First Full Cast Teaser for Three Musketeers is Action-packed and Stylish

There’s finally a full teaser trailer out for the K-sageuk version of Three Musketeers and I must say it’s interesting and kept my attention riveted the entire time. I can’t say it elicited awe from me, more like a combination of hhhmmmm mixed with huhhhhhhh in there. Starring Lee Jin Wook as the Crown Prince and leader of the Three Musketeers including Yang Dong Geun and Park Hae In, Jung Yong Hwa joins the trio as the country boy swordsman with big dreams that travels to Hanyang in hopes of making it big. It really is the outline of the French novel Three Musketeers transplanted to a Joseon setting. Seo Hyun Jin plays Lee Jin Wook’s Crown Princess but is also in a love triangle with Jung Yong Hwa, which confuses me as to why that even needs to be in this drama and how the heck Jung Yong Hwa even gets a chance with the girl unless Lee Jin Wook bites it in the end. Yoo In Young completes the main cast as a femme fatale type who was Lee Jin Wook’s first love and is back as the angry spurned woman with a vengeance type.

I’m fairly certain this drama has something for everyone and I definitely have my own laundry list reasons to watch. For compelling acting there’s going to be balls-to-walls fun from Yang Dong Geun. For eye candy it’s Park Hae In all the way, the cutest thing in the cast ever and probably going to stumble acting-wise in his first sageuk but at least he’s be gorgeous to watch doing it. Jung Yong Hwa brings his massive fandom which is good for the drama exposure, and I’m curious in a rubber necking way to see how he fares in genre way more challenging than anything he’s done so far. I liked Lee Jin Wook the most in Spy Myung Wol and have heard great things about his performance in Nine: Nine Times Travel, but this is also his first sageuk so it’s unclear if his acting is ready to transition to the gravitas and charisma needed to sell the role of the Crown Prince. I always think of Yoo Ah In being so suited for a sageuk especially when the PD dials him down, he’s the benchmark for male leads trying out a sageuk role for size. Seo Hyun Jin is an expert and excellent sageuk veteran while Yoo In Young actually showed improvement in a supporting role for Empress Ki.

First full cast teaser for Three Musketeers:


First Full Cast Teaser for Three Musketeers is Action-packed and Stylish — 6 Comments

  1. I am so excited for this drama. The trailer looks so good. The cinematography kind of reminds me of Tree with Deep Roots where I swear, Joseon looked the most beautiful, be it the scenery, outfits, buildings … etc. So yeap’ I hope visually, it would go that way 😀

  2. Huh… That was my reaction at the end. I am interested. I am always up for a good story and well written characters. So I guess I will see if this is one if them.

  3. we shall see…will certainly give it a try…but yonghwa…really hoping that you can pull this role off… make us believe you aren’t you

  4. It does look interesting but still not convinced about Jung Yong Hwa’s acting abilities except looking at the camera while being pretty and trying to act like he’s not trying to act.
    Yoo in Young is a Milady-ish character then, I just hope they don’t make into a villain because he turned her down. I hope there’s something deeper in there.

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