll eventually be forgiven like SSH and JH was (as someone mentioned above).

      Rain has legions and legions of fans. The hype of a successful drama and extremely vocal fans will pull him through.

  7. I can almost hear wedding bells. *ring* *ring* *ring* // and that’s not De La Soul calling.

    The netizens griping with Kim Tae Hee dating Rain prolly also diss Kim Min Hee being in a relationship with Jo In Sung. Such superficial standards.

    Yoona and Lee Seung Gi being labeled a “clean” couple — pwahaha. Netizens are so easily blind and blinded.

    • Clean = good image. And as far as everyone can tell, they do have a fantastically clean images. They haven’t messed up the way Rain did. What they do together behind closed doors is none of anyone’s beeswax, so Netz aren’t blinded by anything.

      • Oops…
        Thanks! Now I get it. I was surprised netizens could be that naive 😀

      • Of course netizens are blinded, because whatever comes out in the news has been controlled/decided by agencies. A pristine or boy-next-door or perfect-son-in-law-material image, is what netz are interested in and not in finding out that real life is far from glamorous in k-ent as it would shatter their daydreams. Who wants to know that k-idols do date or rather have casual unprotected sex, leading to STD and abortions covered-up as “fatigue requiring a day of rest at the hospital” for instance? Nobody.

      • @Denali – Um, no, they’re not blinded by anything. Netizens are very much interested in finding out if idols have unprotected sex or one night stands – that’s gossip everyone wants to hear. The difference between someone like LSG and Rain is that while one carries himself well and doesn’t screw up ‘in public’, the other does.

        Since we are discussing ‘clean image’ then yes – LSG and Yoona have very clean images and no one is blinded by it. Knetz call them clean because of the way they handle themselves publicly and what they do in front of people not what they do behind the scenes that are ‘far from glamorous’. Other than teenagers, most netizens in general knows that there are a lot of secrets out there so the only way to judge someone is through the way they portray themselves when they walk out the doors.

      • “fatigue requiring a day of rest at the hospital”.
        o_O I will never read these news the same way!

  8. God love them both. ♥♥♥
    They seem like they would have a lot of fun together, and understand how to handle all the adoration that really isn’t REAL.
    You still gotta clean the poop out of the kids’ diapers no matter who you are.

    I think this is exciting. Stephen Colbert should be invited to the wedding or he will feel slighted. 🙂

    Now WHO will marry The Hand Towel? I am guessing he goes with a younger and gorgeous non celebrity.

  9. Despite the speculation that he is gay… Rain is actually a very very very decent entertainer on my perspective. First, he doesn’t smoke. Second, he was never been in any scandal with a female, except KTH. I’m just comparing him to other k-celeb. So, he is not a bad boy afterall :p

  10. Is rain’s image that bad that the k-netz always critizing him? They have no right to judge whether he’s good or bad except God,who knows the heart of men.and besides he may be good to kth but not to them cos same sun that melts the ice hardens the clay

  11. I hope rain embraced catholism because he wants to love God whole heartedly and not because he wants to be acceptable in kimmy and her family’s eyes cause i dont want my kimmy getting hurt .

  12. I hope rain embraced catholism because he wants to love God whole heartedly and not because he wants to be acceptable in kimmy and her family’s eyes cause i dont want my kimmy getting hurt .l love kimmy

  13. Oh my!!! seems like i posted two exact same comment,thats because i got an error message before i didnt know it was posted.can you pls have one deleted miss/mrs ockoala?

  14. Ya u can say both have clean images and what they do together in closed doors is no one’s buzz,and ya rain might have messed up but its okay,atleast be open and free like “everyone knows me”than secretive “no one knows me”.like my b-friend everyone knows him.

  15. Ya i know the guy fucked up,but is’nt it too much already,k-netz store hatred in their belly,like my sis said they dont know where it hurts,their brain needs help,unforgiveness is what JESUS dislikes.and to me kimbi are the power couple like Dex realistic sometimes.

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