KCON 2014: Koala Hits Up Two Speaker Panels

I need to thank all of you who pinged me one way or another asking if it’s true I’m making an appearance at KCON 2014. My lack of enthusiasm in my responses is 99.9% correlated to procrastinating the preparation for my panel and not related to a reluctance to attend. I skipped KCON last year due to my aversion to crowds and heat, and both were in abundance holding an event in the middle of August in LA in Los Angeles where the Koreatown continues to expand like a happy amoeba. I was invited a few months ago to attend and decided to give it a go and toss myself in the Hallyu pool where I’m assuming most people are going for the excellent two night concert line up and not as much to hear speakers pontificate. It’s almost too late to keep procrastinating now so I’m hard at work jotting down my panel thoughts and finally writing this post about KCON. I was also surprised (VERY) to find out last week that I’m on not one but two panels! Er….yay? Thanks for making me unwittingly procrastinate on my second panel as well, KCON! It’s a honor that theΒ organizers think I’m qualified to speak on Hallyu blogging and the meaty subject of women in K-dramas.

On the former I just want to chuckle since I’m barely out of grade school when it comes to blogging whether in design or breadth, but I’m happy to share my anecdotal tales for all to take in.Β It’ll be a lot more interactive to chat about women in K-dramas, a topic that is near and dear to my heart but honestly probably lags in terms of why viewers watch K-dramas in the first place. Reason to watch K-dramas likely runs down in this order of importance (1) hot K-actors, (2) idealized romance and/or fantastical story that won’t happen to us in real life, (3) gorgeous people wearing expensive clothes looking gorgeous onscreen (4) marveling and musing over K-culture and thought processes, and finally (5) empowering female characters that are stand-ins for ourselves. I wish the predominately female viewers of K-dramas would be watching for strong female characters but it’s so hard to find truly well-written ones. But luckily the poorly written ones are also fun to hate/mock and lend a secondary amusement to the entire viewing experience. There will be a Q&A session on both panels so feel free to lob questions (soft ones, pretty please!) at me. If anyone has something specific you want me to touch upon, toss me a line in this comments section and if I can integrate it into my talk then I’d be happy to oblige.

While I have been procrastinating on preparing for my panels, I have not been procrastinating on formulating a game plan on how to (1) accidentally find myself in the same place as special guest Lee Seung Gi and then accidentally fall on top on him and accidentally have a lip press that is very chaste, and (2) find a way to separate Kang Min Hyuk from his band mates so I can take him back to the HB pier but this time without Lee Min Ho fangirls everywhere. See, I have been hard at work! Also hard at work consulting my criminal law books for the legal requirements of stalking and unlawful imprisonment, neither of which I shall ever engage in. No sirree, just loads and loads of fangirling.

LOL, I know, I know, I’ll behave. I’ve already gotten LizzyD and my own sister to remind me that any untoward thoughts towards Seung Gi will incur the wrath of THE GIRLFRIEND who is also present and performing at KCON. My protestations that I also adore said girlfriend garnered eye rolls. What? Even a Koala can have some happy fantasies, right? For folks who want to attend one or both of my panels, the schedule is as follows: SaturdayΒ Women in K-dramas at 11:30-12:30 followed byΒ Hallyu Blogging from 12:30 to 1:30. Apparently the KCON organizers think I have the ability to teleport as well. Nice. *bringing my running shoes*


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  1. From what I see so far in Kdrama there is some female roles where the girl can stand for herself and is intelligent. BUT. As soon as she fell in love everything turns flat and all she is does is cry.. cry.. and cry.

    I’m sure there is many exciting things to say about women in dramas, so have fun and stalk many celebrities you can and give us some juicy fanaccount after o_o

  2. That is great. I really hope the whole accidental falling on Lee Seung Gi scenario works out. Please post pix of all the pretty people you will meet.

    • Thank you for supporting my accidentally falling on Seung Gi plan. If nabbed I’ll blame it on watching too many K-dramas.

      • Lol, i just want to tell you he is coming too..but you’ve already known. Enjoy the day! He is more handsome in real life! #guarantee

  3. Wow! So you’re participating too koala. Between the expensive air fare and tickets, and being a displaced male k-drama viewer, I don’t think I have as much dedication (ie. money) to brave the heat and the crowd for these events. Although admittedly, I’m definitely curious to watch these drama panels, and less so about k-pop. So my plea would be the same here as it was over at dramabeans–is there a way to film these panels at all? If not just for plebeians like me, but the rest of the fans outside the US as well?

    • You’re not a plebe, silly! No clue what the organizers have planned in terms of recording the panels but I’d be happy to share if it’s uploaded.

  4. Hey Koala!

    Have fun at KCON! Wish I could be there for the panels and concerts – it would be like the mothership calling me home. πŸ˜‰

    If you can work it in…pls share your thoughts on why women in dramas are often presented as extremes: the screaming shrew/harpy mother-in-law or the hardworking Candy with 6 part time jobs to pay off loan sharks chasing down her deadbeat dad. LOL!

  5. I wish I could go. Would have loved to listen to both discussions. I love your blog. I check it daily. There should be a KCon here in the UAE too! They already have a Comicon here. πŸ™
    Thanks Koala! I enjoy your blogs very much! I just wish you were also recapping King of High School which is damn good!

  6. Yaaayy!! And congrats! πŸ˜€

    So you’ll get to see the dramabeans girls, plus Jomo and maybe some AKP regulars too! I doubt Puppy’s girlfriend will let you nowhere near her bf — you’re waaaay too much of a threat. πŸ˜› As for Kang Min Hyuk, if you happen to stay in the same hotel, you might get a chance to “bump into him by sheer coincidence” around breakfast time near the restaurant. Occurred before. πŸ˜‰

    Now I do not have a serious question to relay to the panel but regarding the empowering females in kdramas, the role of “Wonder Woman” Shin Mi Rae reminded me that Kim Sun Ah has not acted in a drama in quite some time now. Wish she would be cast as an interesting character in a well-written script and convincing loveline, not Γ  la “I do, I do” which echoed Uhm Jung Hwa in “Witch’s romance” imo, and their unbalanced relationship with a man-boy.

    • YES!! I will be there with my daughter. I am curious if we have to sign up or line up for the panel discussions.

      Women in Kdrama question…Hmmm: Who is the best kisser -either gender?

      Hallyu Blogging question….Hmmm: How freaking hot is YSH?

      • Do you know if the panels are schedule at the convention center as well?! Can you attend to the panels w/o buying tickets to the concert? I’m really only interested to visit the panels πŸ™

  7. This is super news, OCKoala! If not viedo-streaming, a podcast would work just as well. πŸ™‚

    K-drama fans would be lucky to be your audience!

  8. As for the topic of the panel: I have since observed that female leads have the tendency to be of the candy iteration in dramaland, that they are mostly of the gutsy-but-not-so-bright kinds (ie. naively stubborn). Although that isn’t to say that they are always necessarily poor or uneducated (Soo-In from JG is a good subversion), just naive and pushy (determined) and at times less ‘feminine’ (ie. tomboyish). Although not much of a quibble, but I have a longing for far more sophisticated females, one who recognizes their ‘limitations’ (their gender role in a highly patriarchal society or just simply falling in love) and is still able to utilize their strengths (beauty? wealth? intellect? love?), and still end up being the root-able female lead. It’s not that these female characters do not exist, it’s just they almost always end up being the villainess or just fall out flat. To that extent, I immensely liked the idea of the badass Seo Eun Gi (Nice Guy), even though she eventually had to be lobotomized (turned into an invalid, damsel in distress) so as to give the audience an indomitable reason to root (sympathize) for her, by peeling off the rough exteriors and contrasting her over Jae-Hee, when essentialy, they can equally be just as bitchy, if not ruthless.

    So my question exactly is, do you think that dramaland has been making strides towards diversifying the roles of women, instead of placing them on either sides of extremes of the moral spectrum (naively good or treacherously evil), and if they are, are they enough?

  9. As long as you don’t pull a kinda stalkerish Joo Jang Mi in Marriage Not Dating, then it’ll be fine LOL….
    Man…I KNEW I should’ve tried harder to fly out for KCON this year….It would’ve been awesome to attend your panel! Congrats and looking forward to reading your post about it later (as well as hopefully a post about you successfully running smack dab into Seung Gi as well XDD)

  10. Oh my gosh, you’re going?!? AHHH CONGRATS! I’m so sad that I won’t be there to see you! (It’s been too long!)

  11. Great news indeed!! Also I think Seung Ki should fall on you (just to reverse kdrama gender roles) and maybe it could be the start of an epic Noona romance…Yoona could just be the requisite annoying second lead who is all pure and sweet in front of the camera but a piece of work off camera like Cheon Song Yi ( please don’t kill me Snsd fans. I’m not saying Yoona is any of this, I’m just setting up a scenario here)

  12. CONGRATS Ms Koala, Boy! I wish I could attend the KCON, but unfortunately I live in good old England…Dammit!!!

    Why do they have these evil rich mothers, who think that only their precious son or daughter are worthy and the poor peoples children are just beggars?
    Do Koreans rich women always slap other people, when they can’t get their own ways (e.g. ‘get loss, my precious son is to high reaching for you’ then water in face).
    Why can’t Kdrama portray rich girls in a nice, intellectual non bitchy manner, why are their characters soooo nasty (is this a true reflection of rich girls in Korea?)
    Also I have yet to watch a Kdrama, where the blind dates go well!!! I mean each time the guy or girl gets force to go, the other party is ever so condescending, arrogant, these are not love marriages, but marriages for wealth, status etc.

    I personally watch Kdrama because of the great stories being told. Not only are the korean men gorgeous, but they act sooo well too, the women, minus the plastic fantastic faces are lovely to watch due to their stylish clothes.
    I have stopped watching British/American drama/soaps, because the stories are boring. Also Kdrama reflects well about the true society we live in, the daily struggles, getting by, wanting to be succesful, the great friendships,without the guns, bombs, drugs etc so prevalent in the Brits & U.S shows.

  13. Kdramas, in general, are a cliche of Mary Sue characters and recycled romance plots devoid of creativity and intrigue. The commenter above just tried to imply that kdramas are superior to brit/american dramas and I don’t mean to sound rude, but L O L. Get some taste, please. Characters in brit/american dramas actually exist for reasons beyond catty love triangles. That already puts them head and shoulders above kdramas, and I haven’t even included the vast difference in acting, production value, cinematography, etc.

    Kdramas are basically the Korean equivalent of cheesy soap operas. You know those shows the middle aged lady next door watches all the time? yes, your kdramas. Despite all that, kdramas are still taken very seriously by this community and that, in my opinion, would be a interesting point of discussion: how has kdramas managed to fool people into thinking it’s stimulating entertainment?

    • It’s not as if US dramas (as far as I’m aware) are anymore ‘creative’ than the next one. It’s basically a running formula of story of cops, criminals, and vampires (or zombies, because they’re the new pop culture go-to). If you do venture into cable TV however, then the quality do tend to increase, although at times, is just yet another variation of cops, criminals, and vampires.

      These things are probably far more cultural though, as the Koreans do have an appetite for romance as Americans do with action. It really has nothing to do with ‘quality’ in my opinion, as more of it has to do with the target audience. K-dramas though in particular, is still riding the hallyu wave, and the fascination for it, probably has to do more with the fascination for Korean culture in particular, and the many differences and likeness it shares with ours (non-koreans).

    • Hi Delu, I wasn’t implying that Kdrama was superior to the Brits/U.S shows, just that I have lost interest in watching them. With you responding on this blogg, means that you too watch kdrama for whatever reason it is too, like them or hate them you have watched them.
      There are some great cinematography Kdrama/Kfilms, it’s all to do with preferences. Each culture makes drama’s and films according to their target audience, although I’m not Korean, I enjoy Kdrama’s, I haven’t been fooled in anyway. I have watched some bad Kdrama and stopped at 2 episodes or midway in, then there are those that are currently airing, that are great, they make me laugh out loud,e.g Fated to Love You…. Ms Koala was asking for thoughts and opinions, so I gave mine πŸ˜‰

    • I think your comment “get some taste” is quite rude. Minihaha just said she finds them boring. I personally really british tv from their scifi to costume dramas and i am well aware of all the flaws of kdramas (my fave country when it comes to TV is Japan). However i fully understand the appeal. Kdramas bank on the relationship built up and chemistry, something that lacking specially in American TV. It can be annoying but damn addicting. Also not all fans are westerners, many come from different parts of the world, with different background and culture. Society shown in kdramas can have some aspects that are closer to their culture and everyday problems.

      In any case taste is subjective so if some find what you like boring, its perfectly legit and if you find something they like dull, its also totally your right.

    • LOL the stimulating entertainment police is here!

      If you think all kdramas are like that, then you’re watching the wrong dramas. Do your research. Get off your pony. US/UK also produce some crappy, really crappy shows, but evidently you take your time to look for those that are ~*quality*~. I wonder why you judge Korean shows with such a harsh, condescending attitude, while you proudly flaunt your tunnel vision when it comes to other countries.

      PS: the catty love triangles comment made me LOL so hard. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. 95% of american shows have heavy doses of romance/love triangles, and given their length through so many seasons, they usually get dragged with ridiculous conflict.

      PS2: before you dismiss my comment as a ~delusional koreaboo~, I do watch shows from US/UK as I do from other European/American countries. Basically always looking for shows that grab my interest no matter where they come from.

      Much love, sweetie.

    • Yes, the majority of dramas that is churned out every year in Korea aren’t very good. Or good at all. But every now and then, shows like ‘A Wife’s Credentials’ come out. It’s presumptuous of you to assume that korean dramas are mindless, unintelligent fluff all the time.

      Your last question. It’s probably impossible, but be open-minded when you dig through all the superficial crap that forms the majority of k-dramas these days, and you’ll find that there are many selections of great dramas out there. They are stimulating entertainment not in the way american dramas are, not with all the action or crime or anything. Like Shin Don. Like Secret Love Affair. Like Queen Insoo.

  14. Delu…….minihaha said personally….’personally’. Its her own opinion, don’t attack kdrama viewers for it. Yes, she has her own reasons for watching kdramas just like i do and everyone else who watch k-dramas. Its pure entertainment and the choice one makes on what to watch or fancy so there’s no need for debating on which country’s or continent’s soaps or shows are superior. I for one prefer korean dramas to brit/american shows bt its nt a totality thing for me bcos i always go back to watch other shows bsyds kdramas so it becomes a balanced equation. Also what you call ‘cliche’ or ‘cheesy’ or ‘catty’ love triangles are actually awesome for me……

  15. For me, I watch East Asian dramas, mostly K-dramas, Taiwan, mainland Chinese, Jdorama, and Thai dramas because as an Asian-American, I connect with the Asian cultural nuances of the shows. Also, I hardly see any Asian faces on American shows and they are not so entertaining to me. Furthermore, a lot of these actors can act very well and I have been very impressed with their performances, otherwise I would not have stuck around for more than 8 years only watch exclusively Asian dramas.

  16. Congrats Miss Korea, I wish that like many others I could come to attend your panel talk in person but sadly I live on a completely different continent. Please post up a video of possible and I totally support your tactics to meet both Lee Seungi Gi and Kang Min Hyuk. I can also concur with your reasons as to watch k-dramas, I absolutely live kick-ass strong women that truly set an example for us but sadly you don’t really get to see that in the realm of k-drama land which is why I thoroughly appreciate chinese wuxia dramas for displaying this quality

  17. On a deeper level, people watch dramas and movies because they have the inner desire to reincarnate.
    Although an Angeleno, I don’t think I’ll attend the event (same aversion to heat and crowds), but if there’re any videos of your talking about dramas, I’ll watch those with pleasure. Best wishes!

  18. I so badly wish I could come watch you….. πŸ™ but I’m just too far away in Australia.
    Good luck!! Your blog is wonderful and if there are any videos please let us know! !

  19. Congrats Koala Unni!!! It is too bad that I can’t make it as it is 2 hours away from my house and it will be a exhausted event for me as I will be in my sixth month of pregnancy.

  20. Yay! I plan on being at the second panel! Looking forward to my third KCON! And getting to put a face with blog!

  21. I don’t think KMH has appeared on We Got Married yet, right?
    How about a Noona romance with The Blogger and The Drummer? Sounds awesome to me!
    OMG, it would be so cute.

    (Not gonna touch Hunky with Yoona about the joint.)

    • Don’t put ideas into my head about me and Min Hyuk! As for Hunky, I plan to ask Yoona nicely to share for a day. You know, just a day and all!

  22. I refuse to fall for the mess that is KCON again for the third year, yes I was fooled twice and it was my fault, but I’m sure you’ll be great and your panel will be awesome!

  23. Waw, congrats to you! Well tbh i’m not watching Kdrama that much. Only certain that really caught my attention. Go eun Chan in Coffee Prince and Jang Geum so far have become my favorite female character of all time. i think what makes a good female character is when the audience can relate to them. And in order for that to happen, the writer plays an important role to mould it and a great actress to make it alive. Teenagers nowadays need a role model and i think a great female character will somehow influence in term of thinking and act.

    Anyway, i envy you coz Minhyukkie is also there..this noona really adore that boy..hehe

  24. Congratz miss koala you’ll totally rock the panels. Honestly I wish I could be there just for the panels (not into kpop) but alas work + too far away.
    I love reading ur post even on dramas i’m not watching but ur post today is exceptionally entertaining.

  25. Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement, guys~ GROUP HUG!

    For those who are coming, introduce yourself to me after the panels and I’d love to chat. πŸ˜€

  26. Koala, congrats!! I’d like to be there, but I live just too far away~~ Hopefully you will share some adventures after it.


  27. Congrats Koala-unni! I’m so happy and excited for you! Wish I could come to see you, our Seung Gi, and other Koalanians. It would be nice to see a videoclip or two of you. Have fun and be careful not only with Yoona but with Airens too hehehe

  28. Dear Koala,
    First, I’m thrilled for you and I’m sure you’ll do a great job.
    Second, you ABSOLUTELY MUST see Seunggi! He’s a thousand times more gorgeous in real life! A friend of mine once told me that he was not photogenic… and I went, “What?”…till I laid eyes on him in the flesh. And TRY you MUST to get him to look at you in the eye and flash his mega-watt smile at you. I had the pleasure of that experience…. and I’m still swooning!

  29. Sadly I can’t be there – 13 hour flight – but will keep an avid lookout for videos, reports and photos of panel and off-panel experiences (hope the latter go particularly well πŸ™‚ ). I would be interested in your thoughts about the female characters in Yoo Na’s Street. I am finding them interesting and not quite what I have seen in kdramas before (recommendations welcome). Also their attitudes to relationships and family. Have fun riding the wave!

  30. Congratulations! I may not comment much here on your blog but I’ve been religiously following you for years so it would’ve been thrilling to see you and the DB ladies, but I can’t go, sadly. πŸ™ Just got back from Sin City and if this a week earlier, I could’ve gone. Oh well. Have lots of fun!

  31. Hi! First of all, congratz! ^_^ I’ve been following your blog quite awhile now and your posts/ reviews are really lovely and thoughtful (with many gorgeous people gracing it as well ^^)so I’m sure your panels are going to be equally awseome to hear as well ^^. As for me why I started watching Asian dramas ( primarily Kdramas, tw-dramas and c-dramas is because the people were gorgeous and the stories touching no matter how isane/fantastically improbable and unrealistic they were. For some reasons I could not tear away from them and I couldn’t figure out why then but I think I know why now. When I first started watching them I was only a teen and the only Asian people I know was my family and I often felt…Out of place, confused because everybody around me was raised differently than me and eventhough I don’t want to admit ( it’s still very hard to admit) I was embarrassed to be Asian. I was bullied and made fun of, the norms and values my family taught me were considered weird and strange and I believed the stereotypes of Asia being a strange, weird, slightly underdevelopped continent where people were poor and brainwashed as soulless mass by the government. However, one day I stumbled into J-pop and then tw-dramas and K-drama’s and suddenly I saw gorgeous, succesful and admired people….that happened to be Asians! Who ate similar food, have similar behaviours and manners as mine, have the same struggles as mine ( how to make the family proud while chasing my own dreams)…. I saw big, beautiful, advanced cities and gorgeous buildings and suddenly I realized that there was nothing to be ashamed of ( to be Asian) and I started to be proud of my cultural heritage. I started to research the history, read academic books by university professors and learning the mother tongue of my parents. In short, I became a lot more knowledgeable about Asia and my own cultural heritage, more open-minded ( I always try to educate myself on subjects I don’tknow any about it, I’m more sceptical about stereotypes and media-representation) and a more grateful person because of K-drama’s! ^^ I hope you don’t mind for posting a more ‘serious’ reason why I’m watching Kdrama’s, but they have been so important for shaping me who I am today that I wanted it to share. I’m wishing you all the best of luck with your panels and thank you so much for making such an amazing blog! ^^

  32. I wish I could attend KCon, but sadly it’s on another continent for me. I hope you have lots of fun and wish you luck with your “criminal” schemings πŸ˜‰

  33. congratulations!! I’ve been enjoying your blog and you surely deserve to be part of the panel and share your thoughts wisely. On the other hand… I wish you all the best with your “genius” plan for our puppy coz you gonna have your hand full to deal with the aftermath ie the Girlfriend, girlfriday, Airens, Dispatch, ahjumma fans… seriously, goodluck!

    • Dayum, maybe I should cut my losses early and just sit back and watch them all take each other out and then hope Seung Gi lands in my lap after the melee.

      • Perhaps you can ask the organizer to get Seung Gi as a guest in one of your panel, Women in K-Drama, to provide male perspective and insider view as well…. then you can have him sit next to you at least for one hour and get him to hug you at the end of the panel πŸ˜‰
        Have fun, Ms. Koala! Seung Gi is definitely better looking in person… He has nice voice too, so you should try to listen to his voice without the microphone. Looking forward to your write-up and/or videos on the K-con.

  34. Wow. Girlfriend. You’ve so arrived. Remember when Thundie first invited us to guest blog and we were all… What? What do I press? How do you stick in those nice pic-y things?

    You’ll have a blast! Wish I could be there!

  35. Hi Miss Koala,
    I’m so excited for you!!! I love reading your blog and it’s the only blog I’ve stayed on for so long!
    If I have a chance to be there, I’ll love to STALK YOU!!

  36. Have fun! I’m sure you can riff for an hour on second female leads alone. Although you know the saguek lead female (however fictional) made some interesting strides this year. Also, if you just so HAPPEN to find yourself in the elevator with Kang Min Hyuk, well…

    Have fun!

  37. Whaaaaat. Oh my goodness. I’m so happy for you! I’ve been a huge fan of your blog and your wit for years now. I’ve been stalking, I mean, following your posts since early DB and TP. Really wish I could go. Sadly, I live on the other side of the country. I would have loved to meet you and ask you questions in person. Please, please, please post pictures and videos of your panels (if it’s legal er, possible).

  38. Maybe not for your panels (congrats btw) but in a future post, I would be very interested in knowing how much the kdrama affect/reflect social mores in Korea. Everyone dismisses some of the over the top behavior/story lines as “it’s kdrama” but it must affect the audience in someway.

    One thing I have noticed in the dramas is the number of times a character will be told how good looking they are (and they are). If that happened in a US show it would not ring right. Do Koreans really speak that way? Thanks?

  39. Do you have buy tickets to Kcon to attend the panel? Cause I’m not interest in the concert but I would really would love to meet you!!

      • My dilemma is that the only band (CNBLUE)I like plays on Sun but you are there on Sat! πŸ™
        Thanks I send them msg .. Letting them know I’m going there to meet you πŸ˜‰
        No stalking upon intended, I just wish to thank you in person for ALL those awesome pic, re-caps, hot press news of hot Koreans ( we don’t get to see here ) and book translations.
        See you on Sat πŸ™‚

  40. Ms. Koala, the panel will be amazing! You will do great!!! I hope you have a awsome time. I’m so upset at myself for not pre-planning ahead so that I could attend. I’m hoping that you will have so much fun that you attend next year.
    Question wise: Out of the k-dramas that you’ve watched which female character is an example of female that you find has shown more depth, strength etc.. (which would be an example of the type of female character you would like to see more of in k-dramas)? And othe other extreme which female character has been the worst example of the limitations in development/storyline of a female character?
    I add my name to the request of a video upload if possible. Have fun!!

  41. This breaks my heart! I would have loved, loved, loved to meet you at KCON Koala Unnie. I’ve been following your blog for the past two years I’m such a huge fan. I had plans to go to KCON this year, but wasn’t so impressed with the line-up so I cancelled my plans of going, but I kind of regret that now that I find out you’re going to be at KCON.

    Anyways, have fun at KCON! I bet you’ll do a very great job! I hope you’ll continue to go if you continue to get invited~

  42. one thing why i love your blog and you Koala… you love and adore my seungi yah… thanks for being such a fangirl to him… God knows how I love Lee seung gi to death..LOL… may your fantasies with seung gi yah do come true… i will pray that you will meet him in person at KCON… Godbless your blog and Chukahaeyo chingu…

  43. waiting the appearances of female characters like Tatiana Maslany’s Sarah from Orphan black or the Scandal Ladies, in K-dramaland… women whose come up strong with both their brain and flaws and still can see them as a women with delicate feeling when it comes to love πŸ˜€

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