Rain Confirmed for Music Romance Drama My Lovely Girl With Rumored Leading Lady Park Bo Young

With It’s Okay, It’s Love off to a promising start in quality and ratings, it’s time for SBS to confirm the follow up drama and leads so that attention gnats like me can start looking forward to the next treat. Initially SBS tentatively lined up the reverse-aging drama Mister Baek but ended up letting that drama go to MBC and picking up the drama formerly known as Song For You. Song For You has now gotten a name change to be called My Lovely Girl. The network has been courting Rain for the last month to return to television after a four year hiatus since The Fugitive: Plan B and going off to the army. The old title Song For You explains the plot plainly as a story set in the music recording industry and follows the rise of an aspiring young songstress and her love story with the music company CEO who guides her career. I’m sure folks who are watching Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) right now are screaming “My Lovely Girl is basically if Gun Woo is the male lead and gets Chun Hee!” Rather than finding MLG a slight variation copycat on LoM, maybe it coming along so soon is great for those second lead shippers who want a chance to see their ship reach port. Initially the casting chatter indicated that SBS was considering IU for the leading lady songstress role but now the casting arrow is all pointed to one actress that I’m going to go crazy excited about if she accepts. Park Bo Young is rumored to be courted for the romantic lead opposite Rain, a role described as the younger sister of Rain’s dead first love girlfriend and he becomes the leading lady’s daddy long leg’s benefactor in developing her singing career and in the process fall in love with each other.

The drama is described as a warm and funny romance and Rain expressed his compliments of the script that he read which is why he’s accepted. Rain’s character is a music genius and agency president who is suffering from immense guilt over the death of his first love in an accident that he blames himself for. After the death of his girlfriend he turns cold and withdrawn and devotes himself to work as a music producer and agency CEO. He decides to guide the music career of the younger sister and ends up healing through falling in love with her. I swear I’ve read this synopsis before in dramas and movies perhaps in a non-music setting but honestly if Park Bo Young confirms then I’m watching this sucker no matter what even if the set up is been there-done that. This drama is definitely going to be very pretty coming from the production team that collaborated twice before in Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ. Please accept Park Bo Young!


Rain Confirmed for Music Romance Drama My Lovely Girl With Rumored Leading Lady Park Bo Young — 32 Comments

  1. my head scream more to ‘You’re The Best LSS’ not ‘Lover Of Music with IU being court in first place. LOL. and i like PBY. sometimes i think she and Moon Geun Young could be sister coz the seem lookalike. it confuse me at first.

  2. HOMG. I can’t believe they’re courting PBY! But then it’s Rain, of course they’ll court someone that huge. It sounds like a great role for her so please accept PBY, I missed you so much on TV!

    • Yeah, this was what I was going to ask also….

      It’d be very ironic that with all of the idol actresses floating around that they get a NON-idol actress for a part where she has to be able to sing.

      And it looks like the answer is not really :(….

      Here’s a single she recorded for A Werewolf Boy….

      Just really bland and nothing really stands out….

      Why couldn’t they cast someone like Yoona or Suzy for this?!

      • Because they can’t act? A good actress can act like she’s singing with someone doing her background vocals. An idol actress like Yoona and Suzy can’t act at all.

        Isn’t it obvious why they went for PBY?

      • that may be the reason why they considered IU for the role. Suzy would be an OK choice (she’s well-loved even if her acting is not the greatest). Yoona…hmmmn I’m not so sure about her singing. she’s known for her dancing in SNSD and not for singing.

        Ha Yeon Soo came to mind (…and memories of Monstar).

      • Yoona and Suzy cant sing, just because they are idol does not mean they can sing.
        Suzy lipsynced in Dream High. So, as long as the female lead can act well, the singing part isnt that important.

      • Hmmm, I guess I should have added a smiley face at the end of my last line…. :p

        Frankly, I just wanted to use the line about Yoona or Suzy, because it’s the exact opposite of what most people say or think. In fact, it’s usually Yoona or Suzy that they want to replace (usually with good reason). I thought it would be obvious with my line about irony, but I guess not….

        I WOULD actually like to see an actress who can act AND sing for this part, since that’s low hanging fruit amongst the current crop of young actresses and it just makes the part so much better if you can cast someone who can sing when they’re supposed to be a good singer (cf. Trot Lovers w/ Eun Ji).

        From the rave reviews I’ve seen of Park Bo Young, I would like to see her in a drama, but I just don’t think the fit here is quite right.

      • Ooh, I don’t know if she can act (since she didn’t really have a big part), but what about Dahee from Monstar?

        I liked Ha Yeon Soo as an actress, but her voice isn’t the best though it’s better than what I heard from Park Bo Young….

      • Speedy Scandal

        Of course, IU is a more consistent singer choice, if singing is all they needed to do. But this is PBY, she CAN sing AND act. That and it’s such a rare treat to see her on the small screen side of things these days.

  3. I love her !!! Why isn’t she courted for Nodame? Well…I’ll take whatever I can get. Haven’t seen her in dramas at all. I love her in Speed Scandal, she had a real sweet voice. She was great in A Werewolf Boy and her latest one with Lee Jong Suk in Hot Blooded Youth.

    Don’t forget she was the lead opposite Yong Jun Hyung in Fiction MV. Aww….They were cute. I wish there’s a movie or drama with them as the OTP. Why is no one courting Jun Hyung to act in any drama? He was awesome in Monstar.

    • our star Junhyung is busy right now. after writing songs for B2ST and producing their recent album (which I love to bits), B2ST will be on tour. then CUBE family will go on tour.

      he did say though that he wants to star in another series. maybe after their tour =)

      • Did he?? Yea I ADORE him. I need to see him twice a week on screen! He’s awesome isn’t he? Love Good Luck album too. And I’m STILL addicted to his Flower single.

    • way to go, juliesean!!!i couldn’t agree more…. some people sometimes always wanted the ones who they always seen in tv… park bo young may not be very visible in kdrama but shes equally talented like the other girls…. her name is also a household name but more in movie field.. she had numerous movies that mark and made her to be one of a bankable actress…. if not only the hiatus with her management on 2009, she might be one of the popular kactress…

      • well, she is one bankable actress to begin with… what i meant on the latter part of my reply… she might be one of the popular in kdramas

  4. look at their height. 1.85m vs 1.58m. i don’t think they look good together lol. i guess Yoon Eun Hye or other actress same age as Rain

    • Oh my I’ve been dreaming of a Rain-Yoon Eun Hye pairing in so long! It’s just that his character is supposed to fall in love with his ex’s younger sister so I think they’re going for someone younger. 🙁

  5. So I have to close my eyes and dream he is my weirdo GeunWoo who will get the girl and happines he deserves and be aDORKably quirky=)But the only problem is if that Rain or snow can perform a character like this as good as Shin SungRok!

    Btw koala, are you watching Trot Lovers? I would like to know your thoughs about the show so far and in which ship you are sailing?

  6. The part where the male lead feels guilty for his ex-girlfriend dying in an accident and falls in love with her younger sister is similar to an old Kim Rae Won drama – Which Star (Planet) Are You From? It’s kinda the same set up where the guy (he’s a film director) is cold, focused only on work and basically sleepwalking through life. He meets the younger sister in the countryside who is a doppelganger of her unni. Obviously he’s attracted by the resemblance, but as time passes he starts taking care of the girl and her mom who now live in the countryside. Then he realizes he likes the girl and in the process has learned to like himself again.

    Anyhoo…Which Star Are You From is sweet/sappy and everything we know and love about K-drama. I’d be up for a redux with Rain and PBY.

  7. Seems like they have changed the female role into a songwriter producer rather than a singer ? Have to wait and see if it has.

  8. I think I have a thing for the dead sister’s girlfriend plot. I find interesting conflict to overcome in stories like this.. Reminds me of another drama with Kim Rae Won.

    I’m really excited .. I hope Park Bo Young accepts!

  9. Screaming!!! PBY is perfect for the part..i love IU she’s too young 🙂 yaay something to look fwd too Rain is BACK!

  10. please choose iu I really want to see her drama if you do not choose her you will hurt me this is my dream that iu and myungsoo and rain will do the same drama please give me a chance :((

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