Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee Deny Published Dating News, Claim to be Just Close Good Friends

Well that was quick. It took about under an hour for the respective agencies of actors Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee to immediately issue denials over the published report that they had been dating for the past year. This news article didn’t come from the sleazy hands of Dispatch or Sports Seoul, since neither are idols worth camping out to catch on secret dates, but instead a woman’s monthly magazine called Women’s Sense published an story in its August edition that the former I Summon You, Gold! costars were a real couple for the past year after being paired up as a reel couple. If this is true then I’m not surprised, and anyone who suffered and slogged through ISYG shouldn’t be surprised either. Those two had massive overflowing amounts of chemistry that I’ve not seen before or since from either Park Seo Joon or Baek Jin Hee with any other costar.

It’s unlikely thatΒ a published magazine would risk libel to out a couple that is famous but not all that famous (yet) without having their sources checked so Women’s Sense went to the press likely having done its due diligence. Both Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee’s denials are nearly identical – they are very close and good friends but not dating. Period. I’ll take that with a grain of salt but am happy to let them issue that denial and have it wave in the wind. As up-and-comers both are very talented and unique in looks and acting style so that they don’t blend into the wood works. It’s probably not a good time to have a public relationship so whether they are merely good friends or super good friends with benefits, I’m just happy to report the latest on dits in the K-ent dating circle and have folks draw your own conclusions.


Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee Deny Published Dating News, Claim to be Just Close Good Friends — 17 Comments

    • I sat through that terrible train wreck and the ending, oh my gosh, that ending left such a bad taste. But they were a cute couple and you could tell there was chemistry.

  1. I LOVE him! Witch’s Romance was his first work that I saw… thereafter I watched only his couple with his respective leading ladies in ISYG and Warm Word – he’s had oodles of chemistry with all 3 of his leading ladies.

    This dating news made me super happy as they were adorable in ISYG! Either way it’s their personal life and I’d be content for them whether they’re a couple or not.

    • He’s seriously has chemistry with just about anyone he works with but his chemistry with Uhm Jung-hwa was off the charts *fans self* (it’s actually super fresh in my mind rn because I finally watched the last couple of episodes yesterday). Just wowwww. I have such crush on him at the moment. I would totally watch his entire filmography if I hadn’t watched most of it already :3

  2. I really like her with Jaejoong in Triangle (and also with Im Siwan she had more sparks there….but only when his character was not crazy). But this is good news, hope she’s happy whether dating or not.

  3. Are Kdrama fans specifically Korean fans a bit fanatical about their idols being single? They are in their early 20s – romance is in the DNA so what’s wrong with that?

    It is a natural part of life afterall. Nothing wrong with young love!

  4. OMG they look so cute together!! Whether they’re dating or not, I wish happiness for both of them. They are relatively newbies but have pretty impressive acting talents.

  5. I think it’s part of being a “celebrity” that is the basis for denials of any romance regardless of age or status level. Look at Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, who are allegedly expecting but don’t want to confirm their dating status. They are both good actors and I think they would make a cute couple.

  6. I think park seo joon is wonderful actor and tends to have great chemistry with all his co-stars. If this dating news is true, I’m happy for the both of them! πŸ™‚ they look adorable together!

  7. Sounds like an “understanding” to me. Young actors tend to place more emphasis on career than coupling, so if it’s not necessarily true today, it very well may be in the future. Either way, happy they are close friends regardless and are secure enough in themselves to continue on with whatever they have, despite the news.

  8. Pretty sure that’s the same magazine that reported about sooyoung & kyungho dating ;D
    When I first read the news, I was so excited! They were definitely the only good thing from that drama lol but I knew the agencies would deny it even if it was true. There’s no actual evidence of them dating so why would the confirm it. Especially when both are on the rise in their careers.

    Kind of sad though cause I was hoping for a reunion with these two in another drama as leads but pretty sure that won’t happen now after this πŸ™ They do have amazing chemistry though. If you watched them in The One’s “ν•˜λ‚˜λ‘˜μ…‹λ„·” music video, omg the adorableness <3 Really would love to see that on screen again T^T

    • I do hope they collaborate in a project in the future too. Even if they are dating or not, still happy that they are close friends.
      Thanks for pointing out the MV, I am off to watch πŸ™‚

  9. Happy for them if this is true.
    Yes, they are the only good thing that happened in ISYG.
    I also agree that out of all their dramas that I’ve watched they had more chemistry with each other than with their co-stars.

  10. Awwww, really? Look how LIT UP they are with each other!
    It’s nice that they could spend time to get to know each other doing a show. Think about it. You aren’t always at your best – exhausted, hungry, stressed. If you can find a person to get through it with, life with them elsewhere would be even better.

    Seriously = ) so cute.

  11. I think it’s true because Women Sense Magazine is the one who outed Sooyoung/Jung Kyung Ho, Jae Hee and his hidden family, Teddy Park and Han Ye Seul … etc. So far, they are pretty legit.

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